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  1. I mean. You get free goods. And transaction fee from it. That was unfair. Since the money conjured out of nowhere and we get goods for free. Why bother making factory ?
  2. Hi. I am lookimg for mod to enhance my gameplay. Like new system Big guns. Customizable gun. Etc etc.
  3. I'm not much of an expert on them, but I believe they were ships that were edited via the xml file to have negative values, hence the "negative". This basically made the ship indestructible. They were normally used in conjunction with hologram blocks to give the ship more areas to place turrets (also been fixed) haha nice try. but i am not cheating.
  4. just logged in. and they are destroyed. i go check to my ship, there was nothing in there. station doing fine.
  5. no. if this game use unity, i prob make new texture set / graphic change.
  6. i am 3d artist, i can create realistic component. i will create a great version of torpedo launcher.
  7. question : do dev accept 3d model beside box for changing torpedo launcher ?
  8. I didnt see any diffrent berween big and small one. And avorion only increase slot for torp. Who easily put in by inventory. What the point making bigger torp launcher ?
  9. nevermind, i forget that torpedo need manually put in shaft. (i need that to be automatic however)
  10. i really wish my titan class ship have more turret slot. i hate limitation. will in next future that system slot are not limited anymore ?
  11. Ugh. Modding asset will be nightmare.
  12. Thank you both for reporting this. We are looking into it. Civilian required to take the cargo away. More civilian : the faster cargo to be consumed. Just like habitat. However habitat create civilian for you. Thats how to fix that cargo issue. You however must not able to take cargo. And blasting your own station considered crime.
  13. Months passed. So how long i must wait ?
  14. they didn't specify how asteroid spawn. please give detail because my mining ship said. there are no more asteroid.
  15. Simply add civilian that able to consume said goods. That was habitat used for.
  16. I got warning from dev himself. He said i got a lot of report. The community already hate me anyway.
  17. Not bug but exploit. A game breaking exploit that last for 2 months. And still linger nowdays. And he said i was complaining. Like my opinion are garbage. Soon he will report me and i got ban. Sigh.
  18. no. i get war machine, and vehicles for free. and i got energy tube, laser modulator, industrial tesla coil. etc they are a factory component, and i obtain it for free. (and i got the tax profit by 20 million) so its easy to craft OP turret too, since i didnt need to make factory out of it. also the upkeep for crew in trading post are cheap. so i don't mind. they need to block this exploit, and adding feature to cope with this situation. also please don't blind toward this game state. we are supposed to test this game.
  19. Here i make this very simple : 1. NPC sell their goods to your trading post 2. You come closer and you transfer cargo/crew/fighter. 3. Take all the goods from station. 4. Sell it somewhere else. I got 1 billion from this exploit alone.
  20. Dude, just stop complaining about everything Jesus Christ man. _________________________________________________________________ Anyway, this update is looking really good 1. Game are made by criticism. The game will improve if we didnt turn into the blind side over the problem. 2. This exploit exist for near 2 months. And latest update didnt fix that. Since this exploit are game breaking. This need to fix ASAP. however latest update didnt fix it. 3. Soon you will understand. You just refuse my point.
  21. The only reason you died in this game because you ram into asteroid. This game are easy actually. If you dying. Just run 1000 m/s. Enemy unable to catch you (their speed capped)
  22. At least that was fixed. Now for other fix.
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