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  1. SpaceZombiek

    stations items

    v1.0 r22068 678fb9f88cb6 about 35% of stations got 0/0 items in trade menu
  2. Have about to invent some kind = Merge Block attract and connect to another merge block working same like dock block only attracts other merge block for slow pull and then in station menu use "lock" merged as a result list of goods / productions types , structure stats and crew in single station and then you can use edit this grid as single one OR simple add upgrade for stations , to other level like mines , so you can add other station functions to it
  3. SpaceZombiek


    fighters began to have difficulty landing with Maneuverability 1 latest 10-20 (from 120) flying around and cant find dock or something , have to fly my ship away from them so they can dock at last + repeat this more times is this all ways was like that or this come with latest patch ? more / larger docking gateways doesn't help. :-\ and bonus bug = in Sector my list ships show not by name but by class , what seems to be somehow wrong ?
  4. hey what about wormhole crap ? after all yeas wormhole not even get his own mini 3d picture. if you target wormhole you going to see in 3d model last targeting thing :o this looks like cuts from game not even beta version. same story about independent targeting weapons , they still looking in middle of sector all time , way they cant make this type of weapons look forward during idle time like any other weapons and Defense chaingun ? this gun trying to shoot torpedo from 100km away or something not even if they going after you. >:(
  5. Should be noted that I’ve noticed if you are zoomed out too far from your ship, the middle mouse target selection doesn’t work to clear targets. you right. little bit zoom out from ship and you cant clean target already
  6. how can i change or run game by using NOT default window audio device ? i wanna only Avorion use other audio device
  7. v1.0 r22047 ba103558365d and there is more = some times later in gameplay option "Select" by clicking on empty spot not cleaning targets anymore , only mouse left click in strategic mode can live you alone without targeting something.
  8. there is one find already = some Military outposts want to buy items 0/0 full list of zero
  9. make simple long stick with dock on end , or push away asteroid
  10. log attached you can find starting from : 2020-03-08 23-52-55| <> (-155:-90) Andromeda bought 200 Vehicles for Вў15.665.400. 2020-03-08 23-52-55| (-155:-90) Andromeda bought 200 Vehicles for Вў15.665.400. 2020-03-08 23-53-04| <> (-155:-90) Andromeda sold 200 Vehicles for Вў17.495.800. 2020-03-08 23-53-04| (-155:-90) Andromeda sold 200 Vehicles for Вў17.495.800. is it important seed and coordinates ? any station which sells and buys the same product will have this exploit how ? fully load it "this product" price will fall , now you buy all of it , now price is high = sell it and so on . . . because price change not for evey single item in packed but only after deal is complete clientlog_2020-03-08_22-49-35.zip
  11. SpaceZombiek

    Trade exploit

    Trade Port sell stuff for low price and buy back for high so you can sit and make money non stop :o
  12. SpaceZombiek


    (multiplayer game on server) all money gone after patch ? npc stop coming to my mine for buying things if you sit in that sector simple loading fighter intro hangar is same time increases requirements for officer staff even without hiring pilots sometime Fraction headquarters located inside the Rifts ! ! !
  13. is this bug ? Why * independent targeting* turrets , all ways looking to center of the sector ? :o can you remove this in future plz ?
  14. Blocks size x0.5 (scale ship) 40206 credits 18038 iron 6 systems slots or use Blocks size x1 (scale ship) 315403 credits 141534 iron 9 systems slots Empty inside for yours future setup Galactica.zip
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