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  1. I think the idea is good, i would certainly like to use turrets in such a way. Although i would also like to be able to control turret groups whild using a single turret, so perhaps the option to control a turret and slave the turret group to the turrets aimpoint? That way (i would think) you can shoot very precise, but with more than one tower.
  2. With the ai being faster, the fighters are relatively slow compared to how they used to be, and with the new ai-speed comes a bigger battlespace. I adore the larger numbers of ai-fighters, but when i boost away at thousands of meters per second and the carrier follows me at the same speed, the carrier leaves behind its strong point: the fighters. As fighters are already overpowered for the player, i would suggest that armed ai-fighters get a minimum speed of somewhere in the region of 300+ m/s and the carrier a new behavior system, in wich it tries to stick with it's fighters instead of leaving them behind. This way you would have to deal with both fighters and carrier at the same time, instead of carrier and fighters in separate groups. Another solution for the bigger battlespace would be faster fighters in general, but in my opinion the player will benefit the most out of that, making fighters even more overpowered than they already are. I would like to see armed fighters having their top speed upped to around about 600 m/s, but not a lot. But please, dont let them leave behind all their fighters... Any additional thoughts, suggestions or remarks?
  3. I agree with the idea, as long as absolutely tiny ships dont get overpowered because they're so small and fast
  4. I like this idea, but it should be considered whether it would prove to much an annoyance or not, since it would knock stations all over the place and damage them... So it's a good idea, but how could it be made so that it's not ruining the sector outline or wrecking stations left and right? Maybe there could be sectors with lots of moving asteroids or an event or mission where you're to destroy the asteroid, saving a station or something in that regard...? Perhaps something like an asteroid belt from a planet? For the other two, stellar nova and wheather conditions, i dont really understand how you would envision the influence on the gameplay. Could you give a vision on how this could be implemented? I really like the idea of more "natural" stuff in the game and hope something like it is going to be implemented in the game one day
  5. My bad, simply thought i had missed something, wich i would rather enjoy. Thx though!
  6. Perhaps an idea to nerf railguns is to not multiply the amount of damage with the penetration, but to divide the damage by the penetration and have that damage done to every single layer. If you shoot less blocks then thats sad for you but it passes through and continues the shot. basicly if i have a 3000 dmg railgun with a pen of 6, i deal 500 dmg to the 1st to 6st layer of blocks i hit. Ofcourse a damage increase to some blocks would be nice, like 2X the dmg against generators and so, but not just multiplythe dmg with the penetration.
  7. What will this do, have it taking less time to load all of them, or just the one?
  8. I really like the idea, and it could be added to the current storyline if you change the lore of the xsotan a bit: the wormhole guardian was the last of the megaships of the xsotan, wich where being massacred in their own galaxy by the other group, and so they fled through the wormhole to ours and left behind the wormhole guardian. The xsotan ships coming through the wormholes can easily come from the asteroidfields they are decouring instead of a different galaxy. By destroying sad whg, the other group could finally get through the gate and start conquering the galaxy we are in. It's even possible to make them the cause of the rifts, and in the new galaxy, we could find the new race wrecking the stations and ships, now already wreckages, from the sectors that got devoured by the rift, with possibly in hidden mass sectors survivors, like the resistance. The new group could be the same as the xsotan, not communicatable and interractable, but they would have stations.
  9. I have been playing on this server for quite some time but now it doesn't wanna load anymore. It got stuck when i jumped quite far into an unknown sector and ever since it does not load anymore but its stuck on the loading screen. Any ideas? I tried joining another server and that one loaded, although it did take quite a long time compared to usual. This was a server i've never been on.
  10. Do you have production capacity at your station? Otherwise it wont produce or, with a smal amount, it will take so long it looks like it doesnt produce anything
  11. Do you have a good amount of production capacity?
  12. Idk exactly, but if XXL has 7simultaneus prod. Lines, you need 7 times the amount needed for production i believe. Maybe just giving more fixes it?
  13. Does anyone knows how much more dps lightningturrets, plasma and tesla's do against shields?
  14. Mad does not hail but gives you the talkingscreen so you cant fly away from the bugger and he gets to annihilate you without even having a chance to fly away or attack him.
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