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  1. Pretty much that: don't display items I am not planning to buy on the shopping list.
  2. First off: AMAZING, just the feature I was missing all this time! ...but list will display items you don't need (eg. targeting systems) as 0/0.
  3. When you claim large asteroid and select "sell" option, asteroid changes owner, player receives money, but window stays open.
  4. I've created ship requiring 2500 hands to crew. I've crewed it with 80 trained crewmen (around 30 mechanics and 50 engineers) and ordered it to clone and train generals/lieutenants/sargeants. It was suffering morale drop from lack of officers, but I could reset this drop by simply switching between this ship located in sector A and my other ship located in other sector.
  5. Whenever I have integrity field generator active in editor, I no longer get blue highlight of blocks covered in its field.
  6. This issue only occurs when I am selecting blocks in mirrored mode, but its super tricky to don't select more than one now when mirroring also mirrors deselection.
  7. I am trying to crew my own ship using cloning/academia but over time its morale has dropped to 50%. I've reloaded galaxy because edits I've made to my model stopped appearing in edit, but its morale are back to 100% now.
  8. In strategic view list of items will scroll to the top as soon as player stops scrolling to the bottom.
  9. Player ships shields are at 0 upon loading saved galaxy. Other ships and stations are at 0 upon jumping into system. Doesn't matter if its new system or player returning to recently visited system.
  10. I am using it for mining/salvage turrets on my ship... but damage penalty makes it useless on combat ships.
  11. My internet provider is super crappy, so my internet connection tends to drop once in a while. My trick when this happens is to restart my router. This causes another attempt at connection which sometimes fixes it for me (don't ask). Today my internet dropped, making my machines go into "in network but internet is offline" state. I've neen watching netflix on other machine, so it took me a moment to catch that. Eventually I've restarted my router which disconnected my machines from network. Lo and behold, immediately I've got all symptoms of disconnection in the game: placing blocks in editor no longer worked, AI stuck in its courses and "you are disconnected" few moments later.
  12. Continuing from previous point, I was always somehow expecting to see mining/salvage fighters ordered to defend me do their thing on anything suitable within the range of my ship (like 7 kliks), and return to circle around me when nothing mineable is within that range. That way I could act as mothership, defending them, having them nearby without having to micro them to every bit that breaks off from whatever I was harvesting at time.
  13. Seeing how quality of life improvements are a thing now, could this perhaps see some developer attention? I understand that galaxies can be big, so perhaps galaxy interface should display horizontal bar showing how much free space is there left for galaxies, and how big slice of hard drive would be taken when galaxy is cloned?
  14. As I've said in the OP, this is single-player issue. My setup is Win7 pro with 8gb of ram, HDD, Intel Core i5-4440, 3.1GHz, 6MB and RADEON R9 270X - 1050M DD Boost Edition - 2048 MB DDR5 R9-270X-CDFC, whatever that means ;)
  15. Welcome to factory turrets - those can be real monsters when compared to what drops from enemies or goes for sale on equipment docks. My current ship is running 10 lasers, each doing 7400dmg/s at 8km range with minimal energy consumption. ;) There's an idea being thrown around that turret factories shouldn't produce original turrets, but instead allow player to produce copies of turret they have got from elsewhere, to give looting greater emphasis, as well as to make game combat more balanced.
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