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  1. Happens on our server too, Rinart has also given additional information in this thread: https://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,5245.0
  2. Framework blocks can be used as a means to bypass a server's volume limit. Because of their lower volume and no check for blocks that are already in place, they can be changed into other blocks even when it would exceed the volume limits. This goes hand in hand with the exploit of stacking multiple blocks inside eachother.
  3. Altough I agree this should need further attention there was recently a mod released that prevents this. https://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php?topic=5013.0
  4. Very well said Rinart and Valgrick! I would also like to mention that the way I bring my concerns should be taken with an ounce of salt and vinegar, I can be very passionate about matters like this. Koonschi has been doing a heck of a job under the circumstances, no blame there. I'm also sorry to hear that Ny and Martin had to leave, they both did a lot from what I have seen. If we would have known this I'm sure it wouldn't have had come to this. It just frustrated me to repeatedly see so much potential going lost to hardly any interaction or communication while I stressed out the importance of those concerns a year ago already, and again a few months ago. Because we kept hearing hardly anything substantial, those concerns manifestated across a lot of us. Most just left/paused the game, and those that still see the potential stick around and help out in the community hoping to see the tides turn. That may be seen as vocal, but that doesn't make the concerns less grounded. After a conversation with Koonschi we made some plans so once those are fleshed out you guys will hear more about that. Now that these concerns are spoken out and adressed we can start moving towards a better future, hopefully building a sustainable community to support this awesome game in any way possible!
  5. Hence I would like to stress the need of a good interactive Discord server, with a relatively easy bot you could have all media sources concentrated into one by using RSS feeds and a lot more with the other API features Discord offers. It would be totally automated, no need to maintain and if the need arises community members could do it for you. Nothing would go unnoticed and we would see more of the actual work put in. I know a lot of work is put in but the community interaction and presence is not representing that, especially when priorities seem to lie towards visiting conventions and the image of the developers on Facebook and Twitter. So unless that is exactly the image you want those players that do stick around to have, something needs to be done. I would be totally willing to help out with that aspect but from what I've seen that isn't wanted.
  6. So basically more and more excuses to keep going the way you are going.. The community has been declining hard, this forum DIED! Not because of lack of interest from the players, but from a lack of involvement from the dev team. Same thing happened to the semi-official Discord because you guys didn't have the guts to claim it and be there for the community. There used to be more than a thousand players with more than dozens of players actually talking. During the first whole year our own server Discord was 3x smaller than the Avorion Discord, now we are 6x the size with 3200 members. That says enough about what happens when you involve your community just a little bit. When have we seen a survey regarding our opinions ? NEVER. How many times have we seen now that you changed something about the game based upon what you heard a BLOODY convention? Cmon Koon, get your shit together! Two community managers, who do what exactly? Post some twitter and facebook posts whenever they feel like it? This game has made 100-200k sales and what do we see in return? The same mistakes being made over and over again and no real structural changes to make up for it. How in the hell are you planning on releasing this game in just a few months when 60% of the game needs more attention? Since launch every feature has been rushed due to time limits, and every time the feature was half baked and promises made by the devs are not kept regarding update times and configurability of the content. Why the hell do you announce an update in a day or two while it takes more than 2 full weeks without any notice? This goes on an on and the more you ignore the real community the harder it will drive away all the new players you so desperately get from slaving away at all those conventions. If you guys really do have so little time, then why waste it on prioritizing conventions over development and community interaction? You wouldn't have to waste your time on writing up excuses about not being able to work on the game due to being or working towards a convention. If it really takes so much time to get everything done, why not open up most of the engine to the API so that the modding community can do that for you? Look at all the input and fixes by the modders, they do so much more that you guys appearently can't make up for it with the lack of attention to detail due to the self-inflicted high workload that again, can't possibly be achieved due to the time constraints and choices regarding priority. Point the finger at us all you want but in the end YOU are the one that has full responsibility over the actions of yourself and your company and those actions have consequences. The community is mere the sounding board, not the ignorant masses you approach at conventions.
