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  1. I fully agree with you on the visual appeal of the thrusters texture; it might benefit from getting a fake depth map, but all in all, it definitely is one of if not the worst block textures. But then I guess it's just immensely difficult to convincingly fake the impression of cavities on a flat surface, without actually paying the price in geometry. What I was talking about was the methodology though, and only as one option among others; if it wasn't obvious, I don't have the definite answer to that either.
  2. Does that even matter? I honestly don't know, but I didn't think the "root" block is special in any way apart from it being part of the internal organisation of the ship's structure. My understanding is if it gets destroyed, the whole tree is re-rooted on the fly. In some games, the whole entity would be destroyed along with its root block, but I didn't notice that being the case in Avorion?
  3. Same here; especially frameworks would be very welcome in more shapes than just cuboids. The question is, how would they be handled texture wise–stretched, tiled, maybe a custom texture per face? Some mixture of tiling and stretching? Each method has its benefits and drawbacks. Also I think it might be interesting if the framework texture scaled with block size, much like the thruster block's "nozzles" do; although I don't know that I'd like that all the time. Apart from having two variants, scaling and non-scaling, I don't see a simple way to give a choice which behaviour should apply. Also, say you had a thin but wide piece of framework, how to decide which texture scale should get applied? Especially with frameworks, having the same texture in two or even three different sizes on one piece would look odd and mismatched, to say the least. Cargo holds would be nice to have too, but taking the game mechanics into account, I wonder if they really are worth the effort; using blank hull doesn't stand out too badly in many cases, and from a functional point of view, their comparatively small volumes would probably not result in a lot of usable cargo space most of the time anyway. Of course I wouldn't be opposed to more shape options for any of the blocks that currently don't have them, why would anyone.
  4. Select turret base(s), open saved designs menu, select turret design, click "apply" (bottom right IIRC) Bit finicky, but seems to work most of the time ; )
  5. Thank you for mentioning the obvious workaround; I am using that occasionally, but most of the time physically wedging down the key is quicker and feels more seamless, go figure... Hence I think it would still be nice to have a similar functionality in immediate mode as well. Double-tap?
  6. Oh, that may be so. I almost never pay attention to those notifications on the right hand side; the chat is much more convenient in my opinion, especially allowing to scroll back and see what else you missed... ; )
  7. The resources are in your collective, global store, ready for your perusal. As part of the "refine" order, the mining ship will wait next to the resource depot until they are done refining, and collect the results. Shortly after you received the message that the resources are ready to collect, you should also have received a message informing you about the amounts.
  8. Regarding the topic at hand, I just had two instances where I started boarding a ship, shut down my independent turrets, and after successfully boarding, they started firing on the ship again as soon as I reactivated them, in both cases destroying the already heavily damaged ship, along with the boarding crew of course. There might be a deeper issue there, seeing how on many occasions AI ships continue firing at the wreckage of destroyed enemies (seems especially common for the Xsotan), in many cases even while there are still active enemies around or even firing at them. For full disclosure, I'm using the mod "All turrets independent", but AFAICT that shouldn't change the logic of how independent turrets work.
  9. I don't doubt that, but my entirely subjective impression while playing the game is the imbalance lies with Tesla/Lightning turrets, not PDCs. I can agree upon the amount of anti-fighter turrets being on the high end, but in my again entirely subjective opinion, that's mainly because fighters are utterly useless at the moment, and therefore there's no need for flak at all.
  10. That is not what I'm experiencing. I could always use a few more point defence chainguns to choose from. On the other hand, I'm positively swamped in Tesla and Lightning turrets, which I don't like to use at all, since they feel massively overpowered, and besides that just aren't my style. EDIT: Although it may have changed since the OP; just saw the date. IDWS drops have allegedly been reduced, so maybe there was a change to turret drops, too. However, I've never had the feeling of having or getting too many PDCs. Which script are we looking at? I'm not that familiar with the intricacies of the random functions/loot generator, and gave up after I went searching for half an hour and didn't turn up anything relevant... EDIT2: thanks, found it: libs/galaxy.lua.
