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  1. I will let you know the ship scale I personally will be using, which is based on Volume. Corvette: 0 m^3 --- 399.99 k m^3 Frigate: 400 k m^3 --- 2.99 mill m^3 Cruiser: 3 mill m^3 --- 19.99 mill m^3 Battleship/Battlecruiser: 20 mill m^3 --- 199.99 mill m^3 Dreadnought: 200 mill m^3 + and then I have the special roles Fighter: Low personnel craft, less than 200 blocks. Carrier: 200 k m^3 +, Fighter Attack Role Space Station: Any Size, but immobile or extremely slow That's what I use anyways, and I have come across for my workshop creations, though, I've only made various types of fighters so far.
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