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  1. Im hosting a server on a 28 core machine with 32gb memory but I keep having problems with the salvage yard models not updating when players are processing them. Is there any fix to this?
  2. I've attempted to use /admin -a player and steam id from the lunix console when I use these commands I get: 0 [ ] added to administrator list I've also manualy edited the admin.xml file but it gets overwritted wehn I start the server Any help here I do have console access but I need to give a couple of users admin rights
  3. Thats not the point I would like a when you undock command not a direct command. If I have two small attack craft and I tell them if you undock attack enemy its the 1st thing they do. This is less clunky than tring to select each one when pirates are shooting at me. Hope this clears that up
  4. Can we get some cammands for our docked ships to obey when they undock. It would be great to tell them to mine when undocked or attack enemy when undocked
  5. Can we get a button to populate the torpedo tubes. And if so can we also get a button to lock certain torpedoes from being populated. So minus the locked torpedoes this button would populate the bays till full or out of torpedoes?? Please and Thankyou
  6. Can we get a system card that reduces the overall mass of the ship by a %. It makes sense to lose a system card slot for the benefit of maneuverability.
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