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  1. literally just woke up and saw turret edge blocks have been added. I am now very happy
  2. As the title says while in build mode the game sometimes does not pause. This has happened twice to me. I have been unable to reproduce this issue with any amount of success and believe it to be completely random.
  3. I noticed you mentioned turret scaleing alot, I'm not sure when you finished recording/editing, but the beta branch does allow you to scale your custom turrets, the largest I've made one is on my high speed heavy cruiser, which was a size 8.5. Now, this doesn't effect you damage output, seeing as if it did you would either see a hard cap on how far you can scale or you would just see people with massive cube ships with size 100 turrets one shotting everything in the immediate area..
  4. You can definitely get it better, turn scale step to .5 and turn on no snap, combine that with the block stat UI and you can get it looking ace in no time
  5. I've been watching and contemplating on joining, but I dont like PVP and none of my ships are really pvp worthy
  6. That should be doable with the edge blocks, it will just be alot of them since a majority will be microblocks
  7. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dF50XtA-IMc5lfgk1nUNaaEB0-jnSxvc here is what i did last night, feel free to mess with it. im currently busy with another build right now so i didnt want to sink to much time into this.
  8. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LyqZrnaRTruGC3INxWeOuLCFNU7FJkV6 here is the ship in question.
  9. Koon should have a version of it since he was looking into an issue with the torpedo launchers not working on half of the ship, but I can.
  10. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/374719620046913536/466810433148420100/unknown.png not sure if this is what you were looking for or if it causes any problems down the line
  11. Yes did not work. I did figure it out though I had to come at it from the sides can build from the middle out Now however I am having a problem getting the sides to mesh lol Ech. If you've ever seen my ships on the WS you would know that I've gone through similar issues, I would offer help building it, seeing as a hands on approach is alot better when it comes to tricky builds like this, but I surmise you want to do it yourself.
  12. It is fixed on the ship in the video, however it is not fixed on my other ship that has this issue, I will record a video of that and send it
  13. Have you attempted scaling up about 2x to give you more wiggle room then scalding back down when it's done?
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