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  1. Hey, you can copy your galaxy folder and take the galaxy with you, it should work for different operating systems as well. But be aware that we don't use synchronizing in any way. If you want to keep the galaxy synchronized, you have to copy the galaxy every time you change your computer.
  2. There will be an event where a lot of Xsotan will want to retake everything inside the barrier. Once they succeed, the wormhole guardian will come back.
  3. Hey, these are a lot of possible changes. To be honest, nothing of this will happen before release on next monday. I will mark that thread for myself and will take a deeper look into it after the release, there are interesting ideas and once the great bug fixing and polishing phase is over we will have more time for new features.
  4. The pronounceable faction names problem is a constantly reported thing. We know that some people want the names more pronounceable, but we also have players that like the crazy naming. Have you ever considered that the letters aren't spelled the way you read them? There are a lot of examples in english, french and german (and others as well) where certain combinations of letters are spelled in a not obvious spell. So maybe the names are easy pronounceable when you speak the language of that faction?
  5. This topic has been moved to Suggestions because it is a suggestion not a bug [iurl]https://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php?topic=6315.0[/iurl]
  6. Could you give some examples where the translation flag is missing?
  7. Beta Branch Patch 0.31 - Damage Type Rework & Enemy Variations Date: January 22nd, 2020 Beta Branch Note: These changes are currently available on the beta branch. The beta branch is for testing experimental changes and for finding and fixing errors. This is how you get access to the beta branch (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK): Right-Click on Avorion in your Steam list, Properties -> Betas -> Select branch 'beta'. Damage Type Rework “We reworked how shields and hulls react to fire from enemies. They now have special strengths and weaknesses, which make the use of different weapons more important.” Added new damage types Physical Energy AntiMatter Electric Plasma Fragments [*]Turrets now deal damage according to their damage type [*]Added new upgrades Shield Ionizer make your shield impenetrable for one damage type Hull Polarizer make your ship more durable but you also get more damage from one damage type [*]Weapon buffs are less random now and more related to the weapon type [*]Reduced the amount of possible specializations for turrets [*]Added new hull effect to show the type of Hull Polarizer [*]Added new colors to shields to show the type of Shield Ionizer [*]Damage numbers now use the color of the damage type they inflict Enemy Variations & Specializations “Not only the players benefit from the new improved shields and hulls, but also the enemies get a fair share of improvements.” Added new badass variations for enemies Badasses do more damage and have more HP There are three types of badasses [*]Enemies may also use Shield Ionizers or Hull Polarizers Hyperspace Rework “To improve the speed in which the galaxy may be discovered, we decreased the time spent in sectors while recharging the hyperspace engine.” Reduced the time needed to recharge hyperspace engine Recharge time of hyperspace engine now depends on the sector In an empty sector, the recharge time is 10s In an not empty sector, the recharge time is 30s If attacked by enemies, the recharge time is at least 30s but not longer than 120s [*]Reduced cooldown reduction for upgrades [*]Hyperspace upgrade now has a maximum cooldown reduction of 35% [*]XSTN-K V artifact (The Four) has no cooldown reduction anymore [*]XSTN-K VIII artifact (Bottan) now has a cooldown reduction of 50% Special Offers “Hey you, wanna see my new special offers?” Every shop has special offers available now Special offers are 30% cheaper Special offers change over time and only have limited amount available New Enemy Spawning Mechanic “We added a new spawning mechanic for enemies. They have different scenarios why they are in a sector and warn the player before attacking.” Added new mechanic to spawn enemies Added different scenarios for enemy encounters Enemies want you to leave before they attack Enemies call reinforcements to fight you Scripting API Added new spawnutility.lua to add variations and specializations to enemies Added a max durability factor for shields Added a factor to scale up a ship's durability Added DurabilityComponent Changed turretgenerator.lua and weapongenerator.lua to use new damage types Changed handling of weapon specialties in turretgenerator.lua and weapongenerator.lua Adjusted railgun mod example to new turretgenerator.lua [*]Added get-set property shield resistance [*]Old damage type is now split to damage type and damage source [*]Added new waveutility.lua to make wave encounters
  8. I found the problematic parts in the code concerning the "¢"-symbol. We will fix this problem as soon as we have the time for that. About the other problem, I will give it to the coders and we will try to find a solution. Thanks for your help.
  9. Hi, I will look into this problem, but I need a little help. Can you give me some examples, where you found the currency symbol behind the money value? Thank you
  10. The hazard zone will be lifted by the faction one hour after you destroyed the last ship or station in it.
  11. You can type "/devmode" in the chat to activate the devmode (surprise!). With the devmode activated, you can jump without cooldown and have multiple other advantages. When you reload the galaxy, you also get the dev scripts. When you had enough, you can just deactivate the devmode by typing "/devmode" to the chat again.
  12. I removed the link and banned the user. The thread will remain because it may be interesting for other new players.
  13. You can already queue orders by pressing shift. This also works for jumps.
  14. Thank you for reporting. We are still investigating and hope to fix the problem soon.
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