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  1. GREAT mod! I get to make slot 1 weapons of all kinds now! THANKYOU FOR EVER!
  2. so I have some questions about the railgun mod the dev uses as an example. found here: https://avorion.gamepedia.com/Mod_Example:_Weapon in the turretgenerator.lua file there is a command TurretGenerator.scale(rand, result, WeaponType.GattlingRailGun, tech, 0.75). what is that 0.75? is scale "the size in blox" or is it the slot size? if there is a command to change the slot size in this mod example, where is it?
  3. figured it out, I reset my keybinds then made sure free move cam 2 button was still set to mouse button 2.
  4. I have a bug that I found but I can't see where anyone else posted the same bug. sorry if someone else has found and reported it. anyways when I am in the build screen for my ship, I can't rotate the camera even though i hit the right mouse button and hit and hold it down and try to rotate. when I close the ship builder screen. and press the "free camera" button while flying my ship, I press the free camera button again to stop the camera. then I enter the build screen again and now the camera rotates freely but wont stop rotating every time the mouse moves. this wont get cleared up till i close the game.
  5. I wasn't making my suggestion to you, I was making it to the developers, I made my case too, I will make it again to the developers, not you. some people drive smaller ships. smaller ships have fewer upgrade slots, so they also have fewer turret slots while fitting utility upgrades like cargo expanders, scanners and trading systems. to exclude people who drive smaller ships from varieties of turrets (which can be considered a type of content in the game) doesn't seem like a good idea just because they refuse to fly bigger ships with the ability to fit more turret slots. I think there should be an option to build smaller versions for the turrets that are currently 2 or more slots. I think we can still cator to the guys that like flying bigger ships as the equipment docks and combat drops can still offer the standard size of turrets (with slot sizes of 2, 3 or larger) or the turret factories can even have functionality to alter the slot size of a turret during construction. (so you can go anywhere between 1 or 2 or 3 or XX slot size for a turret.) Other people have had somewhat of a disagreement with me and have posted alternatives, which I enjoy. some people in this thread have agreed with me and posted alternatives anyway. others just plain old agree. Anyways I hope you guys on the developement team can see the merit of my suggestion, if not thats ok, I still enjoy your game.
  6. so I wanted to give a little update, I think I understand where the developer was going with PDS chainguns and anti fighter guns, because YOU CAN fight bigger ships with them. Granted you won't do alot of damage, but you can do it. that makes me relax my feelings on chainguns a little. regarding anti fighter guns, they are actually a mini cannon that is very short range that CAN also shoot bigger ships than fighters. but its such short range that it doesn't quite make sense as an offensive weapon against large ships. I still hold to my opinions that rail guns, cannons, and the other turrets that are *mandatorily 2 or 3 or more turret slots large* should have a 1 slot option in a turret factory for the smaller ships but I am glad that PDS chainguns and anti fighter turrets can actually engage larger ships. I guess the developer wanted small ships to be relevant too but it didn't make sense for them to be "a smaller cannon platform". so the alternative was "A PDS, fighter screen platform with offensive capabilities to PDS and anti fighter guns". Thanks devs, and I hope my suggestion is something you will consider.
  7. @J4H3ad: I didn't mean to say I wanted to mandate the size, I mean the size is mandated for us by the type of weapon and the material. sorry to be unclear. your suggestion though is good, thankyou. @Kamo: I do have some smaller ships (upgrade slot 4) that I use for transporting things and salvaging, they are so versatile I am probably going to put torpedoes on them and with a few guns, use them for anti fighter, anti missile, and light combat with smaller guns, but the torpedoes will be their big damage weapon when I attack the pirate areas and take their stuff! I just cant bring myself to put bigger guns (maybe I will fit 1 big gun, but that will be all) on my 4 slot escorts and I can't fit any big guns on my 5 slot cruiser (it has 4 turrets on its left size, 4 on its right, 2 on top, and 1 on the bottom.) thanks for the ideas though. @Wanderer: that's exactly what I am talking about! allowing small ships the ability to enjoy more flavors of guns (railguns, cannons, plasma, pulse cannons, and rocket launchers) instead of only 2 flavors of attack guns, chainguns and bolters. and these odd flavors of defense guns (anti fighter, anti missile) bigger ships will fit anti fighter and anti missile guns anyway.
