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  1. yes i can see that now. of course its useful if the ship waits until it can follow my given orders. and yet, would be useful if it could just try at executing, if not possible atm, it moves on, on the order-list. whatever. great game anyways ! guess i have to change my way of doing things..
  2. Kostriktor


    hey. this doesnt work as intended im sure... https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/674782235618050085/693924930290712646/unknown.png if theres no merchant, then why wait around ? keep following the orders given, jump to next location, and try to sell there instead. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/674782235618050085/693925039199879238/unknown.png please help.
  3. despite the problems at hand; this would be great to have. so i go with another BUMP
  4. shameless self-bump please !
  5. hi. most sandboxes now have a speed-command. to change the speed at which time passes ingame. i would love to have that. in singleplayer, i could increase speed to see my miners go FAST and i could decrease speed to observe, study and of course enjoy the battles !! please consider adding speed-command.
  6. hi when commanding your scout-ships in the map, to fly here and there, things can get buggy... it seems to happen while the said scout is warping. you shift+click destinations, and it wont accept your click, the green arrow wont happen... another thing is that, when the scout is far from your actual position, his radar wont work. the radar only works from the sector where the player is in. this forces you to switch to sector with scout, and then command scour from there, so that you see the green dots. honestly its the best thing, that you can scout the universe via the map, would be great if you could look into it.
  7. Thanks for the Info. So the best thing we can do is download Avorion on second PC as well and form alliance with ourselves...
  8. hi the only way to "explore" is trough hyperspace-cooldowns and loading screens. with the latest patch we can also send other ships to move here and there, but only if were close to that same area, as we cant see our own ships radar on the sector-map. it only shows the radar around player-location. could it be possible to buy/trade/gain the map from a faction we're "friends" with, to ease the whole "exploration"-process? could it be possible to pre-load the sector we're calculating to jump to ? board computer is caluclating jump range. and my computer could load said sector meanwhile. maybe some cool hyperspace animation and we're already there. all those waiting times, just to then see a loading screen, becomes triggering once you've explored a 100 sectors. and im sure there's ppl with more sectors explored ! would that be possible engine-wise ?
  9. its mining with oldschool-refining-lasers. so its just bugged ? id like to play but if things are buggy it turns me off maybe i wait for release ?
  10. hi, i have a mining-drone in an sector. when i use my main-ship and hyperspace a few times, said mining-drone stops mining... is that because only the last sectors i visited stay "active"? i thought sectors with "player-activity" have priority to stay "active". am i missing something ? the drone is fine and working as soon as i switch to its sector. i enter the sector and it restart to mine immediately...
  11. so that means we change the early game ? dont man, keep that for Avorion 2 :D
  12. understandable ! i want to taste every drop of my Avorion, infact i tend to travel away from the center at first, discovering a bit of sectors, hoping for equipment dock ^^, mining some iron and taking on the first enemies. you say noob? i say immersion !
  13. thanks for this new way of comunication, with ingame UI ! and thanks for going towards the removal of "transform asteroids into virtual currency", that makes no sense, logistics are a real thing ! rant for taking unlogical decisions reguarding the captain-issue. there are no reasons for captains to cost more, the more you have of them. i came up with a great solution and posted it everywhere, with no response from you guys. https://steamcommunity.com/app/445220/discussions/0/1796278072832196781/ lucky me that i never had more than 5 ships... anyways i go play now, keep it up !
  14. +1 to this crew-pod. if it was not for crew-pods from spaceships, games like subnautica wouldnt even exist x) so crew-pods is definitly a big one
  15. hi, not sure if you have time for steam as well so i post this here, might be interesting me suggesting to only make captains available for buy in the inner rings, and another guy proposing a new rank above the captain ! https://steamcommunity.com/app/445220/discussions/0/1796278072832196781/?tscn=1550882926
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