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  1. Thank you for the reply and the suggestion. This is, indeed, a nice way to fix it. Unfortunately, I've been playing on a server. So there's no way to use admin codes like that. In other circumstances I could probably contact the Admin and explain my situation. However, the Admin has been absent for a long time and we've not been able to contact him.
  2. Last night I lost $150 million due to either a game glitch or simple mistake that anyone could have made. Keep in mind: I've been carefully saving up my money, selling claimed Asteroids to factions, trading often (using a Trading System upgrade), salvaging wrecks constantly, selling over half of all the resources I've mined, selling excess Turrets and Upgrade Modules, etc. I eventually managed to save up over $420 million. This, despite investing in 4 Solar Power Stations, one 7-slot mining ship complete with Captain, and enough upgraded Mine Corp. mines to provide me with several thousand units of Iron, Titanium, Naonite and Trinium per cycle (plus about 500 Xanium). I've been preparing to take on the main quests, the mid-bosses and then tackle the Core. My current ship has 8 slots, about 100 k hull, and nearly 750 k shields (about 250 k shields without the 2 shield upgrades). I've already defeated Bottan and the M.A.D. Lab guy. I know that the Core is going to be more difficult, so I've been exploring near the core to find the absolute best turrets possible from Turret Factories. My big problem now is saving up enough $millions to afford to build the turrets, because they're just so insanely expensive! What happened: I decided that I need to face Pirate Captain Swoks and get it out of the way, especially since I don't venture far from the Core much, anymore. Granted, I haven't faced him in a long time, perhaps as long as almost a year ago, so I don't remember my previous encounters. So, I jumped around in empty sectors and, eventually, there he was. Except, I did not remember him having an entourage of nearly a dozen other pirate ships. Meanwhile, there is a gun blazing away! There is a dialog window open and I know that the fighting should NOT start until after our conversation. But there is definitely shooting going on already! I believe that someone is shooting my ship. (Later, I realized that it was probably my Point Defense Chaingun Turret that I had left on "Defense" mode.) What I can do is very limited as I am trapped by the dialog window. Until I get the dialog sorted out, I can't even check to see if it is my ship shooting at an enemy or an enemy shooting at me. I start to panic. While my memory of what happened is a bit foggy now, I believe that there was some graphic glitch preventing me from seeing the dialog options clearly. Or, maybe I did just panic. Either way, before I knew it, I was $150 million poorer! And Captain Swoks was laughing maniacally, saying "Thanks for doing business" or something similarly smug. I don't remember very clearly because I was in shock and FUMING MAD! :o :-\ >:( Seriously! In my book, there is no excuse to have a dialog option to pay off Captain Swoks a freaking THIRD of our entire savings just to make him leave us alone! At the very least, this dialog option should be the last option out of all possible choices. Definitely, it should not be the top-most option that is selected by default! And if such an option must be there, the least the game should do is include a pop-up confirmation window asking "Are you sure that you want to do this?" before committing to such an insane choice. I'd much rather lose my ship than pay such an exorbitant bribe! Argh! I'm still miffed. >:( What's worse is that there is absolutely no way to recover this bribe. I immediately set about hyperspace jumping again to face Swoks a 2'nd time. He faced me again before very long. (Why wouldn't he, after already 'scaring' me into coughing up $150 million?) And I easily defeated him as his lackeys. My shields and hull barely even took a scratch. I had a dim hope of finding a cloud of money resources popping out of his wrecked ship, but no... :'( At a minimum, I was hoping that fighting bosses like Swoks and M.A.D. Lab would function as a way to earn money relatively quickly or, at the least, they would drop a lot of rare or exotic Upgrades. I mean, these are BOSS FIGHTS. But all they drop are the XSTN and, maybe - if we're lucky - one Legendary turret. In my book, that's pretty darned weak. Instead, I think they should be popping out upgrades like a piƱata drops candies. If I wasn't so invested in my current game and if it wasnt't for the fact that the server I'm on will probably get wiped soon, I would have given up on Avorion entirely and switch to a different game. Frustrating events like this does that to me. I have difficulty sticking to one game for very long. It was only recently that I decided to give Avorion another try after having given up on it some time last year. I've never even managed to get to the Core before. Though, mostly, this is because the server I'm on always ends up wiping and starting over before too long.
