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  1. State: WIP Dimensions: 878x1419x7785 m Current Block Count: ~22.000 Many details still missing, like "the airport" (*g), Cargodecks, Flightdecks, Hangars, Bridge, etc.
  2. This, along with very interesting mission mechanics i could swear that some sort of "stealth mechanic" was on a roadmap/todolist somewhere. Upvoted 👍
  3. 120 Days no Update on this great Mod.. Sorry for Necro.. But i hope it is ok when i suggest this mod on my creations. I use this one since i play avorion and its a great addition in gameplay and immersion. #addvanilla Best regards :-*
  4. Soon"er"™ (Just the Carrier-Bridgesection remaining^^) Edit: Done :)
  5. Thank you all and sorry for the long delay on answer (Real Life^^) <3 @Riftmaster, yes it`s actual ~30k Blocks (but i will try to lower the Block Count until release). Roundings and Details eats a lot block counts ^^ The Build on Screen is a Large Carrier with individual Turrets/Coaxial Weapon and a max of all Squadrons of Large Avorion Fighters. Its currently on Testing Phase for Release where i build it in Survival/Hard Game Mode. The Build will be Released after beating the End Boss with it at 0;0 like all my other builds :) ^On this way i will be able to give you Content who works also on Survival Mode. In my case of view everyone who is hitting the subscribe button has to get content who is easy to manage and handle for his state :) ^^
  6. Nice Lets Play Series btw. I take a look at them everytime i am able to do it :) And thanks for take a look at the Paladin Class at "Wonders of Workshop 1" (My second Build so far) Damn when i look at it there are so many things to improve, but well we learn to build stuff the right way with the count of our creations :D
  7. Thank you MetalLaires :) The Carrier is delayed a bit atm because of real life work, but i spend as mush time for him as i can ^^
  8. Thank you all :) I´m happy you like my builds and i hope you have as much fun with them like me ^^ @Rudolf, i like that idea :> Next one will be a Carrier, larger, and well.. more expensive then the Paladin, at the moment he`s at ~24k blocks ( I´m tried to hold the blockcount as low as possible.. tried ^^ ), just some details and the top is missing. After i tested the carrier in all ways on survival he will be released aswell :)
  9. Thank you ! ! ! Everytime i feel like on an 80s Arcade Console :D
  10. Thank you ;D And never forget a Bluetooth & W-Lan Hotspot, otherwise noone can use the Chat *Just kidding xD I tested them also on one of my G-Portal servers, and well... Fleet: 1x Paladin 2x Architeuthis 5x Mantis (Total Blockcount 183082). Everyone has to wait 7-12 Seconds when my Fleet enters the Sector. "Oh, no Black is coming" 8) Muhahaha ^^ After the Fleet arrives it seems to works fine for "most" of them with strong CPUs, everyone else with a weaker CPU then i5... well ups ^^
  11. Finaly added the Architeuthis Class to the Collection after testing it to 0.0 ! :)
  12. Thank you FrAvatar ^^ The Destroyer with his blocks was something around ~4 Days on/off.. The Battleship, well ~7-8 Days and the Corvette was at ~4 Days again :D But this times are all On/Off because of reallife, work, family etc ^^
  13. Thank you Fox ^^ btw the City at the Battleship.. no one find the hidden cat in it until today ;D
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