  8. smaller ships have fewer upgrade slots so if you say have a ship that has 3 upgrade slots, what do you put in? 3 turret upgrades? giving you 12 turret slots? now each ogonite railgun takes 3 turret slots to fit. you now have 4 railguns on your 3 upgrade slot small ship, and you can only jump in a 2 sector radius around your ship and can't see hidden mass sectors or fit a trading system. now lets say you go the other way and use your 3 upgrade slots to fit 1 trading system, 1 FTL upgrade giving you 6 radius jumprange, and a hidden mass scanner, now you have 2 turret slots to enjoy, so you can only fit a single trinium railgun on your small ship. and like above, I refuse to drive larger and larger ships through an asteroid field trying to mine. *edit, added* or trying to open those hidden caches or chase down a pirate.
  9. Hello, I recently progressed to naonite in my game, then progressed to trinium so I could put trinium armor on my ships and fit naonite/trinium guns. I was pretty dismayed when all the chainguns, bolters, cannons, or railguns I could build or buy took 2 or more slots. I build smaller ships (the biggest ships I have and will ever build will have 7 upgrade slots) and most of the ships I will ever fly will have 5-6 upgrade slots. the reasons are : 1 I hate trying to drive a stardestroyer or a super star destroyer through an asteroid field or some ship of equivalent size. 2 if your guns have a range of 5km and your ship is 5km long the gun at the stern(back) of the ship can't engage anything on the bow(front) of the ship. yes it seems silly that you would want a gun at the stern of a ship to engage something at the bow. and yes your guns at the bow engage front targets, and your guns at the stern engage back targets, BUT it illustrates my point that HUUUUGE ships are actually a stupidity to make without good reason. (ensign we are on the commandroom of the ship at the front take this note and hand deliver it to the commanding engineer at the engines at the back of the ship, the ship is 5km long, get running!) the only reason to build rediculusly long ships is if its a generational ship thing, or you have built a ship that can house an entire ecosystem inside the cavernous hydroponic cargobay of the ship. (the ithorian worldships come to mind) why am I talking about huge ships when I was talking about gun sizes? because only big ships can fit the big guns. I would like to be able to fit small railguns and small bolters and small cannons on my small ships. the point: I feel it would be ok for the equipment docks to continue selling cannons that have a minimum slot size of 3 and railguns that have a minimum slot size of 2, but I would like to see in the turret factories the ability to build railguns of a slot size 1 and cannons of a slot size 1, I would also like to be able to build naonite, or avorion chainguns with a slot size of 1. then the guys that like small ships can still enjoy the different flavors of guns that are now being pushed into the boys that like big ships camp. an alternate idea: make computer blocks offer a CRAPTON of cpu power (atleast 2000cpu from a computer block that is 0.1x0.1x0.1 in dimention) so you can fit a tiny computer block into a small ship and be able to fit the bigger guns (railguns, slot 2 or slot 3 chainguns, yes even cannons) on smaller ships because that computer core increased your upgrade slot limit.
  10. got it working, I jumped 9 jumps in empire space in empty sectors and he spawned, I don't know if the algorithm has changed, since I jumped 27 times in empty non empire sectors and he never spawned, or if my galaxy had a "flutter" since I played a month in it before the combat patch and am now playing in it after the combat patch. I would like to say though, now all the planets are cubes ^_^ you must accept this obligatory youtube link as a joke.
  11. maybe it has something to do with the fact my universe was made a month before the combat patch dropped, but I still had not fought boss swoks after the patch dropped, maybe boss swoks is glitched in my universe for that reason and I need to re-roll a universe. that or the new designations and configurations for pirates has made boss swoks "out of commission" currently.
  12. isnt the distance between 380 and 420 from the galactic core? and the way to figure the distance is to multiply the coordinates by themselves then add them, then take the square root of that number to find the distance? for instance if i am at 298,-273 (298x298) +(-273x -273) = 88804 + 74529 = 163333 sqrt of 163333 is 404.144andchange so if its a system not alligned to an empire i should be in a spot that could spawn boss swoks right?
  13. boss swoks won't spawn after combat update dropped this week. I jump 9 times in empty space and he won't spawn at the end. I also shut down the game and opened it the following day and tried 9 jumps in empty space again and still no swoks.
  14. I did the best I could to build the hyperion from eve online, it is similar in shape but not a *perfect* replica. If anyone is feeling bold by all means, download my design and make it better, then share with the rest of us. If not please enjoy, 2 versions, one in iron, titanium, naonite, and trinium; (cheaper but not as functional) and one in all trinium. cheap hyperion: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1205101858&searchtext=eve+hyperion trinium hyperion: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=445220&searchtext=eve+hyperion&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=trend&section=readytouseitems sorry but both files are 209kilobytes. so I cant attach them here.
  15. if you find your ship jerking up and down as it turns like a heavy metal headbanger, there are too many gyros, turn most of the gyros into something else (I only have 1 gyro block in the middle that is about 1/10 the size of the ship or maybe smaller.)
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