  3. To answer my own questions: Q 1) Production Capacity is split between all simultaneous fighter productions. So, say, if your ship has a Production Capacity of 3000 and you are only trying to produce 1 fighter at a time, then all 3000 of that will go to making the production of that fighter relatively fast. But if you try to do 2 fighters simultaneously, then that Production Capacity is split between them, effectively giving just 1500 Production Capacity per each. And if you try to do 3 fighters simultaneously, then it just provides 1000 Production Capacity towards each fighter, etc. Q 2) Production Capacity is not limited on a per-Assembly basis. And adding more Assemblies to a ship (beyond the material limit; i.e., 3 for Trinium or Xanion, 4 for Ogonite and 5 for Avorion), will indeed add more Production Capacity to speed up fighter production (again, split up between the simultaneous productions).
  4. First of all, this mod rocks! This should be a default part of the game. Moving an asteroid can make the difference between a mine being profitable and not. And player-owned stations aren't terribly profitable to begin with. (The whole economy system desperately needs some TLC...) However, there's one aspect about this mod that I really don't like: I recently clicked on the "Move Asteroid" option on one of my claimed asteroids, because I wanted see how far away I could move it. I did not actually intend to move it. I then decided to click "Cancel"... [Warning to others] Unfortunately, this mod does not refund the moving fee if you click "Cancel"! At least, the version of this mod that my server uses doesn't. That would be bad enough, if the mod was left at the default 500,000 Credit moving fee. However, this server set the fee at 5,000,000 Credits! Talk about ouch! :o :'( And I really worked my behind off to make the few $million that I had. (I had $43 million, now down to $38 million...) Any chance you could change this so that canceling the move would refund the moving fee?!
  5. As I understand, ships with a hangar can produce several new fighters simultaneously, depending on the material that the Assembly is made of and depending on the total number of Assemblies. (For example, Assemblies made of Trinium or Xanion allow production of up to {a maximum of} 3 simultaneous fighters, assuming you've installed 3 such Assemblies. Assemblies made of Ogonite would allow up to 4 and those made of Avorion would allow up to 5, assuming you've added that many Assemblies.) Question 1: With the "Production Capacity" listed on the ship's Status tab or Build screen, does this Production Capacity apply to each simultaneous fighter production? For example, if my ship has a Production Capacity of 400 as a result of adding 4 Trinium Assemblies that each add 100 to Production Capacity and I'm trying to produce fighters that require a Production Effort of 40,000, does that mean my ship can produce 3 such fighters every 100 seconds or so? [40,000 divided by 400 = 100 seconds] Or, alternatively, is the Production Capacity limited on a per-Assembly basis? In my example above, would it take 400 seconds or so to produce such fighters? [40,000 divided by 100 per Assembly = 400] Question 2: Assuming that the answer to above is that Production Capacity is not limited on a per-Assembly basis, is the added Production Capacity of Assemblies beyond the simultaneous limit of the material (3 in the case of Trinium or Xanion) still counted? In my example above, I have to wonder if, perhaps, the time it would take to produce 3 fighters simultaneously might be more like 133.3 seconds, if the Production Capacity of the 4'th Assembly gets ignored/wasted. [40,000 divided by 300 per Assembly = ~133 .33 seconds] P.S.: Maybe I'm just overthinking this and it's not really that complicated?
  6. On the server where I often play, it seems hardly anyone ever uses torpedoes. And the reason why should be self-evident: Torpedoes cost money and aren't exactly cheap. Every time we fire one we're throwing away money. It's not that they're not effective (like certain kinds of turrets I could name), but they don't seem worth the cost. My solution: Have Torpedoes drop from enemies as loot, the same as Modules and Turrets. By giving players some free Torpedoes as a semi-common drop, they won't have to pay so much to buy them, giving them incentive to actually install Torpedo launchers and use them. It only makes sense, after all: If we can salvage Modules and Turrets from enemies and Wreckages, why not Torpedoes? Some enemies definitely fire Torpedoes at us, including Pirates and Bounty Hunters, so we know that they carry them in their ships.
  7. Slaves are illegal, for obvious reasons. Trafficking in slaves should be illegal. Sometimes, though, as we are salvaging a Wreckage, some contraband or dangerous (i.e., license needed) loot will pop out. If we're not careful and/or quick, we might get fined for having them in our cargo hold, even if our ship picked them up automatically. But that mechanism isn't even, exactly, what I want to talk about. Rather, I suggest that there be some mechanism by which players could turn over Slaves to patrol ships (or whoever) without getting fined or losing reputation. Let me explain: Let's say we were to write some fan fiction about Avorion. And let's say the story revolves around a mercenary captain. But, while hardened by a tough and unforgiving galaxy, he (or she) is not exactly heartless. A situation arises much like what I pointed out above: Said captain (and crew) is salvaging a Wreckage when some cargo containers pop out. Some of these cargo containers are Slaves. But this is an uninhabited sector and there are no patrol ships. What does the Captain do? The captain certainly does not have the stomach to go to a Smuggler's Den or whatever to sell the slaves there. That's a line he won't cross. However, this is an uninhibited sector. There aren't even any asteroids or anything of value to attract traffic. If he leaves these Slaves floating in the vastness of deep space - even if they are in cryosleep - they will be as good as dead. In this vast emptiness, nobody will ever find them. It's not like he could pick them up and turn them over to the authorities... could he? If he has them in his cargo hold, the patrol vessels will immediately stop him and blame him for smuggling Slaves, regardless of what he tells them... See what I mean? So, I think there should be some mechanism to turn them over. I'm thinking that if we have Slaves in our cargo hold and patrol vessels detect them, the player would be instructed to stop and they would remove them. However, if the player did not stop (i.e., their thrusters stay on), then the patrol might assume that the player is making a run for it and do the usual, with a penalty to reputation, etc, etc.
