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  1. headhunter contracts that track KDA of pirates for you to find tracks of (from stations, transmissions, other ships) and hunt down
  2. can confirm that game freezes bc it uses all power to process the result after deleting all those blocks but theres not much you can do other than remaking the whole visuals- and i kinda like it that if you delete your whole ship and got safe mode off you got a few seconds to realize oh crap XD
  3. ill try to reproduce it edit couldnt reproduce it, ill make sure to get the logs whenever it happens again though sorry about that ;/
  4. Quickly upgrading a factory from S to the biggest size (XXL as far as i rmbr) crashes me sometimes, tried in creative but not always reproduceable so might be different from factory to factory. Restarting the game keeps the factory at the upgraded size but inconvenient forced restarts nontheless.
  5. well for me the game just completely hung up and used all ressources which went on for like 3 minutes until it was over and the game closed
  6. I need an expert confirming this but i just witnessed the 5th big ice age. After a certain block# the block view mode freezes the game completely. It started with maybe 20 second freezes but would eventually do what its supposed to do and only show the specific block. The most recent use of the view mode however froze my whole PC. I tried force closing Avorion but it didnt respond. Firefox crashed in the meantime and Steam, Discord and Photo Viewer said farewell. Adobe PDF Viewer was the last one standing as the mayham passed by. Now i have no idea if my CPU, GPU or RAM filled up but a quadcore at 4.1GHz, 32GB ram and a 1070 should cover most problems you throw at it. hope you had a nice read :D
  7. sure thing- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IHztAPGO8TX5sNIFnYxif8kJoOeeELFk
  8. paid 20€ for this crap and theres nothing out there? instant deinstall lmao jk but tbh smth similar happened to me too when i first started.. but it forces you to kinda quickly learn how to use the tools
  9. didnt think it was necessary until i thought there might be a connection between 0 goods and the station not producing, anyways done now
  10. Also they dont show their quantity of stored items when youre in your ship and trading with the station. However when i enter the Station and look in ship menu all Cargo it needs for production is there. Also when i try to sell stuff to the station but the item is already at max (eg. 900/900 -> full) it would delete the item as if it would have sold it. Perhaps theres something related to the stopped production (not sure but i dont thing it ever produced anything) This happened to me at an accelerator factory. Pictures taken at most a minute apart 1st one is trading in your ship 2nd is looking at cargo in ship menu when in station
  11. shieldly and turret dps (the working one of the two there are, cant rmbr which one) so nothing that should mess with it
  12. might be that happened bc you upgraded the stable save file to beta
  13. turret placement bug- you cant use them from what ive seen, i stumbled across this aswell but it looks like they dont fire
  14. Edit (yes i know you can edit your previous post but this covers a different topic) after researching around 3000 upgrades to highest tier i noticed you dont get nowhere near anything out of that so my suggestion is an auto research tickbox for [grey, white, green] items - just "craft" them with 5 items of similar type and leave those that dont have 4 others to upgrade be , only later you will mix and match when you dont have enough of the same quality so you take either outcome but id rather not wish for higher stuff to be done automagically
  15. (i didnt dare to edit the post with the pictures, attachements might get lost) the main issues with this are that the station doesnt produce AND when i sell to the station but it has no more space (which i cant see obviously) it would just delete the goods... hurts a bit when you drop 30 mill credits in the trash
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