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  1. Exactly what do you mean by "Optional Ingredients now double factory speed when used in production?" Because I've been testing it and none of the player based factories actually have "optional" materials to work with.
  2. Still need to balance the consumer based stations for players. 10% for them consuming maybe 43 apples(a prime example) every 2 min, yet buying insane amounts of everything else first and always consuming the lowest value goods first in such low quantities, yields no profit gain in the long run. If a station buys like 1000 of a good, it should consume half of that good when it ticks for consumption, otherwise it's pointless to have any of those stations. Period. Also, please add a new option in chaining "buy/sell" so that it will NOT try to REPEATEDLY sell to ONLY one of your own stations, when that good is used by more than 1 station in your sector. It's irritating. Shouldn't have to have 100 fighters transporting goods because the actual cargo ship is dumb and doesn't know to sell to all of them evenly.
  3. It appears that this is still a thing... And yes, it's an NPC station. I also found a trading post by the same faction that is 0/0 on all cargo, and a few others that are less than 20 max quantity of everything.
  4. Will there be a tweak in how many stations a faction can rebuild soon? because honestly, the amount they can do now is pretty pathetic, especially the ones on the other side of the barrier, due to the new mechanic that spawns the prototype whg, that NEEDS to survive in order to spawn the True WHG. Can we get at least a 3-5x boost to how many they can reconstruct? Because I watched the same sector get hammered time and time again by the Xsotan swarm, and if a faction has a construction capacity of only 6, but has well over 1k stations, that's...bleh. Would really love to see them be able to rebuild at least 20-25 stations at a time max. I am grateful that you did add a station regen mechanic, it's just honestly a little too slow for such large factions now.
  5. Never said "only" indep. targeting turrets were doing it. When you're MANUALLY targeting something, and firing at it(example: asteroid) the stupid target circles will stutter and the turrets will visually end up rotated 180 degrees BEHIND You, so it stops firing and turns back , despite you and your target being stationary, resulting in no damage being dealt. it's even worse on moving targets.
  6. You literally can't do ANYTHING on a server, even in SP half the time, because the turrets will be firing, but A) doing no damage, and B) you can see them twitch like they're turning from aiming at something behind you(this applies to both normal AN D indep. targeting.) The ONLY way to correct it and actually start damaging anything again, is to put turrets on rotational locks, which completely removes your ability to A) chase anything properly and B) use custom turret designs. PLEASE fix this, because it persisted throughout the ENTIRETY of the last month before the so called "official release" today...
  7. Reduced probability of "free slaves" mission on bulletin boards This was an unnecessary change. Those are literally the ONLY way to get reputation most of the time.
  8. You're ... welcome? Passive aggressive comments like this are really not necessary, we do the best we can in the small team that we are. If this happens to you then please post steps on how to reproduce this behavior (in the bug report section, not here). If ships are getting duped that means that your sectors are getting corrupted. We'd need your system specs, logs (immediately after when it happened), server seed, if you're on singleplayer or multiplayer, and if you have mods enabled. We must be able to reproduce the behavior, or else we can't fix it. It's not just me, it's everyone who players on any server i've played on. All you do is start salvaging/destroying a wreckage and it splits and keeps on splitting, even on a freshly wiped server. And if I'm not mistaken, I already DID send one a few days ago :/ Also, would it be possible for you to fix having to replace a custom turret model every time the turret base is shot off? or allow us to alter them in a similar mirrored fashion to that of normal building mode? because it sucks having to go 1 by 1 on a ship to re add the custom turret design each time you repair a ship :/ .
  9. Took you long enough for mass trash scrapping, THANK YOU!!! Side note, PLEASE fix ships duping themselves (still) when salvaging wreck's, because it still happens, and then it randomly disappears/teleports a distance away, and the actual salvage amount of the ship just disappears with it.
  10. double repair turrets that fix shield + hull still don't work, and still need fixing for fighters that use it. Also, can you please explain construction power of a faction? Because it doesn't actually tell us WHAT it does in the game.
  11. For the love of God...FIX THE PIRATES FLYING OUT HUNDREDS OF KM WHEN BEING ATTACKED BY PLAYER/NPC SHIPS!!!! AND either A) change headhunters back to faction specific or B) MAKE IT SO PIRATES CANNOT HIRE THEM. You're killing this game by not fixing bugs, and by making asinine changes that break the game and make it unplayable.
  12. A major issue with NPC's, is the fact that they have omnidirectional firing turrets(can't fire more than X# of them at a time, but still) and because they are not limited by A)heavy burst cooldowns like players, B) overheating or C) Power drain from weapons/Boosting, it makes it extremely unbalanced with their new speed mechanic(yet a player owned ship controlled by a captain will still incur the 50% damage reduction from indep. targeting turrets. Just remove that stupid penalty and require them to cost like 3x more crew for each weapon type to make them independent, or more power.. Nerf railgun range/lightning range, give missiles their old speed back(but reduce their range as well), Give cannons a MUCH better projectile speed, and make player weapons dropped from npc's not so crappy. I kid you not i can be out in tech lvl 30+ and still get tech lvl 3 iron turrets from EVERY pirate/Xsotan I fight. It's asinine.
  13. Alanthier

    Patch 0.29.6

    Please make mission boards actually WORTH doing.
  14. So...where is the logic behind allowing the AI pirates(not actual factions with a pirate in name, but the actual BANDIT pirates that attack you randomly) to hire the headhunter's guild to attack you, IN neutral zones of OTHER factions? And there is NO negotiating with them, so they're able to freely send headhunters after you whenever you get even within x amount of sectors of any location they may be at the time. Same goes for The AI, why should IT be able to send headhunters after you? Please change these, because that's asinine.
  15. It was crashing a lot before this update...and it's even worse now...servers just keep randomly freezing up and crashing.
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