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  1. Mouseover for basic tooltip Shift for advanced info Ctrl+shift for everything
  2. Making a new "demo" out of each game version shouldn't be hard. Limit their jump distance to 10, max. crew count to 100-150 and have a message pop-up "You can't enter wormholes in the demo version". It doesn't even have to be a separate download. That's something like what CCP did with EVE Online. They'd also auto-unequip anything legendary. Off-topic, just my opinion: Presentation plays a huge part in whatever you want to sell. For a game, you need a few good videos and a trial version (if it's not free). Videos in HD. That's important. Regarding presentation, there should be voiceovers, camera effects, etc. Other games inside the main game for when you're bored of it: - Taking care of crew, getting to know theim - Optional puzzles and minigames to slightly affect otherwise random outcomes - etc. Hud elements sould be much prettier and include animations. Here's an example: Have you seen LoL in it's early days? www.youtube.com/watch?v=44B-wHmvwdY That's what Avorion's UI feels like. Now compare to the 2009 update: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTmMT-R3Pi0 www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKV8Q38Tvlw Our brains like curved, organic lines. Circles, arcs and hexagons look much more appealing than squares. Well, except in arrays. But still - for 1-dimensional arrays, an arc with trapezoids inside looks better. Arrows pointing to waypoints, enemies and torpedoes should not be plain 1-thick lines. No bracket around ships should be 2 perpendicular lines. A glow around the lines, or a slight boomerang-shape is better. In the attachment is an example from an X3 mod. <img src="https://image.ibb.co/bKtXnH/gui_master.png"> P.S.: Please, don't take it as a rage post. I'm just trying to help. Again, it's just an opinion, throwing ideas around.
  3. 0) - Try to make one idea per topic. Easier for the forum users to discuss. Easier for the developers to mark it as "done", "in-progress" or "dropped". - Initially, short topics are easier to read. - If the discussion about your idea is important to you, it becomes cleaner to edit and expand the original post of one specific topic. 1) - As they are now, reclaimable wrecks are just a bunch of free resources. Once you claim a ship, delete it for 100% resource gain. Done. - There's a problem if you make those boosts wreck-exclusive: The game is meant for multiplayer. As soon as one player claims something, it's gone. We don't need more of that problem. Whoever comes later, doesn't get that bit of advantage. And whoever started earlier might just go on a wreck hunt just to deprive others from them. - I consider myself lucky to have found a sector with 2 unclaimed asteroids. People usually just claim any they find and sell them to a random NPC faction for $ and reputation. - Those wrecks should look great or be built very efficiently! Neither is an advantage in stats and can be achieved with some effort by anyone. Whoever claims a wreck can make a template out of it and scale it or paint it however they like. Modifying them should not be worth it. 2) - Imho, officers giving boosts sounds like a good idea. - Yes, those that do give boosts should be obtained in an event. - Some effects might include: --- lower pay needed for the crew this one commands --- bonuses to crew levels --- acts also as a lvl3 gunner (or other) --- crew is happy even when slightly overpopulated --- etc. - Captain goes with the ship! Event story and dialogues should reflect that. --- You could try bribing, intimidation, flattery, jokes,... --- Faction's traits should influence which dialogue options an NPC likes --- You could end up gaining their ship AND crew. Or just some crew. Or just the captain. Or have them blow up in your face. --- Played FTL? Many unlocks and/or failures happen because of your own choices. I really hope Avorion turns out to be FTL in 3D with customizable ships. https://subsetgames.com/ftl.html 3) - The thing is; a factory showing you stuff that you have no chance of mounting in the near future is just a slap to the player. - Maybe once you gain enough reputation and do a few quests for the station, the station might show you some "special deals" 4) - Agreed. When my ship was weak, those sectors weren't worth the risk. Now, they're not worth the effort. - The rock in the middle regenerates faster the bigger it is, up to a maximum size. - They're worshipping that maximum size as "something in perfect balance" or "miraculous". - If someone depletes it, it's gone (for a looong cooldown). That's also why they're worshipping it. - Regeneration rate should be better than farming it whole and waiting for the cooldown. - It shouldn't be more efficient than farming Xsotan 5) - Just tune down the reward. Or make it a "boost captain" instead. Max rolled legendary turrets are better than someone's whole ship! That being said, getting the next one at the next faction would be half as difficult. After a few times "legendary" would literally become common. I hate words like "great", "epic", "awesome",... being used for common gear in games. 6) - "cosmic" upgrades ... What, having something that is being told about for generations is not enough for you? That's what "legendary" means. "Epic" is something unique in a few hundred years. Only stuff in very limited supply deserves such names. And you just want to plop in another big name. NO! Legendary should be enough for wiping out a race. 7) - That's just implementing more grind. - I'm fine with grinding as long as there's diverse content distracting me from it. Currently, there's not enough content to support a lot of grinding. The game would just get boring faster. 7.1) - That being said... Content = reasons to explore = topic name. - Exodus was one reason for me to explore. Science sattelites were the other. And seeing Xsotan hatcheries were curious enough to be third. More events are needed before more grind. - Many players quit playing before even finding out about The AI. Storyline stuff should have some subtle hints about what to do next. And some pay-to-the-NPC opportunities to solve the thinking for you. - That NPC should encourage players to solve it on their own and mock them otherwise before explaining.