  8. What happened? Combining 5 Point Defense Cannons at a Research Station will always result in a Chaingun. Similarly, combining some combination of Point Defense Cannons and Chainguns at a Research Station will always result in a Chaingun. What did you do to make it happen? Combining 5 Point Defense Cannons at a Research Station will always result in a Chaingun. Similarly, combining some combination of Point Defense Cannons and Chainguns at a Research Station will always result in a Chaingun. And combining several Point Defense Cannons with other turrets will usually, but not always, result in a Chaingun. I can not find any combination of turrets that will result in a Point Defense Cannon. I would assume that this behavior is unintended and, thus, a bug. All of this seems very strange and unexpected. It's certainly not intuitive. If this is not a bug, then I would point out that this mechanism is a glaring exploit that players are sure to take advantage of. Consider that Point Defense Cannons are extremely cheap. I can buy a simple Iron or Titanium Point Defense Cannon for around $1500 or less, while an Iron or Titanium Chaingun of a similar Tech Level will cost around 10 times more, if not greater! So, all a player has to do is buy dirt cheap Point Defense Cannons whenever and wherever they are available, then go to a Research Station to combine them. Since the result is always a Chaingun, they will always get a much more valuable turret as a result. Steps To Reproduce 1. Having several Point Defense Cannons in inventory. 2. Go to a Research Station (with Good relations or better). 3. Either combine 5 Point Defense Cannons or combine 1 or more Point Defense Cannons with 1 or more Chainguns. 4. The result will always be a Chaingun. Game Version? v0.19.1 r12932 Game Log? Irrelevant. My game does not crash.
  9. Now that you've pointed it out, I can see it. But since it is located near the very top of the page and since there is that huge banner separating the [search] from the main forum bar, with the Topic Title and the rest of the forum functions, it was extremely easy to miss. No wonder I did not notice it! I'm glad that it has such functionality. However, this is not at all intuitive. And this seems to work a bit differently from the search functions of every other forum I have used (which is quite a few, since I've been a member of over a hundred forums over the years). Yes. I knew we could do this. However, in order to click on a user's name in a post of theirs, we first have to find a post that they've made. If we came to the forums from elsewhere, such as a Discord chat, and, say, just wanted to check the last time they visited the forums (and maybe send them a PM message) or see if they're even a member of the forums, that's much easier said than done. Also, if it has been more than a year since they last posted to the forums, it would be difficult to find a post they've made. Most of the better forum software that I'm familiar with have a [Members] function. This lists all members and has a search function to allow members to search for a specific member. My actual suggestion for (3) was to, quote "give a post a [like], [thumbs up] or [karma]". Nowhere did I suggest the need to 'downvote' someone. And I agree that there is no need for this. For that matter, I see little purpose in giving a specific member an 'upvote' or whatever. I specifically mentioned "giving a post", as in giving a specific topic post a 'thumbsup' or '+1' or similar. Granted, we can always reply to a topic with a simple "+1" or "thumbs up" to someone's comment or suggestion. However, people are inherently lazy. Some are too lazy to reply to a topic with a meaningful sentence that adds to the conversation, but are more than willing to simply click on a [thumbsup] button or similar. Also, based on my experience with other forums, I know that some people will complain when someone replies to a topic merely to give a "+1" to someone's suggestion without - as I said - replying with a meaningful sentence that actually adds to the conversation. But forum software that allows a [thumbsup] or [+1] to a post solves this issue as I've never seen anyone complain about the function when someone uses it.
