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  1. was doing a 12 hour build and recording it for time lapse over 12,500 blocks. (recording was on D drive) auto save ships in the process my C drive reached capacity and game could not auto save and had a violent crash with an error message stating to contact the developers. it wouldn't tell me what was wrong it just said contact developers and that it had crashed in an "unexpected way" a few crashes later when i figured out it was a maxed C drive and moved some things around works fine now but you should look into this. the crash corrupted 6 hours of my footage and ghosted multiple avorion servers into my task manager. I'm guessing you have not told it what to do if it fails to auto save due to insufficient space hence the freaking out.
  2. Hi there, Regarding the B2 Frigate, what I do is take ships like these and make them usable in the game, most of the ships i come across have poor optimization and can be improved in many ways mostly i just do it for my friends when they bring me a ship. my friend brought me to this one. I don't know why you think this but more blocks isn't better and is not a sign of a good ship. that being said I have no idea why you did what you did with the interior of this ship. without changing the look of this at all i made it go from 7572 blocks to 3617. you spammed as many blocks in as possible for no reason. this lugs the CPU and if it takes heavy damage or you delete the ship it can crash a server! it also took me hours to remove all this crap so i could begin making it playable. great exterior design although it does have a few holes.
  3. running 1gbps server. so the limit of the game has been reached then? there is nothing i can do make it better i just have to wait till the game is improved?
  4. my server is well populated and this lag is killing it, the game is diminished massively is there anything i as a host can to help fix it. or is it the game and there is nothing i can do about it?
  5. Im running a server that is fairly active average 8 players goes up to about 12 or more during busy hours, if anyone anywhere gets in a system with a faction attack everyone cant even do the most basic of tasks. it is really diminishing the game for my players and myself, it is not my server done everything under the sun to make sure it was not. is there anything i can do to make this issue better?
  6. I did that 3 times, but because you said so I did it yet again..... and it worked :o thank you.
  7. I switched to beta, now no matter what i do when i start a game, creative or not, single player or multiplayer live or beta i spawn in an empty system with no rocks and no stations it has made the game unplayable. when i finally find asteroids and a claimable one i cant even sell cause there are no factions surrounding. please help
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