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  1. Brand new squeaky clean Windows 10 installation with just as clean steam installation latest drivers https://pastebin.com/sS3de6P8 The game crashes without notice on starting immediately after showing the Boxelware logo. The logfile seems to contain no real information but maybe you find something I didn't see. Used to work prior to installing the last update to the NVidia Driver.
  2. Any chances this is being watched / voted still? :) It would be amazing if we'd have this in the game ... Right now this is still one of the more important features for myself.
  3. That's part of the money sink and inconveniences made to make the game harder hence balance options the devs have... There should be a cost to everything! If anything I'd make it so that you literally can not add / repair missing parts in space ... just be docked on a shipyard or repair dock. Or at least make that one of the game settings for expert / insane. The game is easy enough and showers you with money and resources as is. Also it already costs next to nothing ... One single mining operation in a large asteroid zone with R-type gets you more resources than you're even able to spend on repairs for an entire month.
  4. While this would be realistic would it not be hard to balance on servers and multiplayer worlds ? High level people coming to low sectors and refining huge amounts of materials making it available in iron sectors without them losing much ? I don't know for sure whether this is a great idea... sounds good nonetheless but probably hard to balance.
  5. I kind of like the idea of having to predict the trajectory of your target and shooting a bit in front of it or at its back depending on your speed and their speed. that's quite realistic too. Frustrating? Probably... yes but realistic... Would cut away some of the learning curve for piloting ships rendering any rookie a ship god 🙂 (on the other hand you hire professional gunners ... so take that how you want)
  6. make the game a bit more engaging somehow ... for some reason when I left my kids try to play it they said it's quite dull for the first few hours (somehow punching wood in another game is not ) probably make the NPC ships interact with the player ship a bit more proactively say random npc just entering conversation randomly themselves or stuff like that ... approaching you in some manner ... This one is suggested by my kids so ... take it with a grain of salt but I think they have some point
  7. Allow every functional and structural block to have every shape allowed in the game (you already have this feature with armor / hull / glow / glass etc.
  8. Allow blocks to be placed over other blocks but use the aforementioned cutting and cut said block that's being placed into shapes such that there's literally zero overlapping. Everything that's overlapped gets instantly cut out to the limit of the earliest placed blocks (last placed first cut) Once again this would help with building interesting ships that don't eat up your CPU by having way too many useless blocks as the people would be able to place them snuggly and then solder (join) together the blocks which are possible to be joined together.
  9. Allow block splitting on a certain axis eventually allowing the user to move the axis closer or farther to one of the margins (it's currently extremely frustrating to replace internal blocks where one has to split them into different use cases) I don't think this would take a whole lot of development but then I don't have the code to know for sure. All I know is that this is the most important reason for me to close the game This is by far the biggest thing in the game I'd make it user experience #1 priority 🙂
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