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  1. Need someone to build avorion mothership. REQUIREMENTS: 1) Resources or money don't matter. 2) Size must be comparable to the Xsotan Wormhole Guardian (for those who dont know what is the XWG, go to the sector 0,0 at the very center of the galaxy). 3) MUST HAVE A TONN OF UPGRADE SLOTS!!! VERY REQUIRED!!! THE MAX YOU CAN PUT!!! 4) Must be equiped with hangars and quick fighter build time. 5) I like sometimes random created ship, but if you are going to modify one, pls choose on that reminds me of a true ship (not a weird thin squeleton). 6) Hull doesn't matter, but make it beliavable for a ship that size (the same for shields). 7) Must be mobile (I'm not asking a speedy ship, but i want something that has a mid speed). 8 ) Must be simetric. 9) Choose a unique color pattern (I would like a dark blue/normal paint). 10) Must be a ship that inspires greatness. 11) This ship is going to do everything (fighting, cargo hauling, hiperspace traveling etc) thats why i need soo much upgrade slots and must be cargo ready.
  2. So, i had version 20.0 of avorion. Then, i went into vacations for some days. When i came back, the game had been updated to ver 20.2, so, just whait for it to finish, when it ended, i loaded my progress, but i noticed a thing. every time i go to the strategy mode, the game instantly freezes, then it crashes. In the past, i didnt used strategy mode, but now that i have an entire fleet folowing me, strategy mde is VITAL during battles. FIX this BUG PLS.
  3. I wanna to ask good ship builders to build me a turanic raiders attack carrier. Its a cool ship and will be good playing solo with that. Here are the pictures: PS: forget the ion beams, the most complicated part is the back hangar!
  4. show please the results of your trys!
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