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  1. Instead of losing reputation with a faction after your licence ends yet your ship keeps salvaging, game will count how many + time you salvaged the sector and shows you a bill to pay as if you were on time at renewing your licence. Or smthging to make up with reasonable payment instead of waging full on war
  2. Just like the new toggle free look option but for toggling free cursor, so instead of holding down the button hitting once frees the cursor till hitting back again.
  3. Thank you very much for letting me know better, I will be more careful when making suggestions. In anyway I will enjoy by the game a lot!
  4. Hi! Thank you for such amazin game! I have a few ideas that very easy to make it real yet really effectively make the game more immersive!!! 1.) Spotlight Block. Its a simple light block just like any other in the game but unlike others this has a projectile of lighting. I noticed the game has amazing lighting effects already built in so having such a block will be Amazing!! It would be like bigger the block stronger the light etc... This block can be turned on and off when its needed and as the material used plus the size changes the energy it requares is also. So It wont break the game but add much more! 2.) Pitch black sectors. In all sectors there is a star to cast light. But if we have Spotlight Block then we can have such sectors without a star. Just imagine how exciting it would be to fight with ships in pitch black seeing their lights only which btw means regular ships should have spotlights and regular lights etc like real life planes as obligatory... Just imagine the beautiful creation this comminuty will make with those! 3.) This is just a simple humble request for making our job on building a lot more easy... Paint All Button... Simply an option to paint all the blocks to selected color. Thank you Very MUCH!!! :) :D ;D
  5. Unfortunately no wormholes...
  6. Can you please tell me how can I get this achievement without without ramming?
  7. Of course! Feel free to modify and use as you see fit!
  8. Thanks a lot! So basically I can build bigger and more efficient with trinium!
  9. Ok thank you very much but can you tell me about which weapon to use 'against' stations to destroy them?
  10. Can you guys please explain me about what weapon types are good for what? For example what is the exact difference between lasers and teslas? Or what is lighting gun good at? Or what is the difference between canons and missiles? Which weapon is best for stations? Etc.. Thank you...
  11. The values were acting completely vice versa when there's certain buffs on some turret factories (damage). So I added some lines that says something about set percentage and such. This made it go as expected ways, like if you put more you get more or if you put less you get less. But still numbers were off. Why? Because you CAN'T find a gun in xanion quality that does 7k dps or 3k dmg per hit. Also SAME guns were dealing LITERALLY minus damages just because you put 5 less goodies. I said ok those numbers needs fixing. I tested... Not put numbers on my head but tested! If it goes minus then we need to decrease the percentage of the investfactor right? Who wants a canon which has only 2k range? Do you find any so far in the game other than building it with this 'bug'? So i dropped the numbers. Also WHY all other perfectly working fine weapons has those CERTAIN lines on them when some specific ones don't which is the irony the ones having such issues? I always kept an eye on the other weapons coding. For example you could build a tesla turret at 8k dps at max and minus 2k at min. Interestingly that invest factor on the tesla damage was 3.0 when every other weapon is 0.2 or 0.3 0.75 max! Then guess what? After putting the number down to 0.2 "just like others" it had 1.5k max "best case" which is very possible to find such gun and 500 min. I am not a good programmer nor anything but so far this much i could do for a really annoying 'bug' for me. Without stating it as an ultimate must have thing or anything. After all we are trying to help the devs here. So its very possible that my way is not the right one but for now its A way and if you have a better solution to this instead of living with the bug till devs fix it please feel free to share it...
  12. Mining and salvage laser damage and ranges were weird. Either too far away or literally nothing. Fixed that one and also launchers warhead stuff was getting wonky if it had a damage buff fixed that too and a bit more balancing on tesla and laser so those are not 7k dps at max anymore or minus at lowest. Also cannon turret damage is fixed as well. Some turret factories are fine but with certain buffs glitches getting appeared so as i discover them, i am fixing them. That's why its getting updated. Please have Awesome fun with your custom turrets like mine! Thank you
  13. I updated the file. I highly suggest you to redownload it. Thank you
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