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  1. I know that I am very, VERY early into the start of my game, but it seems to me that, while I do want to have a Mining System... the base range could be a little better. I mean I like the idea of a Mining Radar, but the basic tier could be a little less... useless. I mean white Mining system should be on the weaker side, but seriously... ~2.5km? :( that's literally already in my face! :'( I was also hoping it worked more like an actual ping system, where you press a button & it briefly highlights anything of a material tier or lower within a larger radius than what the current base radius is, maybe like ~8-10km at white. 8) It'd also be nice if it would bounce back a ping when it bumps into an asteroid that you could found a mine on (within its radius of course). Also, I was even more so hoping that the current Mining System would be renamed to Mining Radar, as its actual function would imply, while a new ship system of Mining System, would take its place, giving some form of boosted efficiency with mining anything of the material tier of the Mining System or below. 8) Whether it be % or flat boost, I'm not particularly concerned with, just that it boosts efficiency for more yield out of an asteroid when mining. I've gotten much more material much faster when salvaging, & that's even with a similar efficiency of salvaging lasers. :-\ Also, why does it seem like the Improved Trading Systems don't list prices for materials of a resource depot(s)? It would be nice to scout out the prices of a material to sell to a depot upon arriving in a sector, allowing me to go from sector to sector seeing who will pay the most for my metal ores. If it does, I haven't noticed it yet... among the random other wares & goods. This would help to improve the miner playstyle.
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