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  1. Yup, I'd option is always nice. I mean, it isn't just QoL change, it does change how you play the game. Most notably you can't just conjure a giant cargo bay from thin air.
  2. As in thread - I find it weird that when you're using shipyard to build a ship it takes time, but when you're building it using build mode you can literally magically summon giant cruisers out of thin air. I think it breaks immersion when in non-creative mode and also adds quite a bit of space for exploits. It doesn't have to be a very long time, and if it would to be implemented changes shouldn't apply instantly (so that when you're tinkering around, you don't have to wait until stuff gets done). I imagine it would go something like this: You open up building mode, time stops. You start placing blocks as you'd normally do. Once you're done, construction starts (also, nice visuals of construction being underway). Blocks start being built, but you can still move your ship as usual. Most likely you'll just continue as normal, but now you can be attacked while you're under construction. That said, same should apply to deconstruction of blocks - it takes time to refit your ship. Honestly, I'd even go one step further (but I imagine this one could be optional) - you can only refit your ship in shipyard, and when it is happening you have to wait a little bit. This would stop people from building cargo bays once they have destroyed whatever they've been attacking, but instead they'd have to have the cargo bay no them at all times (making combat harder) or have seperate ship to do the hauling. One problem that would arise is that when you are stuck at shipyard, you'd have nothing to do, effectively getting bored of it. Not sure what to do about that.
  3. Wrong on all accounts as it is now getting a good loot is MEH felling . That SHOULD NEVER BE! I'm not wrong. This is my opinion. Getting good loot feels good to me. That said, I'm not even sure how would scaling even change that.
  4. So, you're claiming that you have zero problem getting any gun you want - any size, type or rarity. Yet you somehow need turret scaling because... reasons? If you have so many guns, why not simply place them? What do you need that scaling for? If anything, what you should be suggesting is making gun-acquisition harder, because you have very easy time getting it. So once again you fail to realize what kind of impact such change would have on balance. Ps. Please refrain from have you even played the game ad hominems. Argue against my reasoning, not against my person.
  5. Scaling a ship is using more raw resources to build bigger ship. Scaling a weapon is... weird? I also think it would limit the amount of stuff you can find by a lot, therefore limiting gameplay diversity: you found one (good) gun, you use it till the end of time by simply scaling it up. Not to mention it would be a monstrosity to balance. Current system encourages grinding and looking for stuff that you need. Limiting it wouldn't make game any better, imo.
  6. Some alien looking gun, eh? :P Nice. Gotta try that editor myself. About your suggestion tho - I'm not so sure if that is a good idea. It affects balance in a big way. There would be little reason to use smaller guns. Not to mention that if you didn't want the gun to be bigger, you'd have to remove it and then reinstall it. Overall I feel like it is kinda clunky and unreliable. As is there is a lot of stuff to find anda lot of grind to do. Removing the hard coded slot requirement of gun removes one element that you can roll, therefore limiting the amount of items you can find. Don't like that all that much, tbh
  7. A fine example of civilian ship. Lol.
  8. I'm not arguing for more turrets - quite the opposite. Honestly, no ship should never have more than 30 turrets, no matter the size. It simply doesn't make sense to put that many little turrets on huge ships. You want capital class turrets, and those cost more slots. A ship which has 200 turrets is kinda absurd. :S I'd say the amount of turrets you could be getting should be more or less the same as now. That means that there should be some sort of diminishing returns, meaning the more turrets you have, the less you get for each additional volume you get. Similar to modules system. It is just that if turret count is connected with modules system, everything will be overshadowed by turret modules because of how important they are.
  9. As in title. The recent (good) change pushed into good direction, but now I think it is the time to re-think the problem with turrets and modules. Turrets are one of the main things about your ship. They define your fire power potential, or utility that ship brings. Other stats that are somewhat crucial to your ship are bound with volume of certain building materials - be it generators, shield generators or simply by adding hp to your hull. The same way you can increase your fire power using fighters (get more hangars, assemblies and crew quarters to get more fire power from more fighters). You do it by increasing volume of blocks in your ship. Recently we've gotten another way of increasing fire power by increasing volume - torpedoes. With all that, a question starts to arise - why are turrets different? Why they have rigid number that can only be increased by modules, and nothing else? You could argue that adding volume adds module slots, therefore increasing the amount of turrets you can use, but then again other problem arises - at all time you want to use as many turret modules and nothing else. This way most of the modules are completely useless, because the opportunity cost of using them means you will have less turrets. Anything that doesn't add shield/power/hyperspace is only used when it absolutely has to be, and anything that provides QoL features like detection are completely avoided at all times. This would of course mean a need to rebalance of modules, so that you won't be able to have all the turrets and stack 9 shield boosters. :S Probably decrease their effectiveness for every next added to the pile of same type (probably could argument that with modules having to communicate with each other which decreases their effectiveness... or something). This is why I think turret count should be bound to volume/processing power/whatever. Maybe even have a separate block type that is a little better at handling turrets, no clue.
  10. As far as I can tell the tooltips are straight up broken at the moment. Barrel count doesn't mean it will shoot more bullets at once, but tooltip also fails to communicate if it does, sometimes. I have a cannon turret that is clearly shooting 4 (or 5?) projectiles each shot, yet the tooltip only lists one. Not to mention that it has fire rate of 0,1, yet the DPS isn't nearly as low as 1/10 of damage of one projectile. So long story short - tooltips are broken, you pretty much have to do testing in order to know how each guns work exactly.
  11. Unsure why this isn't a thing yet, but I'd be cool if game saved state of weapon-groups (turned off, auto-fire and so on). I can't say how many times I've fired a salvo of torpedoes at whatever was in front of me, just because they are all enabled by default... Not to mention that while for one ship in may be not that annoying, having to set everything again for whole fleet every time is kinda annoying.
  12. Ok, I'll make it short. Why my 4 slot cannons are trying to shoot fighters? We've got whole new system and class of weapons to counter fighters, yet my auto-turrets keep on targeting fighters, salesman, far-away stations but not actual combat vessels that are trying to kill me. Turret AI needs big improvements or (preferably) to be configurable - setting priorities. Be it by distance, class, mass, firepower, alliance and so on. I REALLY want to have an option preventing my 4 slot cannon from shooting fighters that are attacking my allies, so that they don't fire all their load into them, damaging my brittle relations even further (bonus points for auto-shooting at civilians that factions will also hate you for). Actually that wasn't short. :C
  13. Making money on ore/drops alone will take ages to make anything bigger than basic ship. If you want to make money, you need to interact with stations.
  14. What you're saying would only make sense if they themselves weren't happily shooting them to their deaths... :S Also, if this was to stay, auto-turrets/fleet ships have to ignore civilian ships. Some civilian ships are actually armed and they shoot you, but once you start shooting them it is somehow bad... How are they civilians, again? :S If this system is to stay it needs a lot of work. I'd honestly just scrap it as it doesn't add much to the gameplay.
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