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  1. Made some modifications to the Badger for a dip into multiplayer, including a new warp drive, improved propulsion and reactor section, and stuffed cargo bays into the "for looks" drone bay.
  2. Had a hankering to dip back into Avorion for a while. Built this to reintroduce myself to the ship builder, and to have a look at the turret designer (since it didn't exist last time I played). M-100 "Badger" Mining Tender LM-1 Laser Excavation System
  3. DEFENSE Industrial Security Cutter, SV-100 Porter A light security spacecraft, ideal for manning patrols and supporting defensive groups.
  4. INDUSTRIAL Space Mining Vehicle, M-909 A small and economical asteroid mining vehicle.
  5. Welcome to Axis Integrated! The Axis Integrated conglomerate strives to deliver the galaxy's first choice in accessible, reliable industrial and mining technology, logistics solutions, snack food, and defense systems. For customers sharing our straightforward, no-nonsense attitude, Axis has provided the following catalog of spacecraft made available to the consumer market. Axis Integrated: The Center of a Galaxy At Work
  6. When someone's flying around with more loot than they know what to do with, there tends to be difficulty in organizing what's to be sold and what's to be kept. One way of remedying this is a means to mark inventory items with different symbols. This may take the form of a small tab in the corner of an item's icon. By clicking this once, the tab might change to a star. By clicking again, it might change to a dollar-sign. This way, when sifting through your items at a shop, you have a quick reference of which ones you want to sell versus the ones you want to keep, as these symbols might appear next to the item's name. Another handy feature could be that, if you attempt to sell a "favorited" item, a warning may be issued asking "Are you sure you want to sell this item?", while a button to "Auto-sell" at a shop will automatically sell items marked with a dollar-sign.
  7. Sofa

    Sofa's Builds

    Clanship Mahran-Sekht Clanships are the flagship of a clan's principal family. For smaller clans, this could be a small utility craft or corvette. For those which field fleets and have some scratch to spare, these can be battleships and carriers. Most are either the former, or somewhere in between. Much of the galaxy is reluctant to sell decent ships to Khudani, so most of these are salvaged, or consist of cobbled-together parts of whatever the clan in question could scrape together. These are often the precursors for Khudani engineers who produce ships of their own, and few are alike.
  8. Attempted to build something that looked decent, fit a theme, and worked well. I've been so hung up on that I haven't even made it to the galactic center yet. Technically this was a few days ago but I've been spending my days at class and haven't had any time but you get the idea.
  9. Sofa

    Sofa's Builds

    Had to start rebuilding in light of recent updates, and because I don't want to have to go sifting around through the guts of my old ships. Here's the starter ship I've cooked up in its basic configuration.
  10. One interesting feature could be the ability to set your starting conditions in a new galaxy. This might come in handy for players who have a specific way of playing the game in mind. May be only applicable to singleplayer. Some ideas for different starting conditions (more to be added, maybe): Default "You're a law-abiding citizen without much to their name but some scratch and an old mining drone. The galaxy is your oyster." (Default start as currently seen in the game) The Upstart "Your world has just achieved interstellar spaceflight. Starting with basic space infrastructure and a humble collection of sectors, you are responsible for realizing your peoples' dreams of expansion into a dangerous galaxy." (Player begins with a small faction under their control) The Criminal "The galaxy has not been kind to you. In your bid to survive, you've made allies in some unsavory circles. The perilous underworld of cutthroats and scoundrels is your home, and your vehicle to thrive." (Player begins with some friendly pirate factions; all other factions are neutral or hostile) The Nomad "Your clan has lived adrift through space for generations, and you now find yourself at its head. The denizens of the galaxy look upon you and your kind with suspicion and disdain. It's a burden that won't be bore easily." (Hardcore mode - Player begins with a simple ship with crew, and all factions begin neutral or hostile)
  11. It's not talent, it's the result of me spending the better part of 20 years learning to do it. : P And if you're envious of that, I can recommend hiring lots of naked people to pose in front of you so you can draw them with charcoal. Or at least a bowl of fruit.
  12. Now, where have I seen these before?
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