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  1. Have a poke around the "InventoryItemPrice.LUA" There are two sections in there which add price if they're miner or salvager...both of them take the raw 'VALUE' variable and then add additional price to it The raw 'value' has a reach calculation on it...but you don't want to mess with it there...you only want the miner/salvager. So the trick is to reduce it within those sections by a proportion to how much you added it on in the turretgenerator if object.stoneEfficiency > 0 then costFactor = 3.0 local materialFactor = material.strengthFactor * 5.0 local efficiencyFactor = object.stoneEfficiency * 8.0 value = value * materialFactor value = value * (1.0 + efficiencyFactor) --Put some kind of divide here for Miner end if object.metalEfficiency > 0 then costFactor = 3.0 local efficiencyFactor = object.metalEfficiency * 8.0 value = value * (1.0 + efficiencyFactor) --Put some kind of divide here for salvager end
  2. Wow...I never thought this thread would be resurrected I took a look at your script and looks fine. If you wanted to re-add the turrets then you could always add the commented line here (erm...without the comment syntax of course) end template:addWeapon(weapon) end --template.automatic = true return template
  3. If some profile pictures (top, side, front) could be posted; I could take a bash at it. But please bear in mind that I don't do projects like these to any times scales. I just fit them in when I've got free time.
  4. Already on m8 - there's even a link for it in between the two screenshots Sigh...I suppose I should. Someone on steam asked in a rude way and I had to retort in a humorous way. They'll be up there in about an hour or so
  5. And here she is Workshop page Here's the old one for comparison (urg.....ugly!)
  6. Been doing a lot of filling today, added some systems to see how it would perform. Those curves...mmmmm...sexy Starting to come together now If you haven't already figured it out...its a purely xanion build (with some iron for inertial stabs) I will be uploading to steam when its all painted up and ready to go
  7. I've finally let my own disgust of my original WhiteStar wash over me and now i'm re-doing it. Here's the progress New White Star
  8. That's right, the prices are controlled in the 'inventoryitemprice.lua'
  9. Would you be able to create a similar mod for turret copying? Requiring material and credit input in order to copy a turret you've found - perhaps even using the assembly blocks (similar to fighter production)
  10. I'd like to suggest that shops have a number of items that they always stock in addition to their random stock. Their regular items could held in higher numbers and be generated based off seed. Perhaps 2-4 types at most being regular and the rest being random. This would be great for players looking to get consistent weapons on their ships. They could buy out the regular stock of a station then come back later and get more after the stocks refresh.
  11. I've also been putting thought to this problem - A simpler solution would be to add simple clear weapon icons to the inventory - y'know the icons that appear in the shops
  12. Resurrecting - (to save me posting duplicate) I would like to re-suggest being able to toggle the visibility of selected blocks and block-types. And the turn off the snapping of selected blocks I often build the shell of the ship before adding the innards, especially for more complicated ships. And it gets messy when I have to manoeuvre the camera inside the ship
  13. They look beautiful..but one question. What are the poly counts on those? Even with smoothing, they look pretty high Bearing in mind some of the default turrets poly counts could probably be in single digits
  14. ooh, new update. Back to the drawing board :) The salvager accuracy update will no doubt help (I'm hoping it'll mean i don't need to touch those)
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