  11. It would certainly beat the old method of "aim, wedge down the accelerator key, and hope for the best"...
  12. I keep a set of default config files that I place into an otherwise empty directory under .avorion/galaxies to quickly generate a new game, namely modconfig.lua and server.ini; the only one that actually matters is server.ini: PlayTutorial=false If you create a new game through the menu, you say the tutorial option is greyed out... my only idea would be to try and create a galaxy with a name you haven't used before and see if that helps, maybe there are some residual files left; not that I think there would be, but who knows.
  13. Is there a way to get rid of the version watermark? I do tend to take quite a few screenshots, and I find it most annoying; to the point I'm considering going back to the stable branch. You are prominently reminded in several places that you are using a beta version, and if that info is really needed in a screenshot, there's always the F3 debug readout.
  14. Yes they do, but you probably need to get closer. Range should be given in the item's description; you'll want the exotic (ie. red) ones as soon as you can get your hands on one.
  15. Exiting Build and Strategy mode has been fixed now, much appreciated! However inside Build mode, the camera still centers on the ship at a fixed angle when exiting Turret Design mode, instead of the place and orientation you were at when entering Turret Design mode. I hope this was just an oversight and can now be a simple thing to fix, too.
  16. I wish I could upvote this more... having ship top speeds depend on their thrust-to-mass ratio is the least that should be done. It just feels wrong to have giant battleships zoom around like fighters, while small corvettes (and fighters themselves!) crawl along at a snail's pace.
  17. You can already do that. Ship menu -> Energy settings, and there are even configurable key bindings. However that won't help much, since the "space friction" is so high that even without thrusters and inertia dampers, the ship will still come to a halt within a few km. A way to configure the friction that gets applied has been asked for repeatedly AFAIR, either for all entities, or selectively to player ships only so debris and such doesn't drift endlessly...
  18. I'd consider this a really helpful improvement, especially if the keys could be configured independently from the regular ship controls. And please don't forget about the tons of UX improvements suggested in that other thread... the suggestion for keyboard movement for the map is already in there, among many others.
  19. Boarding is the answer. Once your ships start costing more than just Iron or Titanium, it should be well within the realm of the possible to build a ship that can carry a few shuttles and a complement of boarders. If nothing else helps, it's really easy to snag as many iron pirate ships as you need and transform them into whatever you want. EDIT: You can still dock to your prize ships afterwards and tow them back to a repair dock if you want, so that's already possible, too.
  20. I have no idea what might cause your issue; all I can say is turrets are working here with the DLC installed just he way they did before. However, I haven't tested with a galaxy that was created before version 1.3, so maybe that's something to look into. I do have a few mods installed, too, but maybe one of yours is incompatible with the Black Market DLC? Maybe try a clean install first...
  21. On the other hand, several members of the community consider legendary turrets a nice addition to the game. Again, the community thinks these turrets are fine the way they are, so why can't we just leave them as is?
  22. I'm not certain I understand what you're saying; to me, it sounds like in the build menu, you want a tool to split blocks; in other words, a counterpart to the merge tool? If so, the suggestions forum might be a better match. A tool like that would indeed be handy, just yesterday I went in on an older ship design and manually split several large diagonals and corners into smaller bits, thereby freeing up quite a bit of additional internal space. It should be possible algorithmically, all I did manually was replacing one large shape with 2x2x2, 3x3x3, or 4x4x4 smaller blocks of equivalent shapes. An automated tool would probably have to place all the resulting blocks, which I didn't since I wanted to free up some of the internal space occupied by the large ones; but it would have been a great help had the initial conversion been automated, with me going in afterwards and cleaning up the unnecessary blocks.
  23. Ah, that may be why after yesterday's update I still have empty asteroids generating in a brand new universe. Will have to look into that, thanks for the reminder.
  24. Not on topic, but I'd be surprised if Egosoft had anywhere near "AAA" levels of funding. Just saying. As to the matter at hand, I think both @FuryoftheStars' answer and suggestion hit the nail right on the head.
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