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  1. Kelethaar

    Weapons mod help

    Thank you both! @FuryoftheStars: I keep forgetting about that entirely, Thank you! @deep: that is something i had not considered would be an issue. I'll create some separate icons and push that up. A good suggestion and worthy of a QOL improvement anyways. By the way i use your Phaser mod. Very nice addition to my in-game arsenal. Thank you for both your mod and your fix suggestion.
  2. Kelethaar

    Weapons mod help

    So i made a (fairly) simple weapons mod and posted 'er to STEAM . I just got some feedback on a "bug" that i don't quite understand and am not sure how to track down. I mostly just did this for myself but thought it would be cool to post up... share it for fun. the mod adds 12 new weapons. 5 klingon disruptors based off of the base game cannon, 5 klingon phasers based off the base railgun, a Photon Torpedo (Missile) and a polaron torpedo (also missle). Disruptors are all about the same save some stat changes, same for the phasers. anyways real simple. I've modified galaxy.lua, inventoryitemprice.lua, turretgenerator.lua, turretingredients.lua, weapongenerator.lua, and weapontype.lua it's been out roughly a month and today (04.08.2020) I get a couple of reports that bothered me a bit and I'm not seeing where the issue is caused. Report 1: "This might be from the plethora of mods i have on, but when i go to build a turret all 5 of the phaser blueprints output a phaser V. When i try to make a photon/polaron or disrupter all come out as a photon. The same thing holds on research for disrupters at least, mixed 5 disrupters and got a photon launcher. All the drops work fine though, just cant build or upgrade." Report 2: (in RE: to report 1) "Yeah, I have noticed that you can't build phaser turrets at turret factories. As they all outcome as a photon torp." So now i'm wondering if there is something with the turret factories and the research station that i missed (i don's see anything specific in the base game files as an example). I could use some guidance from someone who knows what they're doing better than I do. Thanks in advance for any assistance rendered.
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