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  1. Hi there, I have a lot of landing pads on my ship designs, and I wonder if there is a possibility for static blocks. They would act like a hologram-block but when another ship touches it, the ship would/could be static. This would allow for, a sort of, ship to ship docking. Easy for teleportation and stuff. Dont know if it is possible by programming but its is just a thought from me I wanted to share. I know it can be misused for battles (build a large 3x3x3km block outside your ship) but it is not a battle game so...... enough said Or.... Have a Standard hyperspace zone around your ship! That way youre fleet can hyperspace with you at the same distance! (maybe been discussed before)
  2. Hi, This (https://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,4089.0.html) is my first ship catalog and has a download link to dropbox at the bottom of the page. It is only the blue series and features 9 ships (I think), but no capital ships (like Support Carrier, Trypticon or the MXFC). I will need someone who is on steam to publish the ships for me, that person I will send my capital ships to. Currently I am still busy with the video of my last ship, the Skywalker Explorer(90.000 blocks!) and then I will publish that ship too... Stay tuned!
  3. This mother.. is amazing! I love the design.
  4. You mean a size like this? IC Trypticon CS vs XWG Something tells me you didnt even try to search yourself....
  5. Too bad Kamo, you were very active here on this site and I like your ships. I use this game to prepare myself for dual universe. I also build in empyrion but those ship are 'small' Maybe I will meet you in the next game (Dual Universe)
  6. Downloads Mini Pack https://dl.orangedox.com/uQHa3EVLzGQvbJKRVV This pack features 26 ships 3x Triplets - 2x S-Klasse - Spacely Hangar - 2x Fighters - 10x Spacely Speeder - 7x IC Scout - Spacely Station Medium Pack https://dl.orangedox.com/Gxn1TLaoiDrF7P7r1t This pack features 10 ships: 2x Millennum Scout DX - 2x Corvette DX Flight - 2x Frigate One - 2x Destroyer DX Flight - GC Destroyer - GC S.O. Destroyer Cruiser Pack https://dl.orangedox.com/rVDcftcFoXqTcrapr8 This pack features 10 ships: 6x My-T-Cruiser - 2x Cruiser 190 SDX - Royal Cruiser - Coaxial Destroyer Battle Pack https://dl.orangedox.com/pxVKGVCxZHduFdtCXi This pack features 5 ships: (Ive lost a ship and I am still searching for it!) BattleLaires XX - 2x My-T-Commander - BattleCruiser DX Flight - Skywalker eXplorer Carrier Pack https://dl.orangedox.com/ErMQtHbV5BMw1Vqalv This pack features 9 ships: 2x Fighter Factory Carrier - Carrier XL Plus - Master Miner - 2x Support Carrier DX - IC Guppy X - Repair Carrier Supreme+ - IC Freighter Capital Pack https://dl.orangedox.com/rwabxTkuFKxTRH3L1N This pack features 3 ships: Meranda Xirsea FC - Trypticon CS 2019 - Trypticon IV XTC(not finished) Thank you for watching my collection
  7. Imperial Class Citadel a nice home in the stars Home spacebase to the Assari Imperial Class Fleet
  8. Spacely Station an even nicer home in the stars LxWxH 170m x 150m x 120m A small station with lots of docking possibilities. It should be used as a small research and scout station for scientist to research and explore the area. It has got defensive capabilities with fighters and can hold cargo shuttles. Stats: Pictures Exterior: Pictures Interior: Movies:
