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  1. I wonder if it's the save-game bug. On your old PC, did it have the Alliance update or the previous?
  2. The game itself is very small, but save files actually do get quite large in the order of multiple gigabytes. So there is a chance that on smaller SSDs the free space runs out. Especially since the save files are currently limited to the appdata folder, which is located on the C: drive for windows. That is true, But unless your playing the game for 24 hours straight, it's not gonna go from say 500MB to 2GB heaps quickly.
  3. I do agree with you, perhaps nerf the max damage a chaingun/cannon can do? Although then they'd still be useless, especially late-game. Actually i've got it, Make a critical hit chance which penetrates shields. So, say a Chaingun ( As it's weaker ) can have ( Up to ) 20% chance of penetrating shields, Cannons say 10-15% and energy weapons say 5% max as a legendary. and scale down the percentages from there. To be fair, it would make IFG's more useful after you've gotten to Naonite, Once i'm up to that, I always go SG's and never touch IFG's afterwards.
  4. Thinking out loud here, But a shield isn't effective against crashing into an asteroid right? So how is it effective against a chaingun that's firing a real projectile? Chainguns even late-game aren't terribly effective so it would make it a valid weapon option for the entire game. To me, shields should only be effective aginst non-projectile weapons ( which is pretty much everything else ) Also, it would make integrity generators useful after you have access to shield generators. EDIT: Cannons as well should be immune, going by my train of thought ;D
  5. New Mod! This mod multiplies the vanilla ( Mining and Weapon ) DPS by 10, however, it now also increases the tech level by 10. This means that not only could the potential of range and efficiency increase but also the level of energy usage and overheat factors. This is an effort to balance the OPness of the mod out, as now you will have to make smarter weapon choices, especially at lower levels of the game. I'll also make custom versions of this mod for those who request it, for example, Mining DPS only, Weapons only, No tech increase etc etc. This mod has been tested in the Alliance update but SHOULD work on at least the previous version ( no guarantees though ) --------------Installation----------------- 1. Unpack and replace galaxy.lua ( found in \avorion\data\scripts\lib ) DON'T FORGET TO BACKUP YOUR EXISTING .LUA 2. ???? 3. PROFIT! Balanced_Increased_Mining-Weapon_DPS.zip
  6. They actually do get bigger the more DPS a weapon has. Do a test of a 10 DPS Chaingun ( For example ) versus a 1000 DPS and you'll see ;) Unfortunately to get them the size you probably want means you'd have to increase the DPS of weapons ( quite a lot ) via modifying the game files and if your playing for the challenge, it will make you OP against anything that gets in your path ;D
  7. I really don't think it's a bug when you run out of disk space.. ANY game will corrupt if it's a constantly written save file ( i.e. server ) and has no space to write to. To be blunt also, Avorion isn't exactly a space-heavy game, so really if you're running low on space already, that's a sign you need to move stuff around or upgrade ;) If it were to be fixed i think it would have to close the server as soon as the space had run out, but even so, there's stuff that needs to be written when a server is shut down, so it be 50/50 whether or not it still ends up corrupted.
  8. It's one of two things: 1. Their system ( on their side ) is telling the server to stop/start. 2. Under your control panel options, The server is setup to restart every 30 mins. If they are saying that it's not them, then it's probably number 2. Or they have really crap server reliability. As there are no errors ( from the log you posted ) I doubt it's the server not keeping up or running out of RAM, because normally it would be listed in a log like that.
  9. In no particular order: Avorion Space Engineers Kerbal Space Program FFe ( AKA Elite 3 ) Oh and above too - Spent farrrrrrrrrrr too much time playing 3D Pinball!
  10. As long as the integrity field covers the whole ship ( You'll see the entire ship go blue ) then thats all you need to do. Adding more does not add to the ships health. Shield generators on the other hand work differently. Even the tiniest one will cover the entire ship, however the shield HP will be extremely low. So with Shield generators more is most definitely better. As a suggestion, once you have reached a level where you can mine Naonite, don't worry any more about integrity generators and just go full shields :)
  11. MOD 1: Increased Weapon DPS This Mod raises the MAXIMUM DPS level of Weapon Turrets ( Both custom made and loot drops ). The starting/outer sectors will contain turret drops of between 0 and 950DPS and with the Avorion area drops up to 6500DPS, This Mod also raises Mining Turrets with the starting sectors/outer sectors ( including your starter Turrets ) having a DPS 0-30. Although i have noticed that the starter Mining Turrets will be pretty much guaranteed 30DPS or thereabouts. The Mod does not affect enemies DPS. MOD 2: Increased Mining DPS If your anything like me the one thing i don't like about Avorion is the Mining, It just takes too long to break down Asteroids. This Mod aims to fix just that, Now Mining Turrets can be found with 0 up to 3500DPS from the start ( With even more as you get closer to the core ). With your starting Turrets getting the full 3500DPS so you can really attack those Asteroids! The Mod does not affect enemies DPS. --------------Installation----------------- 1. Choose the Mod you want from the two options, They both replace galaxy.lua so you cannot have both. 2. Unpack and replace galaxy.lua ( found in \avorion\data\scripts\lib ) DON'T FORGET TO BACKUP YOUR EXISTING .LUA 3. ???? 4. PROFIT! Thanks to Laserzwei for his OP weapons mod for inspiration and also for helping me out :) ------------Additional Question for those who know!------------------- Eventually I want to make more balanced versions of these, Anyone know if lowering maximum tech levels will make turrets more likely to overheat and for longer/less efficient/use more power etc? Basically i want the third iteration to be more of a tradeoff of DPS v Power/Overheat etc Increased_Mining_DPS.zip Increased_Weapon_DPS.zip
  12. Having a look last night, I figured that out, Looks like what i want to modify is in Galaxy.lua. So tonight I'll have a play with it and see what i come back with.
  13. Cheers man! Believe it or not, Your Mod is what made me want to create something like this! I wanted something naturally OP instead of stuff you have to spawn in.
  14. As in DPS, overheat rate etc In regards to random drops and equipment dock items. I'm looking at creating something that adds a bit more randomness to the stats, so you could have an insane laser, that uses an ungodly amount of power or overheats instantly. Cheers guys!
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