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  1. No problem I was just offering, meaning I could compile it for arm.
  2. would there be a possibility of me getting the source code and compiling and testing it?
  3. Of getting an arm build of this for linux. I have several small computers that I think this would run on just fine. Plus with the move of servers in data centers starting to migrate to arm technology such as Thunder-X I think it woud benefit the game in the long run. Thoughts?
  4. Freejack


    I will look but I thought if the system had it, it would default to the system since it was no in the folder.
  5. Freejack


    Will not run after update to 7.1. lbin/Launcher: error while loading shared libraries: libGLEW.so.1.10: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory the version in the update and the tar.gz is 1.8 not 1.10.
  6. awesome so we have 2 places to show it now....... not sure if I can stream to youtube with this setup.
  7. Also please publish the server it's fjbbs.gotdns.com anyone can play on it.
  8. Here is a small broadcast I did to test I will test a little more and then broadcast the game. http://www.twitch.tv/freejack_/b/533737445 Let me know.
  9. yes i will, it may be Friday evening US central time about 8pm
  10. Is up and is running the latest........ I will be running this on Twitch next week so I hope everyone comes and watches...... http://www.twitch.tv/freejack_ Hope to see you out in the galaxy.
  11. Your pro-active, a great thing to have. Sorry I missed the other will get it and get my server back up. Thanks.
  12. Ok on my Linux desktop the new version is fine with the launcher. On my server it is an issue. The issue is it is requiring GL and the radeon driver be installed. Now this is a true server a HP G5 DL360. I understand the launcher but can we make a work around for server installs? or maybe make it to where we can turn off those requirements in the launcher so we can run the server and update it using the launcher? Those are just some thoughts. So for right now my server will not have the new version to I have a solution. Thanks guys.
  13. We are patiently waiting............................. Ok is it ready yet....LOL j/k.
  14. I can not wait to get this updated and on the server. This will be a huge jump in this game. Thank you sir.
  15. Server is still up and running, I will be playing quite a bit this week so hopefully I can give you more feedback and bug fixes....
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