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  1. Hi, i don't know if this even possible, but a huge qol feature would be an filter option for ship designs. Something simple(maybe?) like a checkbox system for the current folder, like this: ☐ Iron☐ Titanium✓ Naonite✓ Trinium☐ Xanion☐ Ogonite☐ Avorion In this case only ship design which require only Naonite and Trinium are shown, nothing else. Could anybody create this ? Or is this not possible? thx a lot & sry 4 my bad language
  2. Hi. First of all thank you for the mod pack. Thounds really interresting. I installed on a fresh server and on my client. But i can't recruit any ship members. The station is populated but when i peick a number and confirm it, nothing happens. Maybe you can take a look. Thx. Edit: Got a Hotfix by replacing crewboard.lua with original one. But having problems with salvage lasers. Base version without energycost doesnt salvage anything.
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