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  1. I would definitely be down for that! When I attack a ship, I usually try to split it in half by focusing all my firepower towards the middle if it was doable. When it splits, I like to think i'm cutting their life support and essentially killing all the people near the now ripped open ship. It would definitely help with boarding as well. Though, it does sound a little tedious having to replace crew over and over again. It's mostly just the thought of having automated/captained ships in faraway sectors doing - InsertTaskHere, then suddenly they get attacked and lose 50% hp and half the crew (example). I'm sure there would be a way to compensate this though.
  2. Hi, My fleet and I have just finished fighting in a massive xsotan battle near the center of the galaxy. 2 of my ships are carrier classes, both are filled to the brim with fighters (240 in total). Each fighter is nearly 50k Ogonite and about 3-20 minutes to create individually. In the xsotan battle, all of the fighters were ordered to protect the fleet and so, the hangars flooded out. Nearly all the enemy ships have been destroyed, the last one being what may have been their fleet's flagship (Dreadnought). The fighters were tearing it down with their laser weaponry to the point of the ship being split in half. After a good bit, it had fallen.. but wait! The ship is self-destructing, perhaps it's systems have gone critical. All of the fighters were ordered to return to their carriers so that they may be protected from the blast. Both carriers were 2km away from the blast zone. All 240 fighters were lost because they were circling their respective ships to enter the hangars. An extremely terrible (and annoying) loss, but we'll be more careful next time. This has happened multiple times. Each time I have been more careful and attentive of where my fighters are. In a few battles, I divided my attention away from the fighters because I was focusing my main batteries on a different target. The first time I sent them out to attack a ship, there were 120 of them. I see them attacking another ship, I'm like, "Great! We're making progress." After the battle was over, only 16 of them survived. For this suggestion, I'm not saying remove the explosions, they're an immersive and interesting mechanic in the game. I just want them to not die from the explosions, or at least make their #1 priority to run away from the blast radius. It's tedious and draining trying to keep THEM alive when they should be keeping ME alive. Also, having to accumulate millions of resources and taking an hour or 3 to create all 120 fighters again and again just because of 1 explosion that they decided to stay around is exhausting.
  3. Hi! I'm a huge Halo Junkie and was wondering if anyone had the time to put together these ships for a faction pack. Covenant Empire by Velraven https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1210764312 UNSC by Velraven (They weren't put together in 1 thread unfortunately but they're there) (1 ship example) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=945867659&searchtext=unsc I would absolutely kill to ally/fight stuff like this haha!
  4. Hello! I think this would be a pretty cool feature to have since it would make the game feel more immersive. So far, I've been enjoying the fleet aspect of the game, and the addition of captains makes it much more exciting. However, I think the ships act a little too dependently and independently. For example, when my fleet jumps out of warp, I want them to stay in formation since it makes the ships look more imposing, and it can make for some effective strategies (Phalanx, V-Formation, Aggressive, Defensive, etc.). Instead of them behaving like freelancers, they should act like disciplined commanders of an empire. This leads to some other options. - This command can be toggled on and off. This would add some flavor to the players' playthrough. They can be pirates with no semblance of order (The combat we have so far), or they could be a galactic empire with an understanding of military training and protocol. This would make all except for the pirates factions to have fleet formations. This would also be a great alternative to the command "Escort Me" since instead of your ships simply following you (Usually with all of them ending up staring at the rear of my ship), they are "a part" of you so to speak. They understand that you are the flagship and are to be protected at all costs. You are the heart of the fleet, not a sponge for enemy fire (Unless of course you want it to be like that - in this case, the V Formation). Not sure if this was already talked about and all of this was for naught, but if this could be implemented, then awesome!
  5. Yeah it would take a lot of time but, if patience/dedication is sought through, it would be a pretty sweet looking ship/station. I mean, there's bound to be at least one person here who has time and or love for these creations.
  6. Hey guys and gals! I was wondering if anyone here could build my ship requests as it would mean the world to me, and it would bring back the nostalgia I once had when I first played both of these games. Well here it is... Universe at War: Earth Assault * Ship: Vertigo - http://universeatwar.wikia.com/wiki/Vertigo * Ship: Monolith - http://universeatwar.wikia.com/wiki/Monolith --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Halo: * Ship: Mantle's Approach - http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Mantle%27s_Approach * Ship: Forerunner Dreadnought - http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Forerunner_dreadnought * Ship..?: Guilty Spark - http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/343_Guilty_Spark * Station: High Charity - http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/High_Charity Of course some of these don't have to be the exact scale such as High Charity as it is 464 Kilometers in length and 348 Kilometers in diameter (That's like 20 sectors or something right?!). All I ask for is an exact, or almost exact model of my requests. There you have it. Thank you if you read it all. Thank you more if you built my requests and posted it. Peace! ;D
  7. Well it would save a bit more time to do your things all the while relieving stress for some people. This is a pretty neat suggestion. Minor suggestion but not a bad one at all.
