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  1. Do you mean you want to have "Neutral zones"? They are already in the game.
  2. I've been making my own adjustments to this mod to try and adapt it to 16. Is there any word if the original author will be working on it?
  3. First off, that's a lot of ass play. ;) I've noticed the persecutors are a little aggressive and have thought of a few ideas that could be proposed. Ship strength does not need to be always checked. Perhaps only check the ship's strength when entering a sector. This would allow for the player to make changes without worrying about persecutors when changing ships/turrets/etc.
  4. Sorry, this should be in the Beta branch
  5. When reconnecting to a server, a ships turret group settings will occasionally change to a random configuration. They seem to spread across 1, 5 and 7. (I never use 5 or 7.)
  6. Somewhere out there is a mod that restocks EQ-Dock equipment every time a sector gets loaded I'll look it up, but I'm not crazy about it changing every time the sector is reloaded. It's not an exploit, but it is a way to refresh the listing more often than it should. I'd prefer a delay of a few hours. Do you think adding a table value to the station to control the station refresh times would work?
  7. Perhaps there is one more feature you could make. With your knowledge, could you make a mod that would restock the Trade Equipment after certain amount of time?
  8. Why did you need to make an image/imgur for this?
  9. This looks fantastic. When the sector reloads, it will calculate how much it would produce while it was "unloaded". My question is, will it also estimate traders having visited to purchase/resupply while unloaded?
  10. Minor issue I noticed. There appears to be some typos in the mining tooltip. Mining command, Line 40: checkBox.tooltip = "Determines wether all asteroids in a sector (checkded), \nor only resource asteroids (unchecked) will be mined." It should read: checkBox.tooltip = "Determines whether all asteroids in a sector (checked), \nor only resource asteroids (unchecked) will be mined."
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