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  1. ...neither does the class of systems you wrote about initially: And I'm not going to go on about that "space station" – it may have the external dimensions of a football field (what height does a football field have?), but compared with anything in Avorion, it's still nothing more than space junk. Heck, Earth even has two of them and I still wouldn't say that counts.
  2. Exactly my point though : ) Backwater Earth has close to ten billion people and certainly access to power, and still not a single shipyard, repair dock, resource platform, or interstellar trade hub that I know of. Just because our cities aren't constructed as geometrically as they are on the Avorion planets doesn't change that fact that there's a bright pattern of illumination all over the planet's face.
  3. ...because the forum software (which, for the record, I hate with a passion) says so. But really, linguistically, in the context of a suggestion, I'd consider as valid verbs something like react to, or act on, or reject and ignore, but answer? Definitely not.
  4. That's not entirely true though. Unlike too many other games, Avorion mods come with their source code, in fact they are their own source code. So if a mod creator loses interest, somebody else can always take up from where they left. PS.: Just as another data point, when I play with mods enabled, I usually have way more than just twenty, and I don't have any issues with stability because of them.
  5. Well... Earth is a pretty "lived in" area, there are lights all over the globe except a few dictatorships, and yet I doubt that our "space station" would show up as anything more than space debris on the scanners of any Avorion ship ; )
  6. But that's the main reason for the boost-to-hyperspace mechanic – a requirement to have a clear path towards the destination. IMO the required accuracy is still way too lax, the zone where it allows a ship to go to warp is ridiculously large; most of the time asteroid fields aren't that dense that I couldn't easily point my ship past a few asteroids and boost right past them, and most of the time it even enters warp before coming anywhere near any asteroids anyway. What I'd like there to be is that the hyperspace jump gets initiated by flying forward and pressing "jump", without having to keep pressing the keys. To abort a jump, one would have to decelerate instead.
  7. Exactly why there should be no such thing. If a question gets answered (how can a suggestion get answered anyway?), let it remain there for reference, others might have that same question or problem. If a suggestion gets implemented, it might be nice to see that there actually was a suggestion that led to it. And finally, if someone notices they mistakenly suggested something that's already there, they could either post a link to the prior topic, or ask a moderator to merge their post into the respective topic.
  8. <rhetoric question>Aren't there tags to add to a topic?</> Tags are a much more flexible solution. Some suggestions cover more than one category, so where to place them? Post multiple identical copies, in every category? Instead, add tags to your topic; the forum software (which for the record I hate with a passion) even suggests tags once you start typing. One thing that might help would be to more prominently feature tags, <sarcastic rant>maybe even "reward" their usage with "forum points", because "achievements" are what motivates people... </>
  9. Points 3) and 4) are already in... some of the radio chatter talks about how "Swoks seems to come back all the time, almost as if he had doppelgangers". Might be nice to have a few more lines, and/or something more specific along the lines of "Did you hear someone finally defeated Swoks XXIII?" or even parroting the Swoks dialog option "Have you heard about that new pirate captain Swoks XLII, I wonder what happened to the other 41..." ; ) But then, the "normal folks" might not even know him under his current iteration but simply as "Swoks", so he "looks" all the same to them since he only reveals his index to his prey – who usually don't live to tell the tale? As for the first two, it would certainly add to the universe around feeling more "alive". It already works if the player defeats a pirate attack in otherwise empty asteroid sectors near faction territory, so it might be a small change to make it happen here too, but then again it might not...
  10. Would you consider getting rid of the flat bonus on shield boosters then? They feel really overpowered early on and diminishing quickly the further you progress, and if that's the route you're going, their main value seems to be in the automatic recharge upon depletion? Maybe instead of a flat shield bonus, give a small auto-recharge if they're not permanently installed, and the full possible percentage (that is, the current 35% IIRC, or whatever seems appropriate for balancing) otherwise.
  11. At the very least, activating just one single docking port (the closest to the target, probably) certainly seems to be better than what we have now, where all ports constantly try to pull the target towards themselves and fight against each other to the point where a successful capture doesn't happen at all.
  12. Curious, is that actually a thing? Smugglers scanning for illegal stuff is kind of paradoxical... do they or don't they want to do business?! :D
  13. When undocking, you have to select the container(/ship/entity) you want to release, ie. a different entity. In this case however, the game needs to know which port you want to activate on the same entity, while you already have a different entity selected as the target you want to dock with. I don't know whether it's possible to select the individual voxels of your own ship outside of build mode, and even if it were, I don't think that would work too well from a usability standpoint.
  14. Not exactly what you suggest, but maybe it helps to know that the search term "new" sorts highlighted items to the top in the various inventories.
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