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  1. And another one for the map: Adding a map note takes several clicks and quite a lot of precise mouse movements. This could be streamlined considerably. Currently, one needs to - right click the desired sector (semi-precise positioning) - move mouse to "tag sector" menu option (precise positioning required) - click - position the mouse pointer over the sector *again* - right click desired sector *again* - precisely reposition pointer to "add note" menu option *again* - click - position pointer over text area (only coarse positioning, but still) - click - enter text - precisely position pointer over OK - click Instead, - call "tag sector" from within the "add note" action (while keeping a separate tagging action though) - automatically activate text input field when "add note" action starts - allow keyboard completion of text input (by say, using CTRL-Enter to finish) and profit
  2. Easier, certainly, but there are valid help requests from unregistered users too... I think not having to register just to post a question or report a bug makes the forum that tiny bit more welcoming and is worth keeping as much as possible. Of course in the end all of it boils down to business decisions.
  3. Seeing how there recently is a flood of these posts, all varying in only minute details, it would seem like a word filter on posts by unauthenticated users that include a few keywords could easily get rid of them. Say more than two of - browsing - webmasters - bloggers - content - earnings in one single post, and not by an authenticated user, hides the post until reviewed by a moderator. Or even outright deletes it. Maybe a filter is already in place and just needs its word list updated?
  4. Guess it works with eight, too, but shouldn't six suffice? J/K, nice hack ;)
  5. Some time ago, Boxelware changed the software running this forum. That new software generates links with a different structure than the one used before, and doesn't understand the previous format. If you look at your browser's URL bar, you'll see something like "forum.avorion.net/index.php?/topic/1234-somename#comment-9876", when previously it would have looked like "www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,1234.msg9876" While it is possible to "teach" the new software how to cope with the old format, it is a lot of tedious and error prone work, even if much of it could likely be automated. Personally I don't think it was a change for the better, but that's just my opinion, and Boxelware will have had their reasons for the change.
  6. Unfortunately, the slider only affects the screen shake from boosting, but does not change the shake from nearby ships that hyperjump, which can be quite violent at times. There is also another, similar effect that happens occasionally, but I can't quite make out what causes it. It does seem to happen most often during drawn-out battles that move far from the sector's origin.
  7. @Shrooblord, I have posted the beginnings of a British English localisation mod. I am not a native speaker, but I prefer my English to be more civilised if I can help it. So far I have fixed the spelling of several terms, such as Aluminium etc., and rephrased a few AI dialogues. It is not intended as a literal, professional translation, and as such I have taken the liberty of changing a few things beyond mere translation. I will go over the "goods/commodities" at some point, that is something that irks me too. Also, and this is mainly for @koonschi and the rest of the devs, I have found a few issues with phrases that have no option for translation, and also some items get sorted based on their original order (for example, "Maize" is sorted under "C" for "corn" not "M" in some places, and does not get translated everywhere in the Maize farm's trade configuration menu). Feel free to post or PM me if you need more detailed information. Find it here if you're interested: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2160397457
  8. I do get a significant freeze the first time I interact with an equipment dock after loading the sector. On subsequent "interactions", "interacting" itself and the available menu options, behave as other stations do, with the exception of "buy equipment". Selecting that menu item always needs to think for a second or two, no matter how often it has been selected before.
  9. As far as more commands go, I think it would be very helpful to have an extended buy/sell order that does not expect a specific amount, but whatever is possible at the moment (taking into consideration supply/demand, free cargo, and available funds). Maybe by providing a value of zero or a negative amount, to signal "buy up to this much, or less if criteria not met" and "sell as much as we can, or less if client doesn't want any more", and then move on to the next order. Pretty high up on my wish list...
  10. @Laserzwei, I'm coming back to Avorion for my yearly fix ;) and your Advanced Shipyard is and has always been one of my must-haves, thank you so much for this mod! I'd like to change the time it takes to build ships though; is there a clean way of overriding just the local requiredTime = math.floor(20.0 + plan.durability / 100.0) from outside your mod, that is, with another mod that depends on yours and only modifies the two constants (and maybe also the one for "if captain > 0 then")? If that's not possible or feasible, would you consider adding some kind of a configuration file that persists mod updates?
  11. Just a little thing I made, thought I'd share if it is of interest to anybody. Forum doesn't allow attachments of more than 128kB (in general, or does that depend on post count or something?), so the enormous 700k-ish download is over at GitLab.
  12. Valck


    Depends on the mod, really. Some mods are patches to the vanilla game files that need to be merged manually, and carefully, if more than one wants to change the same file. Others have their own directory structure below ./mods/, and require no or only small changes to vanilla files. The "mod folder" approach is relatively new, and the whole "modding" business is just as beta as the rest of the game – it works mostly, but it takes some care and attention not to mess up. Here's a recent discussion about basically the same question. hth
  13. There's your problem, most likely. Game version at time of latest mod update in July was... 0.18.2, IIRC
  14. Turretts with the independent option do the same damage regardless of whether you're using it or not 50% AFAICT railguns penetrate hull blocks (and others) and are only stopped by armour, i.e. they are capable of damaging multiple blocks. My guess is they deal their damage to every block they hit, which would be 1 in case of armour, and multiple in all other instances See above Go find a turret factory (the higher tech level the better for more options) and experiment a bit with the values, what I wrote above is practically all based on observations I made there.
  15. Valck

    [MOD] MoveUI v2.2.1

    For example if you open the player or ship info windows, the (vanilla) resources window shows up, and the sector name/coordinates are pushed to the right. The faction info window however remains where it was. This may be some special use case where I have it placed next to the coordinates display, just because that made the most sense to me. If it is placed anywhere else on the screen, moving it would probably not make much sense...
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