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  1. Yes exactly that was the problem. I almost feel a bit stupid now. But at least I can enjoy this mod now :) Thank you alot. Have a nice day.
  2. Hello, I have used your mod in the past and it worked always without any issue. I decided to start the game again recently and noticed that most things are moved to the workshop now. I have subscribed to the basic mod and the standart command mod. Steam downloaded it. But i does not work ingame for me. I can remember that i needed some kind of script loader in the past. Is this maybe the problem?
  3. I am sorry if i am annoying with this, but would it be possible to have an option that brings the resource list in the upper left corner back?
  4. Hello, I have seen that there are already multiple topics about this. But it's a thing that is really anoying for me personally. Could we please have an option to turn it on or off? So everyone would be happy. There resource list is for me a indicator of my overall progression in the game. To be honest i really don't understand why it got removed.
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