  4. Any page under http://www.avorion.net/forum/ It's cycling these messages at random: Server creating instructions here! Linux installation guide here! Avorion Demo v0.8.5 is out! Click to download! New forum design is live! Attached screenshot. Look to the top-right. But if the demo is still 0.8.5., the problem is not the message, it's the demo :P P.S.: https://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,60.0.html There's some outdated info. And it's a pinned topic.
  5. ... That's what it sometimes says on the top-right of the web page. Is it really still 0.8.5? You might want to change that.
  6. I'm unable to join the Test Server since the start of January. Same result. The game is stuck on the loading screen. But I can hear when it's supposed to be loaded; the music starts. For me, it's because I like glitching stuff and I've built a bugged ship (That's what the server is for, right? :P). Although such ships can't be built anymore, my character still appears to be stuck in it. support@avorion.net told me: "I will get an admin to delete/change your ship and will notify you as soon as that has happened." ... 3 months ago! >:(
  7. We could really use "Hide selected blocks". It's been suggested before. ... And remembering block selections as "selection group 1", 2, 3, etc. For example, I want to select all of the the front and top armor blocks on my ship and remember that selection group. Good for changing armor type. Or for hiding to edit the insides of the ship if that feature got implemented.
  8. Well, it IS true that 2-way communication with the devs wouldn't hurt. And I've been waiting for them to unbug me so I can play again for a long time now. From the last year, actually xD Official public test server. Playing other games in the meantime and losing interest in this. But I think this is way off-topic. Nothing more to say here.
  9. You could include those in the base game. That's also a nice reward for the winners.
  10. Games with small devteams: - Robocraft - went the route you're suggesting and now it's a kids' game. Most of the people who loved it left and ones that stayed, stayed just because they don't want to lose the time invested. - Minecraft - kept improving over the years. People who found the game too simple got to play with a variety of tech, magic, action and/or utility mods. Then Microsoft bought the licence and rewrote the game from Java to C++. Performance skyrocketed, but it's not moddable. Imho, it's just an art game for children. Java version still exists. Updated and playable, but it's overshadowed by Microsoft's promotions and merchandize. - From the Depths - has great depth, loads of features in the base game and good modding support. But multiplayer is limiting it potential on the market. And that's going to go even lower. They might even remove multiplayer support completely. Coding complex features for multiplayer is much harder. Medium devteam: - Warframe - has been failing for years before succeding. They had a vision. They worked at it. Now has millions playing it. Large devteam: - Star Citizen - they started small, made big promises and had the determination to fulfill them. Now they have a huge international devteam. The key to their success is communication with the playerbase unseen in any other game so far. https://starcitizen.tools/Production_Schedules @Hellatze - I'd rather play a better game later than a bug-free, crappy game soon. Feel free to call me a fanboy.
  11. and i dislike minecraft. whatever you do in minecraft are pointless. so i leave it. Try a server like this :P https://topg.org/server-hybrid-cannon-id389532 https://www.minelink.net/
  12. That's why it's still Alpha :P The money I've paid and the time I spent were an investment. To help support the development a bit, to cause, find and report bugs. If they release it in a state similar to this, I'd feel the same way. Quit Robocraft because of this. Freejam got consumed by the Dark Side.
  13. Now, I totally agree. Fixing this is where X4 is aiming to go. I just hope Avorion does it better. Darth Vaders unite! xD
  14. Shrink the blueprint xD And keep resizing it as you progress. Edit: Wouldn't be fair for anone else just starting on that server either. Especially if the server just opened. Edit2: @Meesmaalt - For buildings in Minecraft, there's Schematica (client-side), but you still have to find the materials for it.
  15. Ehm... It's called "tradeoffs". I don't think you're supposed to just sit there, waiting for the boss to die because he's too close to your ship. Funding SHOULD be the problem with huge ships. I had few problems taking it down in a general purpose ship that costed 2-2.5M and about 200k in materials. Fortunately, for imagination and sector-sized ships, there's creative. Which plays the same as survival except you have unlimited resources. For scratches, repair the ships to full health with repair lasers. And even if something is actually destroyed, it's going to cost you waaaay less to repair. Also, mechanics repair our ships over time - without even a click required. I consider getting millions from wreckages in 10 minutes an exploit. Recycling stations and selling all cargo/materials is WAY too lucrative of a business (considering risks involved). In multiplayer, you'd better have an alliance funding you if you're flying a 4M Avorion ship. Actually, that thing should have several players flying it anyway. Now you see the loss Darth Vader had with his superdestroyer and the Death Star. Imagine the crew maintenance costs :P Mining out one system at a time really shouldn't make these big plans possibe.
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