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  1. my other ally was created headquarter on rift 🙃 two in same gamesave actually i remember reported same bugs maybe few year ago . . .
  2. in my game save i got 1467 sector discovered , guess how many Laser Compressor Factory and Laser Modulator Factory i find ? = zero same about Rocket Factory / Servo Factory / High Capacity Lens Factory / Targetting System Factory / Tesla Coil Factory = zero game does want you to make weapons for ships WTF ???
  3. What are the parameters for calculating the income / extraction of resources, the task of captains on missions for extraction / trade , the number of tools for resource extraction? boat speed or what / other parameters? or no matter which ship to send on a mission and how many guns it has?
  4. we want to participate in the battle not only with our presence but also with tactics, otherwise everything bursts for seconds , why do we need all these armor repairs and swapping the shield with such a speed of the battle = reduce damage by 2-3 times on all difficulties
  5. 1. we dont want to keep these buttons pressed all day = think of something else or return it as it was. 2. we dont want to spend hours only jumping from sector to sector while waiting for cooling down, it is enough that sector loading takes a long time = reduce the cooling time by two or three
  6. in my opinion it would be interesting to somehow get infected if the battle went on longer, it depends on the damage done, so it would be reduced by 2-3 times for everyone p.s. at all difficulties
  7. 3 type for energy / shield / hull using on your self (right away after) by launch throw Torpedo Launcher , stored same in Torpedo Storage , delay maybe ? 5 times longer then torpedo launch using by NPC too , with chance % by trying to shoot torpedo effect ? restore something like 25% from lack selling by EQ
  8. add to Noble metal mine 2 special product to make = diamonds and gems , maybe per 50 cycle of regular products add 1 of special one
  9. add two combat modules for player and NPC to use Hyperspace interrupter = from 10km up to 50km use agents your target for holding target from jump out Stasis Module = from 10km up to 50km use agents your target for cutting target top speed from -30% up to -80% NPC (one/two who use torpedo all times) should have some of this modules to use too
  10. invalid key building detectedcan you make this warning show only once ? this annoying to see every game startUnknown hidden mass signaturessome times is = empty . nothing to target in sector like "that"Fighter producestructures still require sergeants and commanders even if you not Hire pilots. Simple empty fighters productions require high level personal ???Guidebook for Captainsneed to change way to go throw this tutorial missionsbecause if you accidentally delete incoming mail , this mission going to stuck for everContainers fieldstill too many of cargo containers fields per sectoryou should make possible only 1 field of them in sector 'if true'because loading take hell long timealmost any mission to rescue from pirates is obviously will be a failure, the target is so fragile so is no time to do anything
  11. v1.0 r22068 678fb9f88cb6 about 35% of stations got 0/0 items in trade menu
  12. Have about to invent some kind = Merge Block attract and connect to another merge block working same like dock block only attracts other merge block for slow pull and then in station menu use "lock" merged as a result list of goods / productions types , structure stats and crew in single station and then you can use edit this grid as single one OR simple add upgrade for stations , to other level like mines , so you can add other station functions to it
  13. SpaceZombiek


    fighters began to have difficulty landing with Maneuverability 1 latest 10-20 (from 120) flying around and cant find dock or something , have to fly my ship away from them so they can dock at last + repeat this more times is this all ways was like that or this come with latest patch ? more / larger docking gateways doesn't help. :-\ and bonus bug = in Sector my list ships show not by name but by class , what seems to be somehow wrong ?
  14. hey what about wormhole crap ? after all yeas wormhole not even get his own mini 3d picture. if you target wormhole you going to see in 3d model last targeting thing :o this looks like cuts from game not even beta version. same story about independent targeting weapons , they still looking in middle of sector all time , way they cant make this type of weapons look forward during idle time like any other weapons and Defense chaingun ? this gun trying to shoot torpedo from 100km away or something not even if they going after you. >:(
  15. Should be noted that I’ve noticed if you are zoomed out too far from your ship, the middle mouse target selection doesn’t work to clear targets. you right. little bit zoom out from ship and you cant clean target already
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