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  1. I got myself a Legendary trading system at a research station, so decided to do a bit of trading. It has a 12 system memory. Running around in a Trinium/Xanion ship, though currently in the mid-map area (200-250 from core). Spent some time trying to trade. - Stations have very few resources for sale when the price is good, or - Stations have little capacity to buy! Latter point means you have to go and check how much capacity there is to buy your goods before you buy from the seller, in case you're left with stuff you can't shift. Basically, all the best trades I can find cap out at about 300-500k profit. Given that my crew gets paid about 700k, this is not helping too much. I've got about 5m in cash. I watch you-tube videos of players (before trading nerfs) sitting on 500m in cash. The problem is that you need that kind of money in order to start laying down stations in a system and working towards crafting your own turrets etc. With this current "cap" on trading, not being able to find something over the ~500k mark, the grind is SO BIG that it isn't actually worth it. It's actually quicker to just put on a bunch of hyperspace range finders and a decent c43 and go and find unclaimed asteroids. - The trading system REALLY needs to show how much stock is at buyer/seller. - More stock needs to be available, especially closer to the core - Trading is just too grindy at the moment, and all your profit is gone in crew payments, which means it's not even practical - We DO need lots of money in order to craft stations/systems. Thoughts? Cheers, A
  2. I may have fixed my issue by ordering a new headset (!). We'll see.
  3. Hi, After a few minutes playing, the sound suddenly stops. I don't mean the soundtrack, I mean ALL sound. If I alt-tab to second monitor / another application, sound is fine. If I return to the game, no sound. If I restart game sound returns, then stops again a few minutes later. Happened about a half dozen times now. Cheers, A
  4. 'Tis a minor thing, to be sure, but one of the lines reads (something like): "Some blocks need surface area over volume, such as solar panels and thrusters". Thrusters, of course, are now volume-based.
  5. My ship has 50GW generated energy and <10GW required energy. When I fire all my weapons for a sustained shot (say, 10 seconds), the top energy bar is still not all the way over to the right hand side. My understanding is that this means I should be able to fire indefinitely. I.e. generated energy is still greater than required energy even with all weapons firing. However, in prolonged space battles, I've noticed that my energy bar progresses towards the Right when I use my teslas, and does not fully reset when the weapons are rested. Why is this?
  6. My Lightning Turret seems to hit an in-range object about 15% of the time (one shot in 6). It has an accuracy of 77.1. Looks cool though. Anyone else had this problem?
  7. ...what do you use it for? Isn't Trinium better overall in every area, once you take into account the weight saving?
  8. WTF??? This OP is a completely generic cut-and-paste question that could be added to any general forum of any PC game ever. It is, in other words, spam - designed to pass on the link in the post. Report please.
  9. While you're at it, could you elaborate a little on he use of directional vs multi-directional thrusters please? Can quote something vague if that will help provide the necessary motivation :)
  10. Amazing, thanks. Posted previous (and this) from my phone with limited time, so sorry for vague implications. You' e definitely answered my questions. Been playing about 4 days :)
  11. From Patch Notes 19th March: "Gyro Arrays will only affect the rotational speed of your ship. Their placement is not as important as with thrusters, since they apply torque directly to your ship. On the other hand, you don't have lever mechanics (like with thrusters) that will allow you to get better stats depending on the distance to the center of mass of the ship. They also scale with material strength, so you might want to upgrade them along the way to the center of the galaxy."
  12. Yeah, sorry, it's more complicated than that. A (let's say) 3x3x3-volume thruster (multi-directional or directional) has significantly more effect 10 squares away from the centre of mass than one square away. Thus if you build it close to the COM to allow for aesthetics (covered or not) it is less practical. Something designed to resemble a V22 Osprey is therefore always going to be more effective, manoeuvrable and ugly than something designed to resemble a Fer De Lance. You need WAY MORE thrusters if you build them within aesthetic shapes, which adds way more mass and causes a heap of other problems, affecting thrust, breaking etc. However, I may be doing it wrong...how do you improve movement on a specific axis using gyros? Though these only affected roll?
  13. I'm no expert but I'll help where I can. Integrity Generators increase the health of affected blocks by a factor of 10. You can see where the field affects when you add/remove blocks in build mode. I've found a 2x2x0.1 square of IG works well, with a thin layer of armour over it for added protection. Ship HP = total block HP; may also be related to total damage you can take before dying Block HP = damage needed to destroy that single block, not counting IGs and shields. Hope that helps.
  14. 71 reads, no replies. Well, now that I am a week or so in I can answer these myself. Shame no one else can.
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