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  1. Avorion lost connection to its server and causesd a system wide inabillity to open or close any program. It was hard enough just getting my system to tab out. Once I had regained some form of control I found warning notifications for each time the taskmanager refused to open, stating there are too many programs using 16 bit? :o Ive been building and fixing PC's for 22 years, that one was new to me. In the end I could not restart the server in order to restart the game. I had to reboot my system, and even the reboot was not simple as it hung on "restarting" presumably still trying to kill the avorion process. This all took place over 40 minutes as I gave avorion a good 15 minutes before trying to tab out and kill the process. I realised the server had lost the link as I couldn't accept a job and was attempting to exit the game and restart it but it just sat on "saving galaxy" :( The strangeness: So I rebooted, loaded AV again, loaded my save game... and, well, its all there, but the galaxy is different? I have rips in space right through the middle of empires now, its screwed all the transit lines and messed up many a jump route. Using a gate in some areas now deposits you in the middle of the rip where a planet used to be... Its ruined my game :_( literally killed it as all my trade routes are now seemingly messed up. It also reset all settings like tutorials graphics etc, and it started me out in the drone, next to my naonite ship. Any thoughts? Thanks for your time. :) https://postimg.org/image/bkuhsl9a5/ https://postimg.org/image/xy28fea7x/ https://postimg.org/image/fwj3hlg71/ https://postimg.org/image/u48s68svx/ Server logs post crash attached. No logs generated for the crash period. serverlog_2017-08-28_03-46-07.zip
  2. Than ks for the reply friend, I did indeed by them all at the same time and I get what you mean buy they are working in so far as each will start exactly when you purchase it. But shouldn't their be a restriction to prevent a person purchasing multiple licences that overlap each other. i.e. you've bought 1 licence, cannot purchase another for 60 minutes. Just a thought ;)
  3. Maximum licence time is 60 minutes, I dont want to annoy the locals nor do i want to sit here all day arguing with bits of ships that refuse to be salvaged so I have built worker bee's I bought 4 licences, after 60 minutes, it expired and totally ignores the multiple licences i bought? If I cant bulk purchase licences, then why do I have the option to buy multiple licences? Is there a way around this? other than destroying the dock yard.
  4. Thank you, God only knows where I will find the chips. I've spent 3 days looking for a scrap yard. Came up empty.
  5. My home/ starting system has a gate to 8 sectors away which drops me in the correct sector according to the map, but there is no gate behind me, and no return gate to be found. are 1 way gates a thing or a bug? Can I build a gate at some point as its a little inconvenient for the return journey. Thanks :)
  6. Are you off your rocker or just having a laugh? Sure a 750Ti is old but it has ample processing capability for this game and most titles today providing the games are ran in HD resolutions or lower and default graphics settings. To the OP, it's more than enough as will the rest of your rig, for this game, and many others. You will be fine.
  7. My head hurts, I have spent an hour and crafted a very nice... actually now I look at it I've built an iron c*** and balls * sigh*... But Its balanced, larger than my previous, twice the size for 3 times the power output. What I cannot understand for the life of me, is why my hyperspace cooldown has doubled? I've looked around the forums and youtube, people gingerly touch on it but no one explains definitively the mechanics of why a larger ship with superior energy to mass output and superior energy storage, takes longer to recharge the jump drives? :o Tips for lowering it welcome. 72 seconds doesn't seem long but when you are system hopping its long enough.
  8. I hope it gets considered. to my mind such a small addition of allowing say the plus and minus keys, or scroll wheel to throttle up or down while allowing mouse look isn't anything revolutionary, Freelancer was doing it 15 years ago. I realise it's not a priority, I was just curious.
  9. Option one, look by mouse, forward by W Option 2 (F2) look by keyboard, forward by keyboard throttle control Can I have options 3? look by mouse & keyboard throttle control, thus eliminating the need to spam the keyboard for flight and movement beyond throttle control? Am I missing something or is this not available. Thanks for info :)
  10. I've been playing for two days after spotting this title many times over the last few months. I didn't pick it up initially as I am becoming averse to partially finished games involving square blocks. But what I've just seen is frankly so impressive for a small title that I came to congratulate you. So I've started to build auto mining ships. Now, anyone who knows anything of the tech side of gaming, knows how bloody difficult it is to get an A.I NPC component to behave in an adaptive manner. For example, its very easy to record a set path for an AI to follow over a given time, its not so easy to tell an AI to make its own way to point B avoiding obstacles and unforeseen events as it see's fit. I did a test. I told my tiny 300m/s mining ship to escort me, I then bolted off at 1800m/s and jumped using gates to 3 gates away. I thoroughly expected the AI to freak out, cancel the order and be left dangling in the original sector. I went and made some food, and ten minutes later it warped in by my side. I know there are bugs, but for a small dev team on a tiny game this is rather impressive. Space Engineers, with 6 million dollars in the bank and 6 years developing the title (space engineers is it's second incarnation) AI autonomy is still non existent unless you are a programmer in C and even then 50% of the time it will lamps itself into an asteroid. Even the mods haven't been able to address this. Combat, again is impressive. I've had near two dozen ships taking chunks out of each other with no slow down. And its fun, and lucrative. Basically, I am saying thank you, as you appear to have given me a game called Freelancer, crossed with the market economy of elite, and the creativity of space engineers. Suggestions: 1. Slow down the target select when holding tab so that it only rotates through no more than 6 targets a second. Any faster than this is near impossible to track with the human eye resulting in much back and forth via TAB / CTRL+TAB to find your target. This cuts spamming the tab key when looking for resources as you can hold it down and scan the objects as they rotate through the targeting window with better visual acuity for selecting the target. 2. A method to turn off inertial dampeners (unless I've missed something) so that you can rocket up to speed but drift rather than having to spam the w key for the journey. 3. The music, is... nice enough but after an hour is a little annoying, sorry to the composer, nothing wrong with their talents, it just doesn't seem to sit in the background. I get what they were trying to do but I find this works better. ;D I have more but they are relatively simple things I felt would make for an easier life in game but they by no means spoil it. I look forward to the finished product. At which point I am sure a playable version of Star Citizen will only be several years away... *sigh* Cheers. From a grumpy old gamer.
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