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  1. 3 was the last in the list because it's the worst. It doesn't solve the problem, just lets you ignore it. A better way to actually find internal destroyed blocks or to repair all destroyed blocks without wasting millions of credits fixing hull damage would be an actual solution. I suppose I could just discard all destroyed blocks then rebuild the ship from a saved template, but that's not a good solution either. I just want to replace my destroyed blocks so the stupid ship damage icon goes away and my ship's innards are inside where they belong. That said, not sure why swapping hull blocks with armor out of combat is tricky. You can already do that as long as your ship isn't missing any pieces. And if you're out of combat and missing pieces, you can already fix it instantly by spending credits and materials. You just have to spend way more than should be needed because the game forces you to pay for hull damage if you want to do it conveniently.
  2. So, the repair system has some serious flaws. Most notably that repairing general ship HP damage is somehow conflated with repairing destroyed blocks. A recent patch seems to have dramatically improved the ability to repair your ship block by block, by highlighting destroyed blocks in red so you can find them, but it's still flawed. There are at least a few ways to fix this. 1. Add a "Rebuild destroyed blocks" option that doesn't try to heal hull damage (which is really expensive and happens automatically if you have enough Mechanics anyway). 2. Include an option in the View menu that lets you only show destroyed blocks so you can find and repair them. The "Highlight Damage" option doesn't appear to do anything, or at least I can never find any of my damaged blocks in the display. 3. Allow modification of damaged ships so you don't have to wait for your ship to be fully healed before doing some minor update like moving turrets or strapping on a cargo hold to the belly so you can carry your loot away. I can't afford to pay full price to repair my ship every time it gets shot up, but I'd at least like to get it functional by repairing destroyed blocks. The current system just makes it really obnoxious to do that, though.
  3. Some people wanting to be able to see the resource list while piloting without having to interrupt their flight would seem to be all the reason needed to get it restored as at least an option. It was obviously relevant to the people who want it back. Much of piloting is pretty mindless. Flying to a gate when there's no asteroids in the way and you don't have a super fast ship yet doesn't require much attention. Why not let people check their resources at a glance so they can plan their next ship upgrades or whatever.
  4. If we actually want to discourage cube ships, there are plenty of options. 1. Make local damage not respect block size. A 1 meter thick armor plate that's 100 square kilometers in area is just as easy to penetrate as a 1 meter thick armor plate that's 10 square meters in area. Let blocks be partially disabled by concentrated fire. 2. Require (or at least strongly reward) some blocks to be distant from the center of mass of the ship. Thrusters are too effective when close to center of mass if we don't want cube ships. If a cube ship, even with all of its outer layers composed entirely of thrusters, had rotten turn radius, and instead required long pylons to give the thrusters leverage to turn its massive bulk, that would discourage tightly compacted ships, especially cubes. 3. Have components generate heat, and have to radiate it out to space. Yes, you'd end up with cubes covered with spikes, until local damage shoots off enough of the spikes to let the ship's waste heat cook its crew. I don't know that any of these options are good ones, but they all would have some effect to reduce the relative power of cubes vs. everything else. As long as compact structure, small surface area, and large solid blocks are favored, cubes will dominate.
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