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  1. But when does that rock actually start rolling? Have you ever encountered a situation in this game that doesnt lead to you making profit? The ammount of money the crews cost is miniscule compared to any form of money making the game has to offer. If you have the resources to build a huge fleet and equip a huge fleet, money is the least of your worries. Money is litterally SO EASY to get in this game. And if you havent reached a ppint where mone y is no longer an issue, you dont need a huge fleet and probably cant equip one anyways. I see where you are coming from in theory. Personally i would need to leave my whole fleet sitting for 10 hours or more without doing anything to run out of.money. And i know that compared to most others ive seen posting i am VERY far behind the curve as far as progression in the game.. I was worried about what you are talking about when i started but since ive made it farther in the game i realized that all my worries were for nothing.
  2. Or have to drop them back off at their ho.e station after each "tour" to spend time witht their families. I just assume i employ the women and children as well. Their hands fit better into the little engine parts
  3. Even with my largest crew its nearly impossible for me to not make amprofit even while doing the most mundane tasks on this game. I think the salary system works amazingn although it could do with some better explaining in game so people know what exactly they are getting into. Getting enough money to make and maintain a "capital ship" shouldnt be easy. It should take wirk and a lot of money. Theres a reason in eve people cant just go and buy a huge cap ship off the bat. Its something that should take time, money, and probably the work of a group of players to get done in the long run. The salary system really sets the only set of goals for players after they've finished the quests and found all the materials. If we didnt have salaries we would get bored and quit
  4. They DO belong here. And telling people do downvote the videos, just because you don't think they belong here, is just wrong. Consider this a warning. If you think something does not belong on this forum, then why don't you just report it and let us decide? There is no need to be hostile towards other people. We are here to have a friendly chat with other people and share our experience with the game, so be nice and supportive. If you have criticism, make it constructive. We don't need hostility in here :) That's fine, I'll still downvote until you decide to actually make a subforum for videos. Thanks :) Somebody woke up on the edgy side of bed this morning.
  5. Yeah, sorry pal. His youtube videos DO belong on this subforum. Creations is not just for ship builds.
  6. I think this debate really all hangs on the answer to the question: What triggers the "Battleship Captain" achievement. Once we know what exactly a battleship is maybe we can work out from there?
  7. I now personally really like the numerical system that Thunderrcraft suggested, and have been using it to claasify ships im building. For instance right now im flying in a Class 7 Battleship. Someone else might have the same size in volume for their cargo ship (it would be a hell of a cargo ship) and call it a Class 7 Freighter or something. I think its a good scale that keeps the other terms to be used for a more role-specific title.
  8. Well i would assume they only live on a ship because they get paid for it. Otherwise they would be on a station or planet. I doubt they live on a ship just because they love space that much.
  9. That is some high quality meme-ing.
  10. Because they are stuck on a ship away from their friends and families, and you told them to be there. No difference between them and a crew member aboard your vessel that isnt assigned to a position. If your employer tells you to wait at your job until you have work to do, even if you dont have work at the moment, they are still obligated to pay you. I know this game isnt realy life but it makes perfect sense to me
  11. This actually lools very do-able. You should just get into creative mode and try it! It has enough simple shapes and angles that it could be a great learning experience :)
  12. How donyou know which things are illegal?
  13. How do you guys build turrets when the components are illegal everywhere you go? Am i missing something?
  14. Fixed, added XMLs and hid images. Thanks for the input!
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