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  1. a lot of us have already 'beat the end game' or in other words defeated the final boss so wouldn't care about any module under legendary anyway in most cases. I for one have a few hundred legendary's in inv and so much junk I normally just mark everything below exceptional as trash and one click sell it at the dock. for those that haven't gotten there yet, its so easy to get modules and research them to legendary that it wouldn't take long anyway. researching modules is great in this game. not a huge amount of rng to smack you. its the turrets that suck to research. prolly why so many just craft them instead. Ive half shelved the game for now. I have enough resources saved up to rebuild my entire empire 3 or 4 times over and nothing in the galaxy can hurt me.. sure if half the galaxy attacked one system theyd prolly win but then theyd be wiped out. which doesn't work in current version so no fun. meh. anyway that's another topic.
  2. that original block is only present in the SHIP build. once you copy paste it, it becomes a normal block. if you save the copy to the bottom section of the parts list you no longer need the original. once it is saved there it can be accessed during any ship build, copied and applied to the new ship. hold the alt key and click the block of the part set you want to attach it with. takes a tad getting used to but it works great. another option is to add all the various parts to a special save that just has spines or plates full of several different pieces. if you look in the workshop you can see several examples of these. keyword 'parts'. this is mostly handy for sharing these parts with others such as in the workshop. not so easy to use in the build process. requires a lot of saving and changing back and forth between the ship save and parts save. hope this helps.
  3. you need to scroll the text in the window up farther before opening the drop down. then you can select those farther down without issue.
  4. not gonna argue there. was just giving another example really. am sure a hard limit would help. tho not sure what they'd do about systems that already hold too many.
  5. I believe you answered it. I noticed when I researched the vanilla anti fighter turrets after they released that they revert to being normal chainguns. same with the other defensive's. point defense becomes normal lasers. not always the first research. but eventually. even when using nothing but same type turrets. so I was curious if these modded systems would also do that or stay as the modded or revert to normal system upgrades. I still haven't done much involving the mod tho so cant comment beyond loving the idea
  6. on one save I built the entire fause rail factory chain in one sector as well as several basic needs (shipyard, research, equipment, etc..) stations along with my base defenses and 'storage yard for ships I wasn't using. after setting all this up and adding cargo shuttles and fighters defending and trade going in and out plus attackers the sector simply had too much activity. too many entities in it. its just too many calculations. system overload. at least that's my theory. since then I limit how many stations I build and never have a problem.
  7. I just installed this and am booting up. am wondering about upgrades tho... will these be upgradable to legendary or will they revert to vanilla when researched? either way I can see the benefit of the mod and am glad to see it! thanks
  8. they do support mods thru the workshop. they are still putting the code together tho. it is definitely planned from everything Ive read.
  9. is it possible this is somehow related to keeping our stations/trade persistent? maybe there isn't a way to separate the player and these functions yet? I'm not saying its not a problem. I can see where it would cause issues, especially as one who hates pvp in all forms anyway, but it may be that its just one more unfinished bit of coding they still need to work out. I ask because I'm trying to figure out some of the modding stuff. not so much as me doing a full mod or anything but just to understand whats going into the mods I use and what I can tweak in settings. so far I managed to adjust a few things not in current mods and am testing those out to see how they work before trying to publish a list of 'how-tos' but we'll see. I know the trade and such requires something to be in the universe to allow the persistence so we can keep making money but not sure if it can be set up to allow a capt to take over the ship controls when the player logs off or not. maybe this would allow the capt to defend the ship... lol I wish I understood coding better... ugh :P
  10. But that's not correct, because they are NOT just names. Double, triple, or quad appears to multiply the turret DPS by 2X, 3X, or 4X respectively, at least for turrets that have a cooldown period. Not sure about turrets without a cooldown period. The question is, does it ACTUALLY increase the DPS, or is the DPS tooltip wrong? just going by what Ive read and actually see in game. I even have one in inv right now that is named a single chain but shows the 3x multiplier. theres no logic to the naming as far as I can see. heres the screenie of the 3x single chain
  11. double, triple and quad are just names. if it doesn't say 2x 3x or 4x its just a single from what I understand. I already posted in a suggestion that this is bogus and misleading and needs to be changed. name it what it is.
  12. Id recommend re-reading the install instructions and double checking your files. its working just fine on my server both single player and multiplayer.
  13. another adjustment that might help would be to lower mouse sensitivity in the game settings rather than just the dpi of the mouse itself. I had to for controlling ship and camera easier. dunno for sure if it will help with your issue or not.
  14. yea I saw it. I responded there too but theirs is different.
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