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  1. Hello, longtime lurker here. I have the shipdesigns for my first faction packs ready (Designs for stations are not necessary!) But I have still questions regarding faction packs: 1) Do computer generated ships use the Integrity Field Generator? 2) If there are several faction packs enabled (instead of only one) is there a greater chance to find any custom faction? 3) Is it possible to change the spawn rate of custom factions?
  2. I am building a few very small ships from the Perry Rhodan Universe and stumbled on a peculiar problem: Right now it is not possible to put a custom turret appearance on the turret rotation block. Putting a turret base block on the turret rotation lock block does not work: the turret on the base block can rotate freely. I think the best solution is: Give the Turret Rotation Lock Block the ability to edit turret appearances like a Turret Base Block.
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