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  1. I'm not a pro at this yet, and I may have bad info, but it seems the the cooldown has a lot to do with your recharge rate and your overall energy generation. If it's going slow, build a larger energy pool and or add a module that helps reduce the recharge duration. On large jumps I rarely had more than 20 seconds of cooldown (I'm at the 5th ore right now). Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will add some better detail.
  2. Sweet! Picked up a copy. Stoked to give this a run with a few friends now.
  3. Anything that makes the universe more alive in a space game is a big plus to me. I get bored with most space games because they start to feel so hollow after a while.
  4. Here's to hoping for an update regarding the update in the near future! I've a few friends interested in trying out Avorion with me - we are all waiting on this next update. It sounds stellar.
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