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  1. for trading system stuff checkout ziggyd's avorion vids, he does a good outline of how the systems work. as for mining i agree that range should be added, but the late game pushes you to have ai mine and salvage for you. salvaging being pretty efficient way of trading some credit for the ability to make it back in systems and in tons of resources. early game mine away, but once you can afford some nice salvaging fleets that is more efficient and the game is balanced around it currently.
  2. hey, loving the game ziggyd started to play it on his stream/channel and i fell in in love right away. seeing how active the devs are on social media and in the forums only further enticed me to buy it. not a single regret on that decision. there are a few issues i have with the game but nothing that hasnt been solved by modding or just waiting for a patch. sweet and thanks for making the game easily modifiable. but one thing i dont see someone making a mod to help out on, color blind aid. letting us recolor factions, change give them an icon or change highlight border, just anything to quickly identify them other than reading names. would be a huge help as someone that heavily struggles with reds. multiple times now ive attacked friendlies on accident because their colors were similar to the enemies color or confused iron for xanion.(anything prior to good relations bleed together pretty badly aside from the bright yellow)
  3. thanks for quickly bringing out this patch. :)
  4. thanks, yeah i compared the files and changed it myself while i wasted for an updated one. but i wasnt sure which line was for the claimable ones exactly, thanks ill make a slight change on my edit to increase their size just a tiny bit.
  5. https://twitter.com/koonschi/status/935159202108108800
  6. build mode this patch is all sorts of wonky. visibility mode crashes to desktop, merging blocks crashes to desktop. and so on. reinstalled the game like 8 times since the patch hit yesterday and every single time i had issues (which wasnt an issue prior to the patch) tried with mods, without mods issues every single time. at first it thought it was workshop ships acting up but that isnt the case either, none of the log files provide ANY clue either.
  7. cream

    Game crash

    on steam switch to beta version.
  8. i appreciate this mod quite a bit. butt here is an issue with it currently, claimable asteroids are pretty small compared to the larger asteroids. without a system to highlight them, they're pretty hard to spot. which wasnt really an issue in vanilla. update, as of 15.1 this prevents all wormholes and warp gates from spawning. (tested same seed using only a single mod at a time to find issue. this caused it)
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