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  1. Afaik Savegame and ships are saved in %appdata% -> avorion you can save them before uninstalling :)
  2. Thanks Namuras, ill open a thread in Bug's area. After showing me the penetration thing (havnt seen before) i've done few tests, and there it is: hull = armor for railguns. must be a bug (block or text, dont know)
  3. Because in PvP you usually use shield penetrating weapons. And when penetrating shield you can have 100mil of shield, but your "low" hull hitpoints will melt in seconds
  4. More layers = more applied damage, even its armored! tried with 5 layers of armor. adding more damage per layer... up to millions when shot in right angle
  5. Armor stops railguns. Stone stops electricity
  6. Hi folks. We're thinking about setting up pvp (in any way, dunno where and how and rules and things and bla). I've tested different ways of blocking incoming damage, hull/armor/integrity fields. Then i've added 5x1000 dps weapons of every type, and start shooting. 2 milion armor hitpoints (because shield doesn't matter in pvp) Every weapon is well balanced so far, beside the railgun. In my opinion the armor blocks must reduce the incoming railgun damage. Otherwise armor would be a bit useless, and placing smallblocks (w/o integrity field) is better than armoring(with integrity field) the ship. Is my thought correct, or am i missing something? o/
  7. Reproduce: [*]Go to buildmode [*]Open sizebox [*]edit sizes [*]forget to click somewhere else [*]press w/a/s/d or any other letter [*]then try to build [*]game closes with error shown above
  8. ahaha such a noob. yes, after a short amount of time everything despawns. if i remember correctly its not your fault if they wait so long. as told before and in discord, they stack npc until server starts lagging and wait until it despawns because of reasons and cry afterwards :D
  9. Railguns and Rockets are your best chance to archieve high omicron. If you really want to have calculated DPS: http://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,1635.0.html To become the strongest in your universe, you have to be patient. Fly around and search for every turret factory you can find (and even discover new factions and grind them up). Write down the the coordinates of the factories, and notice the DPS/Bonuses/Range and things, everything thats valueable. Like this: Then you'll find the strongest weapon ever. In my case its a xanion laser with 13500 dps (this is only showing lasers/Rail because mate asked for these).
  10. Sometimes, after an other player jumps into the sector, weapons do not longer damage enemies -> Relog -> fixed. Dunno why. Lag with >2 peoples see screenshot despawning drops: after 5(?) minutes everybody can pickup everything. Lets assume they are fighting and fighting and fighting all the npc... and at some point, somebody decide to loot. he loots everything...
  11. It wasn't the Boss himself. The NPC that spawn wave after wave, added somehow, up to 50 ships + boss in a single battle. Like this: Some dudes are farming these to do something, dunno what (no, they dont salvage this stuff).
  12. Hi@ The NPC are messing around with the new thrusters. Some of them can't move, others can move, but don't change their flightpath. Others are drifting and drifting and drifting... I don't think this is normal :P
  13. We found a economy/gamebreaking problem today. You know the big Breeders? No? Good. Stop reading please! If yes, continue: Find oneand Claim/Build Mine. Then deconstruct everything Up to millions of credits + up to 500.000 Ogonite/Avorion per breeder. This is way too much I think.
  14. updated Tarantel, would be nice if you add this to you ModList
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