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  1. Just speaking from watching other games add space-to-planet gameplay, this is a HUGE undertaking for both the game technology AND for the content creators within the game. Think about it -- not only do they have to make an entire planet visually scale as you approach the surface, then you probably want the planets to be "able to be mined" like asteroids, as well as being able to "build" structures on them, so that is even more code to build and test. Then ground vehicles (wheels & tank treads) are a whole other set of tech to build -- and they are REALLY hard to get right. And we haven't even talked about gravity yet. Does this planet have gravity? How is your ship who can barely rise and fall using directional thrusters going to survive in gravity? You really are talking about almost a whole other game at this point.
  2. You probably don't want to do that, as many weapons have heat that builds up and which eventually requires we weapon to stop for a time to cool off. Its better to have different groups of weapons to alternate between (plasma, missiles, rails, etc) so that you can fire just the ones you need in the situation. If you are tired of holding down the mouse button, get (or make) some auto-firing turrets. Though they traditionally lose DPS when they autofire, there is a mod to disable that "feature" of the game.
  3. Looking forward to just click a button and install your plugins via DSM ;) Till then, I'll install this by hand. I've got 3 or 4 stations, and I just can't get them to earn their keep right now (cost of people running station is more than I can make manually moving generated materials around). Hopefully this will help me making more valuable stuff to sell. Speaking of, does this (or any other mod) allow me to create automated "trade" ships?
  4. Does the game still need this mod, or should I just hunt (forever) for an appropriate permit from the smuggle's hideout? I was hoping for it to work as having a permit chip that works with all factions would be a lot easier than what I just spent the last hour doing, which is jumping around to all the yellow dots trying to find a smuggler's hideout that matched the race owners where I wanted to sell my cargo :-/ I tried installing the mod and got this when I restart my server: could not execute function 'initialize' in '"data/scripts/entity/antismuggle.lua"': data/scripts/entity/antismuggle.lua:19: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'index' (a userdata value) stack traceback: data/scripts/entity/antismuggle.lua:19: in function <data/scripts/entity/antismuggle.lua:15>
  5. Lol, no worries -- I thought I was just missing something. Tested and verified working. Thank you for the update!
  6. Is 1.4 the newest update of this one? It seems to have stopped allowing claim of new mines, and also is not providing resources every 15 minutes. If there is a github of the most recent version I'd be happy to help maintain it since I use it on my server.
  7. Yeah, no worries! Its the least I can do to get FleetControl back working. Let me know when you are ready for more testing.
  8. I tracked the issue down and submitted an issue in github: https://github.com/w00zla/avorion-fleetcontrol/issues/2
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