  8. By "Organic Ships", I mean alien-like blocks that look deformed and pulsate every second. An Alien species like Xsotan but more biological. For example: The Flood from the Halo Franchise. It had biomass on it's ships that it infected. WHAT IT WOULD DO Also, with the boarding system coming up, it could really fit in. An alien ship that launches its infected pods at the opposing ship and when taken over, overtime the ship will have visible spores or infection on the outside of the ship (Don't know if that's possible but it sure would be awesome). The weaponry that the ship originally had would shoot different projectiles (Pulse turrets shoot spores, cannon turrets shoot biomass, etc.). It could also have unique turrets like tentacles and such. The hanger bays will look like holes that contain nests. The alien ship made of biomass of course would be weaker to any kind of turrets, but instead of armor it would have rapid regeneration so it wouldn't need mechanics. GETTING ALIEN CREW/CREW NEEDS The alien crew won't need payment as they're controlled by a hive mind (The player). The only way to get an alien crew is by either getting the crew from stations before the ship was infected, or invade other ships with the infected boarders to assimilate the enemy crew into your own. GETTING THE MATERIALS/MAJOR QUEST To get the alien materials, you would have to find a sector that is guarded by lots of strong NPCS. Once all the NPCS are defeated, the leader of the group shows up and warns you of the danger you're getting in to. When he dies, a portal opens far away in the sector. Once in the portal, Everywhere around you is very foggy and sickly green. It would be highly rich in the alien materials (Zansis would be a preferable name of an alien material in my opinion). ALIEN SHIP MAKING/SHIP REQUIRMENTS When making the alien ship with the materials, it will be extremely expensive. It would be expensive because once you invade other ships with the alien ship, it will overtime convert to an alien ship as well. Depending on the block count of a ship will determine the speed of the transformation. To start the infection on your ship, place a single block of the alien material on your ship to start the converting process or simply recycle your ship and make it purely out of the alien material (A ship made out of complete biomass will receive an added bonus of higher regeneration and will add a crew bonus of 100-1000. Bigger the ship, the bigger crew bonus you'll get.). SHIP INFECTION PREVENTION The most important feature of the alien ship is it's strong boarding capabilities. It's boarders are stronger due to their large numbers. Two easy ways to stop the destruction/loss/infection of your ship is: 1. Get loads and loads of security (Downfall is having to pay all the security crew unless you've got a good way of making credits) 2. Just completely annihilate the alien ship (Results in loss of getting the the ship materials and/or profit of selling it) GETTING MATERIALS FROM ALIEN SHIP/DEFEATING ALIEN SHIP Defeating the alien ship by destroying it with turrets would make it's non-essential alien parts degrade or rust very quickly due to the fact of losing it's "vital organs" (Vital organs as in when a ship has taken too much damage and becomes lifeless. Like the regular ships that blow up and you start as a drone again). To gain the alien materials from the alien ship is to board it. If you successfully destroyed all the infected crew in the alien ship, you will obtain the alien ship as it would not have the crew to move the sentient ship (Alien ship is controlled by the player but cannot function without the crew). Since the ship is still alive and immovable, you will have time to salvage the ship without it dying or rusting quickly due to not destroying it's vital parts. Be warned that obtaining the alien ship will be extremely difficult as it will contain most likely 3-4 times more security than you do. You will be stronger but they will have more numbers which will eventually overwhelm your boarders and convert them into their army if the alien ship's army is large enough to do so. Also, remember that getting materials from a completely, untouched asteroid biomass is different from a moving, aggressive, intelligent alien biomass. (LORE)-Not needed but something I think sounds very interesting and awesome. A couple centuries after the explosion that created the Xsotan, They began experimenting on their own kind to see any kind of weaknesses they could have. Over the years they've rarely found anything they were weak against. But then, they used some kind of dark energy ray weaponry on their kind and it triggered a very disturbing event. The experiment began to mutate into something horrid. It then killed the scientist it was next to. Guards eventually came in shot the creature down. The creature died but shocked by the horror they've seen, they were not focusing on a more important matter. The spores that emerged from the creature went into the ventilation infecting those not wearing a protection suit. Time later came and turned everything and everyone into the infection. There was only a handful of survivors that in time, escaped. They told their military leaders of what happened and by the looks of the scientists, they believed them. The scientists traveled by portal to get to the military leaders. And so, the scientists insisted to guard the portal instead of going in to cleanse the sector within. Their reasoning was if the infection spread onto the ships, they would infect the galaxy (Not knowing that they needed a chosen individual to lead them as they're feral without a leader). The Xsotan, trusting their people greatly, followed their advice. They sent the best containment control force to guard the sector and close off all signals, signs of treasure, everything. For if one went into the portal and the infection was founded by despicable individuals, the end of the galaxy could be at hand. TLDR: Make biological ships. This may seem like a lot but if created, it would be extremely amazing for biological alien ship creations and role play. Or you could just make ships that look gross and alive that'll be fine to. That's pretty much the main feature i'll and maybe some people would be looking forward to. This as well may seem like a benefit of added diversity to the game. If it doesn't work it's fine, but it is still one heck of a suggestion.
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