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  1. I'm not certain I understand what you're saying; to me, it sounds like in the build menu, you want a tool to split blocks; in other words, a counterpart to the merge tool? If so, the suggestions forum might be a better match. A tool like that would indeed be handy, just yesterday I went in on an older ship design and manually split several large diagonals and corners into smaller bits, thereby freeing up quite a bit of additional internal space. It should be possible algorithmically, all I did manually was replacing one large shape with 2x2x2, 3x3x3, or 4x4x4 smaller blocks of equivalent shapes. An automated tool would probably have to place all the resulting blocks, which I didn't since I wanted to free up some of the internal space occupied by the large ones; but it would have been a great help had the initial conversion been automated, with me going in afterwards and cleaning up the unnecessary blocks.
  2. Ah, that may be why after yesterday's update I still have empty asteroids generating in a brand new universe. Will have to look into that, thanks for the reminder.
  3. Not on topic, but I'd be surprised if Egosoft had anywhere near "AAA" levels of funding. Just saying. As to the matter at hand, I think both @FuryoftheStars' answer and suggestion hit the nail right on the head.
  4. Agreed, but it could be as simple as an "if" statement to exempt player-controlled ships from getting drag applied... I don't think the drag factor is exposed to the API and thus would not be accessible to third-party mod authors, but I may be wrong.
  5. There have been a few topics over the years asking that same question, as far as I know, a solution is still to be found. IIRC, one thread had a few links to tools that could possibly help, but they were either dead, or didn't work. I'd love to see an in-game function, or an officially supported tool (only because mods and third-party tools have a tendency to disappear once the author loses interest), that can export ships and templates to any standard format, .blend or .stl would be really helpful. I'd consider paying for it if it were released as a DLC...
  6. Aw dude I'm so happy with all of these. Good stuff!! It still can not be tilted up or down though, or am I missing something obvious?
  7. Please, for the love of sanity, hire a person who is a native English speaker and preferably located within talking distance. You don't "control" smugglers–unless you are indeed the crime overlord–you stop and search them, or inspect their ships and cargo. And if AI ships start controlling a player, we may be witnessing the beginnings of The Singularity... Other than that, I'm looking forward to those changes and additions, quite a list you have there :)
  8. Thank you for stopping by then and replying, will give it a try. Even though I'm no fan by any means of the Invision software these here forums are running on, I think functionally they are still vastly superior to Steam's sad excuse of a "forum" "discussions". Will be sad to see them go.
  9. More map feedback: I can't be the only one who ever noticed the map is flipped horizontally? If you use a jump gate from one sector to another, you always have to turn the opposite way to what you think you should. Let's say you went "north" (i.e. entering from the "south" gate), and now want to go "east", you'd expect to have to turn "right", wouldn't you? Instead you have to turn "left". Granted, I should have reported this much sooner as it has been that way ever since I first started playing the game...
  10. That's part of what I meant with "too JS heavy". The preview button is only there with JS enabled, like many other functions that could have a no-JS alternative implementation to fall back on, but don't. The entire "formatting buttons list" isn't there either, which leads to ... Some (many? most?) BBCode tags work, but it's cumbersome at best, and only if you have previous knowledge that something like that even exists. For example, there is no way (at least that I know of) to quote posts with a reference to them, in a way the original posters get a notification, or mentioned for that matter. PS.: And if you look at this very post, it is a prime example for "wasted screen estate", too... PPS.: Aaand apparently even more screen estate gets wasted upon editing the post... those quote blocks just keep growing. Invision apparently insists on doubling every end-of-line with another one of its own. Brilliant!
  11. As a counterpoint, I do miss the old forum. I'm definitely not a fan of Invision, to put it mildly, and I couldn't care less about "modern" looks versus usable functionality. Too JS heavy, too much wasted screen estate, cumbersome non-WYSIWYG formatting, and even WYSI usually NWYintended, especially with no way to preview what you're going to submit. And the bots... sorry moderators for constantly pestering you about those. I don't know how long I will keep it up though, I'm almost starting to feel like one myself. Oh, and I forgot – a pity about all the broken links in "old" posts, too.
  12. And another one for the map: Adding a map note takes several clicks and quite a lot of precise mouse movements. This could be streamlined considerably. Currently, one needs to - right click the desired sector (semi-precise positioning) - move mouse to "tag sector" menu option (precise positioning required) - click - position the mouse pointer over the sector *again* - right click desired sector *again* - precisely reposition pointer to "add note" menu option *again* - click - position pointer over text area (only coarse positioning, but still) - click - enter text - precisely position pointer over OK - click Instead, - call "tag sector" from within the "add note" action (while keeping a separate tagging action though) - automatically activate text input field when "add note" action starts - allow keyboard completion of text input (by say, using CTRL-Enter to finish) and profit
  13. Easier, certainly, but there are valid help requests from unregistered users too... I think not having to register just to post a question or report a bug makes the forum that tiny bit more welcoming and is worth keeping as much as possible. Of course in the end all of it boils down to business decisions.
  14. Seeing how there recently is a flood of these posts, all varying in only minute details, it would seem like a word filter on posts by unauthenticated users that include a few keywords could easily get rid of them. Say more than two of - browsing - webmasters - bloggers - content - earnings in one single post, and not by an authenticated user, hides the post until reviewed by a moderator. Or even outright deletes it. Maybe a filter is already in place and just needs its word list updated?
  15. Guess it works with eight, too, but shouldn't six suffice? J/K, nice hack ;)
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