  9. IC Meranda Xirsea Fleet Carrier "Why are you using such primitive weapons?" 1 unit is 100x100x100 blocks LxWxH 15.4km x 14.4km x 4km (15 slots) Just wanted to see if I could pull it off, only the top-layer (city) and the engines still need to be done. I wanted to keep the block-count low but I will still reach a stunning 45.000 55.000 blocks I think. Currently I am at 80.000 blocks. I still need to add -two main guns (open and closed version) -colouring (now it is alice blue) The 21.4 update (from 18.2) reduced its crew members. I noticed that its playable because you are so far zoomed out. I tested it in a galaxy where I have only 1 ship so get ready for lag when you are adding fleets. This will be the biggest Capital ship with interior. This has never been done, it even rivals Eve online capital ships with ease! Deck 2: The city, a piece of art. Deck 1: Has a weapons storage area, a cargo trade area, productions facilities and will host the 2 main guns when rectracted inside Deck 0: Landing platforms : 6 x "1800m x 1800m " (MC, RCS+, BC) 10x "1000m x 1000m" (BXX, CXL+, FFC) 16x "800m x 800m" (MTC, RC, C190, CD) 30x "500mx500m" (GCD, DF) 92x "200m x 200m" (F1 ) And many more small ones Deck -1: Main entrance and many landing platforms: 2 x "1800m x 1800m " (MC, RCS+, BC) 20x "1000m x 1000m" (BXX, CXL+, FFC) 36x "500mx500m" (GCD, DF) The 1.0 version Stats 24.09.2019: Pictures Exterior: Pictures Interior: Movies:
  10. IC Trypticon IV - eXotic Trade Carrier "The Ultimate Seduction" 1 unit is 80x80x80 blocks LxWxH 10.4km x 9.6km x 3.2km (15 slots) This ships interior not finished, its playable but it should be more detailed Bigger... Blacker... Beyonder.... The biggest mobile spacestation with 1 million crew This supercarrier can easily fit 2 My-T-Commanders. Its purpose is to be a mobile market place in space. The rear of the ship is specially designed for entering and landing of diffrent ships at the same time. Because of its great jump-range it can carry exotic materials, food, and other stuff from a galaxy, far far away. Stats (for now): Pictures Exterior: Pictures Interior: Movies:
  11. Trypticon III - Mustang Class "Sending Shockwaves" 1 unit is 20 blocks LxWxH m x m x m ( slots) This megaship is not from the Imperial Class series but is one from the Mustang Class. Its design needs some tweaking and the ship is only half finished. A rebuild is needed Stats Pictures Exterior: Pictures Interior: Movies:
  12. Trypticon II - Odyssey Class "Another dimension new galaxy, intergalatic planetary" 1 unit is 60 blocks LxWxH 2.7km x 6km x 6km ( slots) This is the first ship I made with pre-fab hollow blocks. I think it was finished in 2 minutes.... Maybe Ill detail it later this year. It looks perfect for a capital assualt ship. Stats: Pictures Exterior: Pictures Interior: Movies:
  13. IC Trypticon City Ship "Trypticon is my kind of town!" 1 unit is 50x50x50 blocks LxWxH 4970m x 5700m x 1000-1750m (15 slots) Description Updated by 24.09.2019! Smoothend out the edges and new engines! Also added cloning and an academy Because I just love trypticon! The body: -Upper deck is the city, I am trying to make a lake/beach there with a (hollow) mountain, maybe a forest too. You can actually go in the water with your mini-ship! -Middle deck is for cargo with 36 (16x14x16)cargoblocks, in the front of the ship there is also a hangar for small vessels with entrance to the cargo bay, lower deck and upper deck. -Lower deck is for the Corvette factory and the Factoryblocks, also a large indoor hangar. which currently stores 6 IC-Guardian Class destroyers. -Even lower deck is a hangar and entrance for cargo ships and stores CS.Corvettes. It also features 6 10x10x50 size fighter hangar bays -Rear is a large armoured area for 12 (30x30x30) large generators. All on a 30x2x30 frame platform for easy pacement. At the tail there is are 2 ships entrances and 6 10x10x20 fighter bays The side 'corvette launcher towers' are connected with 4 arms per sides, each arm has a tunnel for spaceships which connect to the city deck, hangar and the factory. Each