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  1. Like most of you I have my own convention. I use a 2 letter prefix with a number based on the number of slots , but I don't take in account the material. I think it would be to hard to keep track. PT Patrol Boat 1 GB Gunboat 2 SL Sloop of War 3 CT Corvette 4 FP Patrol Frigate 5 FF Frigate 6 FA Heavy Frigate 7 DE Destroyer Escort 8 DD Destroyer 9 CL Light Cruiser 10 CC Cruiser 11 CA Heavy Cruiser 12 CB Battlecruiser 13 BB Battleship 14 DB Dreadnought 15 For non-combat I use CT with the number. I also put CV in from of the 2 letter if it has a hanger. For Example CVBB-14 {Ship Name here} represents a 14 slot battleship that carries fighters. CV can also be put with the CT tag. When cloaking and stealth are introduced I will add a "-S" to the end. I think we all agree that some type of classification needs to used.
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