  10. Here's an idea: A module that, once slotted, will show indicators to point out the direction of free Modules just waiting for a ship to come by and scoop them up. Granted, if I'm the one who popped loose a module - either by knocking it off an enemy directly or by popping it off a Wreckage - I usually notice it. However, if there is - for example - a faction war going on in a sector, I can't possibly keep up with all the fighting going on. A sector is a rather big area. And if fighting is going on several places at once, I can't be everywhere. So if factions pop loose Modules off each other on the opposite end of the sector while I'm, say, salvage Wreckages elsewhere, I'm sure to not notice. Worse, if this happened far enough away, it could easily be so far away that the spinning "wings" on the Module will be too small for me to see at that distance. Also, ideally, such a Module Detection Module would also beep a message at me to let me know that a Module was popped off. Seriously, I would use such a Module, even with how few Module slots my ships tend to have and even how undecided I can be with the trade-offs in choosing between slotting different Modules. Okay, I'll admit: I would slot a Module Detection Module in and out of one of my less important slots and only use it when I'm salvaging a sector, particularly when there's a faction war in the sector. And then I would swap it back out with something more important. I would never permanently install such a Module. But I would definitely use it when I think I need it!
  11. I'm just wondering if any of the mods has ever been adapted into the main game? Are there legal or other complications which prevent this? A number of mods seem quite amazing to me. And, after use mods for a while, I find some mods indispensable. I find it hard to play vanilla now. And I have noticed some other players making comments such as saying that they do not understand why certain mods are not already a part of the official game. Edit: To answer my own question: I just noticed that a function similar to FindStation was added to the base game, making said mod obsolete. I'm not yet aware of other examples, but I guess that I shouldn't be surprised if there are similar cases.
  12. Don't get me wrong: I am very appreciative of the fact that we have an official forum to give feedback, share our ships, stations and discoveries, mention our servers, report bugs, etc. However, I've noticed this forum lacks certain features that are common on most other forums and which I find myself sorely missing. In particular, there does not seem to be any way to (1) [search] the forum for certain topics, words or phrases; (2) search through [members] to find someone specific, such as to see their latest posts or when they last visited the forums or (3) give a post a [like], [thumbs up] or [karma]. For that matter: Has it just been that long ago since I last visited the forums, or did you change the forum software or look? ??? Maybe my memory is fault, but it does not look or behave the way I seem to remember it. Regardless, it would be wonderful if you considered finding a way to add a few more features to the forum sometime down the line. Though, I do realize that what I'm asking for is not as simple as it sounds. And I would understand if this is deemed too low a priority or too much of a hassle. In particular, I suppose switching forum software might entail losing forum data or entire topics and many would probably consider that not worth the price.
  13. Can anyone tell me if this is still an issue? Or, has it been resolved in a recent update? Respectfully, I disagree. For a different perspective: Let's say we're talking about an MMO RPG. There's nothing wrong with player characters vanishing when players log off. Indeed, that is the norm. Though, for the sake of a "persistent universe" or role-playing or suspension of disbelief, they may add a little something, like having the character disappear with a teleportation or magic summoning FX. Players log off to do real-world stuff. What the player does in real life is completely separate from the in-game universe and, as such, there is no 'nice' way of resolving this separation. Having an RPG or FPS character just sitting idle and totally unresponsive to what goes on around them while the player is logged off (or AFK) is every bit as unrealistic as having the character teleport away. Indeed, I'd argue it's even more unrealistic, especially if they're invulnerable while the player is away. Why should this be different if the game is a space sim and we're talking about ships instead of characters? For the sake of argument, let's say that Avorion was real. Let's say that we're now millennia into the future and many people earn their living aboard such ships. If the ship's captain is taking a much-needed nap, some R&R, a bathroom break or grabbing a bite to eat, obviously there would be procedures to follow. During such periods, a commander or someone lower in rank would be in charge. And, obviously, if they come under attack they'd try to wake the captain or ask him/her to put down their eating utensil long enough to tell them what to do. They would not just sit there idle without even trying to inform the captain. Besides, even if it was more realistic to have ships persist while players are logged off, realism sometimes has to be sacrificed for game balance. (There are certain sectors where ships are invulnerable to damage. Is that realistic?) Having a ship disappear after the player logs off would be a very easy fix for this issue. If nothing else, this could be made an option or server setting for those who want it.
  14. It's sad that this mod is abandoned as it was useful, especially for testing out new ship designs in creative. This! I've wanted either an admin code or a mod to do this for so long! I was shocked to learn that neither the dev nor the modding community had made something like this. In earlier versions, there were bugs that made it terribly easy to ruin relations with a faction just by defending oneself from pirates or from one stupid blunder. Before, bountyhunter ships and several other types of ships were classified as "civilian", meaning that destroying just one made any witnessing faction hate your guts no matter how high your standing was. And pirates could befriend any faction by attacking unknown ships on sight,ruining relations just by defending yourself from them.
  15. Could someone at least tell me which Visual C++ Runtime Library Avorion relies on? Please? Was it compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013? 2015? 2017?
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