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  1. Do not hesitate to use the blue heart then 😀
  2. It'd be useful as there are other information on the edge roughly half the time.
  3. Yeah, fighters are very problematic and I'd imagine many solutions at once to make them more usable again. Fighter costs: Honestly imo since poi is so efficient and prevalent in enemy compos, fighters are currently "throwable" (as, inverse of durable). Both fighter production effort and resource cost are linked to fighter cost, which is as big as the weapon it is based of. I'd honestly use 10 times that value then square root it: it's make better and better fighters cost less and less more resources because at the end of the day the better fighter will almost be destroyed at the same speed than a worse fighter, hence cutting the force multiplier they represent. So 10 000 cost earlygame fighters would cost 100 (a pittance), while 1 000 000 cost ones would cost 1 000, and godroll 100 000 000 cost would cost "only" 10 000. Eventually, use rarity level as goods level (currently Fighters are produced as fast as (GL 1 ?) Energy Cells) so rarer fighters (which may have more dodges because more points to put into Maneuvrability) take longer to build and more common fighters may be used as fast-buildable spares. Carrier and Fighter interaction: Currently, nothing happens UI-wise when a fighter is attacked before getting destroyed, and even then, it only notifies that bleep one of your fighters (in the sector) has been destroyed, which is not helpful, especially if you're driving another ship than the carrier in which case you are helpless to save the others. It'd be cool to have fighters chat to their carrier, relaying that one of their squadmates (by squadron name) is attacked by point defense from a (named) ship, while red blinking would be visible on the attacked squadron's icon: it'll allow the player to distinguish which squadron is under attack if they're driving the carrier. Also, make carriers prone to returning damaged fighter squads (depending on Captain skill level... and carrier hull/shield status: critical carriers would just send all fighters fighting instead of hiding in a ship that will explode, making the player lose more resources than necessary). Fighter AI: Currently fighter AI is kind of crude. It would be cool that attacked fighters would give up on their attack runs for a moment if they run low on dodges instead of "tanking" enemy poi until out of dodges and destroyed. Carrierless fighters would become desperate and do nonstop vanilla attack runs so carrier fights wouldn't drag on forever though 😅. Fighters would also have different "classes" and behaviors depending on weapon range (long range = bomber that fires from far away, poi = interceptor), because those kinds of changes would even affect AI-driven carriers.
  4. ...because when you press a first letter in the search bar, the galaxy map lights most sectors, causing it to lag tremendously for weaker computers 😰.
  5. Right now Ancient Gates are pretty useful, but they lack... directions. And since the ship seems to spawn/jump always upside down I always mess up directions and take the wrong gates 🤦‍♂️. Maybe N-E-S-W directions on Ancient Gates would make them less of a chore to use (right now I just click on coordinates showing a bearing on the line of the gate, which works just fine but would cause more sectors to load on MP, even if I played it).
  6. Yeah, better mat solar panels need a big buff, but the devs decided solar panels were only useful for irongrade ships 😔. It'll be one of the first blocks to mod once block modding will be added.
  7. Yeah, pure green is used in brackets for your ships, so why not also in the list 🙂 P.S.: But it'd be also nice to also be able to pick custom colours for every faction and allow displaying map and even UI with those custom colours.
  8. Yes, selecting which station to supply/take from would be perfect instead of simply sorting per cargo type (which is also cumbersome) ! Big station complexes have supply problems because the first station of a particular type seems to be prioritary for autofreighters.
  9. Yeah, it'd be useful to make nav beacons for Ancient Gate sectors~ 😀 (BTW, spoiler text seem to be #242424 color.)
  10. Currently Turret Base blocks seem to have as much HP as armor, though making more durable hardpoints can be done by making the base block thicker. I have almost never seen my Turret Bases (even jutting out) getting destroyed before most of the ship: only time that happen was raging against asteroids in a Nanowar 😅.
  11. I heard this just happened in 1.1 (though I didn't see experience it myself this morning).
  12. Currently the names are made out of random syllables chosen for each faction, which is pretty smart (so the Federation of Oocoo may have a lot of o's in their ship names), but some random syllables are by themselves unfit for human praxology, like "jk" or "zv", causing names made of them to be unpronounceable. But ironically the unpronounceability adds to the immersion and realism of finding alien races with different means of prononciation. Faction and ship nicknames would be nice !
  13. Yeah ! Not only it'd be useful for immersion (and cool cockpits), but also for things like ramming or gunship fighting 😀.
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