  7. You're welcome. Did some more tweaks and restructures. Nothing gameplay wise, so v1.3.2 users can skip the current release. It's more like some preparation work etc. (and learning travisCI ;D) Ahh yeah I figured that the new stuff wasnt in yet, but I like what I saw and cant wait :D
  8. Nice, with your other fix this really makes them more useful
  9. I have talked with Koonschi about this and they have their internal tracking system, they are just too scared to make it public due to the negativity it can bring. But in my opinion it would be a giant step towards better community involvement, and general restoration of faith in the developers because it has never really been good for those who have been here for a while. We all should understand with common sense that this is an early access game and not everything might make it to the final game. On the other side, his answer might have been an excuse because a public bug tracker would also show how much effort they actually put into the game, especially regarding ignoring and adressing the big issues of the game. In that case we will never see it. The reason I think that is because more involvement and two-way communication has been promised since it became a problem, and instead of cutting the head of the snake they let it bury itself in the shadows.
  10. Finally someone who picked up the idea again, thanks for that! For a multiplayer situation however I would like to request a feature that only makes a custom faction once in every x normal factions. This to keep the load on the server low, but also to keep the "diversity"the RNG factions have.
  11. As far as I know it's not in the pipeline, the whole multiplayer aspect uses steam authentication so it is unlikely that they will get rid of it soon. They'd have to build a framework that offers the same capabilities and security that steam authentication has, and make it work together. That's something they don't have the capacity nor knowledge to do so as far as I know, and they are very unlikely to hire outside help otherwise they would've scaled up their development by now.
  12. You can try taking a look at this mod, that uses a way to change projectiles. https://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,4595.0.html
  13. Hopefully getting their priorities back together to adress the real issues of the game, instead of ignoring them and putting effort on non-critical issues and features that they hear of at a game fair. Yes this post is salty but it doesn't make it less true, get your shit together devs!
  14. So this seems to have become an issue again after the last beta moving to stable, haven't heard reports about it for a while but from what I heard it can take up to minutes before the inventory updates. Note that this is on a galaxy of a few weeks old, and problems started AFTER the patch moved to stable.
  15. To use this on a server the permission to use the command needs to be added to the default group in the admin.xml
  16. It is not possible, but would be an awesome feature. The whole chat API is hidden in the engine unfortunately, but its suggested before to open it up to make things like this and customisable chat UI features like chat ranks possible.
  17. Altough I fully agree that this should become a vanilla feature, there is a mod for it. Its called Carrier Commander, by Laserzwei.
  18. A feature that notifies and asks for confirmation wether players want to jump to a considerable dangerous sector. This could be calculated by the avarage firepower and amount of ships in the sector compared to the player and the sector he is jumpiny from and only show up when the situation is larger by factors. Calculations can be done during hyperspace calculation after sector generation, showing an UI window upon completion. This UI window could have an option that players can tick to not show the window for the remainder of the session to prevent it from being annoying. For server owners and modders I would suggest to open up the scripting part for the calculations, so that it can be adjusted to taste. Pretty straightforward but might be a big help with the issues of players getting obliterated while jumping into a sector they are not prepared for.
  19. Using the debug menu you can own the ship, then save a copy of it.
  20. Currently it is not possible to have the point defense weapons do only that, they prioritize fighters/torpedoes over other enemies but will still target them. So it is not a bug, but definately a feature that needs more fleshing out because one general approach to ship orders ain't working.
  21. The devs have mentioned to adress the AI issues soon, but no clue when that would be. Based on previous behaviour, I'd say about 2 months atleast. You can stop your ships from attacking civil ships with this mod: https://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,5013.0.html The freezing issue unfortunately has no community fix so I hope the devs will prioritize that, as it's been one of the biggest nuisances since launch. While mining/salvaging it helps to give the ships orders to mine everything instead of only resource bearing asteroids, but a mod is required for that aswell which can be found on the forums.
  22. https://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,2896.msg27645.html#msg27645
  23. Are you using SteamCMD or the ingame server option?
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