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  1. Yes and yes! Yes, the zones should ramp up in difficulty toward the center. And yes you got it right the entire concept is aimed at creating an alternative set of goals beside the whole "your goal is the center of the galaxy" thing, which in my humble opinion is bound to be disappointing. Creating an open world and then setting up a single linear game goal for the player is a counter-productive concept. Sean Murry (No Man Sky) had to learn that the hard way. It is the same with artificially stretching dull gameloops like mining in order to keep people in the game instead of creating choices. The devices are supposed to be rare and for players only. There is no need to give the AI any of those abilities. I had a another list with less OP devices regarding enhancing/augmenting shields/weapons and protection against anomalies but i ran out of time. So yes i agree, the devices are OP and need to be balanced with cooldowns, etc. I did not bother with balancing at this point because it only makes sense if the concept of skills/abilities actually gets implemented. If the devs show interest in implementing this concept i am sure the community would come up with a lot of helpful ideas and i would be happy to provide more input as well. Ps: The AIs would be great for implementing some voice acting. Jerry is actually based on the film Sphere, Arthur on the game "Buried in time" and so on. Although Emet is realy great. ;D You can find a lot of different references to sci fi culture in my concepts or did you think the hull strength in the HUD design is "over 9000" for no reason? ;)
  2. Hey! Thanx a lot for all the positive feedback. I hope you like the HUD design as well. I read some suggestions for more hotkeys and a better HUD. I thought a more RPG oriented HUD might do the trick. Nothing new really but necessary if you want to accommodate a lot of abilities. Another thing that always bugged me as a designer was the decision to display objects outside your vision on the boarder of your screen. That leads to icons disappearing behind other UI elements and confusion about what is where. So i centralized that information and essentially reinvented the rearview mirror. ;D That cleans up the HUD and looks much more sci-fi. Let me know what you think!
  3. Thanx man, much appreciated! :) I tried that but apparently had the wrong links. If you think i should add or change something let me know!
  4. I absolutely agree with all the above! :D The high level radiation field, and scanning for science is already on the list. Check link: http://imgur.com/a/pIwNq Sorry it is somewhat hidden, i wanted to put it in a more pleasing form but then could not upload the images because of the 128kb limit per post.
  5. Thanx for the feedback! I totaly agree with you on the pseudoscience "ignite in space" stuff. ;D The main reason i left it in was to illustrate an effect that damages your ship when using the "wrong" kind of weapon. Needs a rework! Funny enough the repair feature gave me exactly the opposite impression. I found my self repeatedly boosting away, repairing, fighting and so on without the need to befriend any factions, retreat, tech up or call in support. Maybe that's just me but the thought of managing to limp back with my fleet of smoldering ships to a safe haven after a tough fight sounds thrilling and reminds me of scenes from Starship Troopers (battle of Klendathu). Also think of the amazing look of your damaged ship, having burning sections and sparks fly of. ;D I guess a simple difficulty option would be a solid compromise. Lets say: Full repair. Emergency repair. No repair?
  6. Usualy i dont make suggestions because i belive making a meaningfull contribution to a game is a lot of work and an integral part of game development. That said. This once i actually made the effort so lets hope i didn't screw up. ;) The general Idea is to add anomalies to the game that have different effects on your ship. A solarflare knocks out shields and an acid nebula eats through your hull for example. That makes the game more challenging and interesting. Then add a resource to those anomalies in order to reward players facing them. This should be a quick way to gain resources because it is more dangerous. And lastly add science based turrets like dishes and antennas to interact with anomalies and gather the resource. I am thinking: Millenium Falcon's Radar Dish. So, that was the short version. You find the more detailed version with a list of anomalies, instruments and some other thoughts in the link. http://imgur.com/a/pIwNq Would this contribute to the game? Would you add something else? Tell me what you think. Greetings from Vienna! ps: All typos are totally on purpose. ;) Update! I had some spare time left and added a few more things regarding anomalies, like their possible distribution and some unique devices you could get as a reward. I also tried to design a more accommodated HUD or at least the parts i think were missing. And some other random stuff that would be nice to have like AIs and predators. ;) I recently saw more and more space games like this emerge on Steam. They all seem to mistake random generation for diversity and in general lack handmade content. I really would like to see Avorion stand out by at one point focusing on content like this rather than technicality. I hope the Devs see this suggestions as inspiration and not as criticism. Good luck and keep up the good work!
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