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  1. i know there was a mod that have more pirate/xsotan attacks but someone have one more updated?
  2. plablo


    Please explain what you mean by that. when i put AI miners to work in the same sector i am they gather in chunks like we see but if i leave the AI miners in another sector that im not in i start to get 1 by 1 or 2 depending the efficiency
  3. plablo


    if you rename your ship to nothing and then get out to your drone and return your ship will multiply with whatever you put it on sometimes i see enemy ships fly away at 5000m/s and never returning to me cant select ships on menu FIXED miners only gathering 1 by 1 only if i leave then in another sector 3 million damage mad scientist
  4. sector bug still happening
  5. as i said before sector bug still happening and now pirates is not shooting at me and turrets with independent target is not working properly tested without mod
  6. i guess it does need a little tutorial because from 8 orders to 50~ its a lot of new stuff to learn but been able to send ships to any coordinates without me SWEET JESUS
  7. This will be really handy after I learn how to properly
  8. plablo

    Turret block

    if you compare turret base with armored iron turret base have 8HP compared with 12HP armored ones and goes on just the materials that dont have armored blocks, the base have more HP so turret base have less HP and are bound to break easily compared with armored blocks
  9. gonna be painful serching swoks and ai with that bug
  10. Sometimes some sectors that include empty or yellow ones don't register as visited sector, I can visit, do whatever I want but as soon I leave they stay like I never visit Is this happening to someone?
  11. plablo

    mod help

    the is this mod [MOD] WEAPON ENGINEERING and the owner left the mod dead but this mod dont have the right click to move quickly the turrets anyone know how to add this feature? #1 i found this from reserch station inventory.dragFromEnabled = 1 inventory.onClickedFunction = "onInventoryClicked" mod break or inventory doesn't show or nothing change
  12. plablo

    Turret block

    I don't know if people will get mad at me but I think the turret block is kinda irrelevant at this point. I mean, if you guys remove the turret block and leave the customizing just to the turrets This will remove a lot of programming and bugs and visuals while you guys work on new stuff Right?
  13. if this guy is still alive i think you really need to put the right click on turrets to move more quickly instead the drag and drop
  14. if there isnt any asteroid close they will target the asteroid pieces instead focusing in just one piece but there is the negative side, the less power because this turret will be fully AI controlled without requiring crew(not sure) maybe for anti fighters, they still need to be really low power otherwise what if someone got lucky and get a bunch OP ones they would dominate anyone without turning
  15. How about a new type that can shot multiple targets at the same time but with lower damage because their power are diverted through multiple lenses Like the round turret templates but with lenses that can shot 180ยบ without rotating
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