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  1. First, the devs are very quiet on a lot of stuff right now: Movement Fighters Balancing. It may be they like it where it is, or if they are wanting changes....we have not heard anything on this despite a lot of feedback from the community. They brought in a community manager, but does not respond to everything and feels like there is a bit of pick and choosing on responses. Which they could just be busy, or maybe the best way to get answers is join the discord, I don't really know on this. But, they do read a majority of not all the posts, or so they state. They need a roadmap. They have been working in this game a long time. And really it has a lot of wonderful things going for it and for the most part is pretty good, would be an absolute gem I feel if they just addressed a few things. However those things are subjective and based on individual. As for fighters with shields: Sometimes my own fighters suddenly get shields that didn't have them before. At one point I thought there was a post that covered why as someone figured it out, but generally it's a specific sequence of things that happens while fighter is deployed and per fighter they can get a shield. Thanks to rng system not being perfect, sometimes fighters with shields show up today in the shops. Hope this helps.
  2. Design philosophy you could adopt: Primary DPS or "Main turrets" Build it like a Barbette for battleship guns. Make sure it is in an integrity field. If you are scattering super flat blocks all over your ship for many weapons that won't interfere with internal design and for Point defense, best you can do is put little defense walls around them to give them a hunkered or semi sunken appearance and thus defense. Won't stop attacks vertical to the turret though. Hope this helps.
  3. This sounds like a great idea. Even sponsoring events such as logging in as admin, roaming the galaxy as some sort of super ship challenge players can team up on and earn rewards etc. I know there will not be mods, but will we as server admins have access to the debug menu to do such fun things? However, I will likely wait to see what kind of updates we will be getting from a balance perspective etc before applying. Little burnt out on current balance state, and have provided feedback ad nauseam. The passion is still there, just waiting to see what is coming first before committing. 8)
  4. I am very interested to hear what will be in the next update, and just what suggestions were considered along with balance choices of focusing on New ideas vs suggestions/ideas on reworking mechanic aspects already in the game. There has been a lot of passion from many on specific subjects. Looking forward to to it 8)
  5. And sadly they just proved you right. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  6. I believe you can modify these difficulty settings by simply changing that file. Unless maybe it has changed?
  7. A radar screen similar to elite dangerous you can enable or disable with an in game option to disable/enable would work well here.
  8. Speed limit isn't the issue to a point, merely the acceleration and fast rotation speeds of larger ships. However with that being said, small ships shouldn't have a top speed that is too small either. Stealth would be an interesting mechanic, but would need a significant detriment of some kind. In an open game such as this one, you could easily over compensate most detriment s by making ship bigger, and just add stealth to your already super optimized near OP player ship. Such as not having shields or boost or both.
  9. Congrats on Initial Release. Now go get some sleep!! In all seriousness, thanks for the ton of work you put into this.
  10. So what your saying is you rolled a natural 20 on your charm skill check. Sorry horrible tabletop reference but i couldn't resist.
  11. Is there a copy of the 1.0 notes anywhere? Your right there was not an announcement in the forum about it under news. Would like to read before.i gt on tonight. But if I have to wait , I have to wait.
  12. Did it have the fog? I know some older graphics cards go full on puke mode when fog gets on the scene. Thanks!
  13. Ahh ok, so instead of waiting for your engineers to repair everything, you want to replace the destroyed blocks right away. A dedicated repair ship or repair squadron could help repair your ship to its current max faster, then once your back to your fullest capable health then Hit the repair all button and it will just replace destroyed blocks. Otherwise yes as an avid space Barbie supporter I could see the need for this.
  14. Repair all is available in the repair menu, but you have to have the resources to replace that which has been destroyed. You also have to wait a cool down time after taking damage to use it. Thanks!
  15. Thanks Madranis, this is good stuff for my Lua clueless mind.
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