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  1. I listen almost everything (rock, rap and classical music). And do not like dubstep and grindcore. Especially like Noize MC, Kai Rosenkranz, Rammstein, RasKar, Eve Online (soundtracks).
  2. Today spent a lot of time playing in Audiosurf using music from Avorion. Especially liked the music from the folder background. I recommend to try. :D
  3. Decided to read comments. Here are the most interesting: --------- "where you will build starships of arbitrary shape" there will be continuous flying penises = \ ---------- After watching the video decided not to download =). Too easy to get resources ... But this is only the development .... ---------- But all the "ships" look like "asteroids". ---------- While any game of this type is not exceeded Shores of Hazeron. ---------- I do not know about you, but for me the game is just elegant. Very much I love the game on the space theme, especially so unusual as this. ---------- On screen the game looks very good, I think, that soon would come of it an interesting thing. Some users of this web site, I had already seen on the forum. ;)
  4. I play a little bit but mostly in Shogun 2 and Sim City 2013.
  5. I thought that you use more modest means. Keep it up! :D And another question. As you probably know, I use to communicate Google translator. How would you rate "my" translation? ::)
  6. What engine and language you use for programming?
  7. Write your five favorite games on the space theme (except Avorion). Then it will be possible to arrange the vote My top 5: 1) Mass Effect (what a surprise ;D) 2) X3 3) Sins of a Solar Empire 4) EVE online 5) Faster Than Light
  8. Lay here screenshots of your ships. :) This is my second ship, which I built myself. I'm still working on it.
  9. Of course And by the way, every time the game is updated, it gets to the top.
  10. put the game a rating of 4, the average score - 8.0 Translation is not quite correct. So, probably, will be more correct: assessment of the game put four people, the average score - 8.0
  11. Avorion on the Russian site Has been added 2013.05.24 translation pictures put the game a rating of 4, the average score - 8.0 this game have passed / really liked the game: 3 people There I found Avorion :)
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