corvette launcher tower has 11 engines and 20+ directional-thrustergroups. It features 2 exits to the front, 1 on top and 1 on the bottom and can store over 120 "CS.Corvettes" and houses 10 10x10x10 fighter hangar bays. In the middle of each tower are 2 Glass 24x18x24 boxes for converting into a genarator. These towers also host the military crew quarters. Speed is 2000m/sand ive reached 4300m/s with some tests, my boost regenerates in a few seconds, got me 240km away in little over a minute. It seems it doesnt brake(!) or very little. Yet it turns beautifully 180 degrees in 50seconds, not bad for a ship this size! There can be more detail but i dont want the game to lag too much, at this point im over 30.000 blocks and it still playable as I can fly small ships through the city without the "wobbly-lag" It uses a lot of seeker turrets with a range of 15 km, 250 damage and 3.1 fire-rate, I still need to pump it up. Stats: Pictures Exterior: Pictures Interior: Movies:
  14. IC Support Carrier DX "Have a wish, or two, or three" 1 unit is 20x20x20 blocks LxWxH 2400m x 2400m x 800m-900m (15 slots) 40,000 blocks!! Mainly here for a super-suprise support to an attack with its long range jump that is far beyond radar range. Very strong ship but because of it 'open' build it is no fighter. Stats: Pictures Exterior: Pictures Interior: Movies:
  15. IC Repair Carrier Supreme "Sumo subarashii" 1 unit is 16x16x16 blocks LxWxH 1600m x 1600m x 320-500m (15 slots) This one is the first one with a "different" design and is 10 units long and 10 units wide. It's a classic! This is a mobile repair carrier for Guardian Class Destroyers, Corvettes and Scout ships Stats: Pictures Exterior: Pictures Interior Movies:
  16. IC Skywalker series "The Black Knight" 1 unit is 16 blocks LxWxH 1960 x 2000 x 640m (15 slots) A large "Supercommander" which will come in an armored version and a city version Stats: Pictures Exterior: Pictures Interior: Movies:
  17. IC My-T-Commander DX "Full barrage, all cannons" 1 unit is 12x12x12 blocks LxWxH 1350m x 1200m x 240-360m (14 slots) A command ship with superior armour, super shields and super jumprange. Styled like the my-t-cruiser. Stats: Pictures: Pictures Interior: Movies:
  18. IC BattleCruiser DX Flight "Got to race the race" 1 unit is 10x10x10 blocks LxWxH 1100m x 1240m x 300m (13 slots) A Battleship, but only bigger and more spacious. Not as powerfull as a battleship or the My-T-Commander because of many small blocks. But it is also a battleship with a roof-scoop. I think it is the first spaceship of this size ever build in a spacegame, with a roof-scoop. Ill give myself a Guinness record there.. Stats & Upgrades: Pictures: Pictures Interior: Movies:
  19. 34. BattleLaires II ship name "phrase" 1 unit is SIZE blocks LxWxH m x m x m ( slots) Stats: Pictures Exterior: Pictures Interior: Movies:
  20. IC BattleLaires XX "Now you're playing with power!" 1 unit is 10x10x10 blocks LxWxH 800m x 900m x 200-240m (11 slots) I took the IC Carrier XL and turned it into a powerful battleship with minimal interior space (for this class). I like the 'BMW-style' engines which makes the ship looks even meaner. Can hold up to 5 corvettes and a lot of scouts. With its 10 torpedo tubes this is a major contender in space-war tactics. Stats: Pictures: Pictures Interior: Movies:
  21. IC Guppy X Series "Gotta catch 'm all" 1 unit is 10x10x10 blocks LxWxH 1000m x 1000m x 500m ( 10 slots) A Colonization ship with a beautiful dome with a city under it. Stats: Pictures: Pictures Interior: Movies:
  22. 31. Carrier XXL ship name "phrase" 1 unit is SIZE blocks LxWxH m x m x m ( slots) Stats: Pictures Exterior: Pictures Interior: Movies:
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